Me Not First As That's The Worst!

The cat runs ahead of all. I may even trip you down the hall. You humans sure can run around a race track thing too. That is when you want first to come due. That and a whole bunch more. But we aren't going that way at our shore.

Toady is the day.
The day I play.
Play something new.
I bid the old adieu.

I just can't.
I'm an ant.
Where's my queen?
Bring her on scene.

You try it first.
It may make me burst.
Go ahead and try.
I'll be the second place guy.

That can't be done.
It looks like no fun.
I'll try it though.
But first, you go.

It's just safer that way.
Go ahead and play.
I'll watch from over here.
No. I don't have fear.

I'm just comfortable here.
There is no fear.
I repeated a rhyme twice?
Damn...I mean how nice.

That looks cool.
I learned it in school.
It must be sweet.
It is ever so neat.

You try it first.
I'm just the worst.
Go ahead and try.
I'll stand here and spy.

What? You did it?
You are a hit?
But I wanted that.
I was close by as I sat.

I would have done it first.
You are the worst.
You should have let me try.
Excuse me while I go cry.

Don't you love those not wanting to try something new first? They act like they will burst. Then when it becomes a hit, they always knew it. If it becomes swell for another, they go whine to their mother. It was my idea to do. I just watched in view. Pffffft if you let others go, you reap what you sow. Trying first doesn't always work out for any in any class, but it beats not trying when it comes to my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling. 


  1. What't the worst that can happen?
    I'm usually cautious though. I will gladly be first to speed though.

    1. If the worst is you go boom
      Yeah, best to avoid such doom
      But mostly it is not
      Speed, but don't get caught

  2. Much rather not go first and benefit from other's mistakes. Pat you have one great day along with the cats.

    1. The benefit can be there
      As mistakes sure can come by the pair

  3. I agree, I'd much rather everyone else check out anything new first, so I'm not first!

  4. I'll just stand back here and let everyone else try it first...just to be safe.

  5. I don't like to go first for most things. Depends what it is though. :)

    1. Some things sure can call
      And let one have a ball

  6. I am usually last in line
    especially when it involves technology things
    but with gimmicks they seem to draw me in
    even though a lot of them end up as bling


    1. Bling many can be
      As the gimmicks are there to see

  7. I’d let others go first. Yep I’m chicken and that’s fine. Better than getting fried by going first :-)

    1. haha fried chicken some like
      The right taste buds it can strike

  8. Only the heroes go first, blaze the trails, take the chances. We who wait in the shade can either applaud them or resent them.

    1. That those in the shade can do
      As they sit back and view

  9. First is not always better,,,depends on what one is trying,

  10. Rhyme I cannot, don't want to take someone's spot.

  11. I'm not adverse to being first SOMETIMES. People are less forgiving of the one who jumps in first, probably because they're too nervous thinking of how they'll do when it's their turn. ;)

    1. Yeah, they can be less inclined to forgive
      Unless the first doesn't live lol

  12. First or last, makes no difference to me. Sometimes you just got to jump in with both feet when everyone else is being a chicken.

  13. Lots of people like that around Pat.



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