Put In The Disk For Risk!

Time for world domination at our sea. Hold on. Cats already made that come to be. You scoop our waste and we pay no rent. Yep, got that. No need to get bent. You may lose an arm. So could be a risk of harm.

Walk so brisk,
Here comes the risk.
So scary and bad.
Risk is had.

A risk of releasing.
Career could be ceasing.
Oh so scary thought.
That is a risky plot.

It's just a feeling.
One that leaves you reeling.
So it is forever risky.
Like at STD from getting frisky.

One has merit.
The other a ferret.
As in its brain.
Did I cause you pain.

An actual risk.
One not brisk.
It has a high degree.
It may happen to thee.

The other...not so much.
You are just out of touch.
Out of touch with reality.
Maybe you could be saved by Catality.

A little plug.
Did I risk a bug?
Maybe a bug in a rug.
Two for one from my grinning mug.

Oh that is a risk.
Hide that disk.
A smile could scare.
Or bring stalkers, beware.

Yeah, such a BIG risk.
Like catching the plague from eggs you whisk.
Like lightning smacking you in the head.
Oh no, the risk has you dead.

Actual risk at play?
Nope, not many today.
Just wrap when your frisky.
Lowers the old risky.

Do you go with feels risky and run away? Is it like a scary clown on display? Do you actually look at the data or odds first? Or are you just scared and run before you burst? Don't you love imaginary risk? Let's pop in that world domination disk. The cat will win with another pass. Warning, sometimes it may be risky to listen to my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. I suppose we have to take some risks in life,
    Some are worthwhile, others cause strife.
    But whatever path that we choose.
    There's a thought "I'd rather be in other shoes"


    1. Some shoes can be worse
      And sure make one curse

  2. Put in the Disk for Risk
    Be uncomfortable the least
    Just be sure
    What to endure
    Walk tall do what you wish


  3. I'm definitely not a risk taking.
    Pass on the ferret. They smell.

  4. Risk can be quite the adrenaline rush
    As long as it doesn’t turn your brain to mush

    1. Or leave you in a ditch
      That can be a umm bitch

  5. I am not into risk. Was never good at the game as a kid either.

  6. My son and his girl are with a group of friends on vacation right now. I just got a picture texted of them bungee jumping off of the Corinth Canal. Not something I think I'd have even done in my youth!! And I wasn't adverse to 'risky,' depending on the situation. And yep, cats are smart...we feed, poop scoop and love them, and in return, they do whatever they want, lol!

    1. Bungee jumping and my back wouldn't get along
      So I would avoid it as the kickback would make things turn out wrong
      But i'm game if it won't cause strife
      Cats sure have the life

  7. We can thank the media for making us all fear mongers.

  8. Not a risky taker at my place
    like things all to be the same and safe
    do not much make haste
    in what I do
    and that makes me happy at my zoo


    1. Happy is the way
      That's how one should stay

  9. Risk is big at my sea/Try cycling around a city with drivers who cannot see! :-)

    Greetings from London.

    1. haha you can keep that
      I don't want to get squashed flat

  10. orlin N cassie......we will take a risk thiz novemburr N eat bass terd turkee...



    1. haha I bet that's a lie
      As away you shall fly


  11. Seeing as how I'm really a scaredy cat I seldom take a chance.
    When music comes on the TV, however, I might try to dance.
    And hope I don't trip over my own feet.
    That would not be so neat.
    So no risks for me.

    1. haha tripping and falling is never fun
      So yeah, avoid letting that be done

  12. Hey, my blog is down until further notice due to a hack attack. We will be back as soon as we can.

    1. That sucks indeed
      Stupid hackers need to go play in a garbage feed

  13. Most things contain some element of risk. If you're scared of that, you'll never get anything done. I put a lot of things off because of my natural tendency to procrastinate, but avoiding things out of fear? No.

    1. Maybe if you feared procrastination
      You'd get it all done at your station haha

  14. Risk is part and parcel of life ~ I wouldn't worry too much about it though ~ Have a good week ~

    1. Nah, no need to worry about it
      Will come, just have to deal with the shit

  15. I guess sometimes you have to take a risk, but it may be wise to explore all viable options first.

  16. I am a risk taker for the most part, but sometimes you just have to lay low and not put all of your cards on the table. As for stats, I never read them. I just go with my gut.

    1. Gut can sure win out
      Yeah, lying low may need to come about

  17. Sometimes I live risk and some were nice and others ....nope !
    But is the life!

  18. Life is a risk
    life can be brisk
    so enjoy the ride
    and go with the tide.
    in the end you will have loved your life
    with risks comes fun and some strife.
    Oh well, enjoy what comes your way
    take that zip line and enjoy each day.

    1. Zip on down
      Sure won't make one frown
      Unless they fall
      And it ends it all


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