The Amazing Boring Keeps Restoring!

Humans sure have done many a grand thing. I'll give you that at your wing. You invented kitty litter. That sure doesn't make me bitter. But That is so easy now. It seems boring somehow. Right? Get where I'm going at my site?

The outhouse came due.
Not amazing through and through.
But then comes the loo.
So amazing to view.

Many an ass uses it.
Fills it with shit.
Now just not so.
Okay, away we go.

Man can fly.
Oh me, oh my.
He may die.
But he can fly.

Planes by the load.
Amazing transportation mode.
Bah, thousands of them now.
So boring they no longer wow.

Fly me to the moon.
What an amazing sand dune.
Do it over and over.
Sure to impress rover.

Fly me to the moon?
Bah, just a crummy sand dune.
Been there and done that.
So boring it falls flat.

Look at the car.
We can now go far.
No horse and cart.
We can go to Wal-Mart.

Whoopdi doo.
Millions in view.
Four wheels and plastic.
So not as fantastic.

We're going to Mars.
That ups the amazing bars.
Ups it to Woweeeee.
Going to Mars is for me.

Yeah, we went to Mars.
Go hum a few bars.
We've seen it done.
What's next to be spun?

You humans sure lose interest rather fast. Even when things aren't that far into the past. Do you take for granted now what is mundane? I do with the litter box at our lane. It just has to come to be when I need to pee. Does the moon, loo, cars or planes still impress? Would that be anyone's guess? Is anyone a lad or lass? Sure beats my amazing little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Leaving Earth still impresses me. Won't ever do it though.

    1. For a million bucks a shot
      Above the planet we shall not be shot

  2. Litter is an awesome invention. We switched to a lighter one in an easier to carry container, and it was awful. Switched back to the heavy one that works better. :) And yep, we're not wowed very long, that's for sure. Technology can do some crazy things and we're just like, 'meh, saw it.'

    1. haha meh sure comes out
      The heavy litter is much much better to use about
      That light crap sucks
      Give it to the ducks

  3. Some humans are just super good at the boring thing!

  4. The newness sure wears off fast!

  5. I still like to fly, I will never make it to the moon or mars, but i’d like a new car to travel near and far...

    1. A new car is fine
      Although sucks when car payments align

  6. in regards to space, I think we do take a lot for granted. Same with undersea exploration. Ho hum

  7. I still look for magic every day
    We might be heading the Mars way
    Maybe Jupiter, they say
    Bring it on! Let’s go to Saturn, okay!

    1. Poor Pluto still get the shaft?
      Stuck out there on a raft

  8. It's true, recent inventions usually dazzle us, but the thrill wears off quickly. I once wrote a post about all the technological advances made during my mom's life (1917-2009). Very few of those "advances" impress people now, unless they really give it some thought.

    1. Yeah, everything is just taken for granted today
      Instead people get impressed by what some plastic bimbo or orange monkey has to say

  9. The Internet was so amazing, and now it's everyday. I think social sites are the same.

    1. Yeah, when first came out it did amaze
      Now people just use and gaze

  10. We do tend to get bored soon don't we?
    Even with the most flashing of things
    and then we end up spending
    more money on bling


    1. Bling sure calls to all
      Have to have it at their hall

  11. Great verse Pat sorry for the lateness
    Enjoy your weekend.


  12. I lose interest fast. That's why I've tried so many different crafts.

    1. But you stick with free
      Many of those come to be

  13. The Amazing Boring Keeps Restoring!
    Does it well with lots of creeping
    Just quick to lose interest
    From the past being first
    Forgetting the past is the 'in' thing


  14. Modern inventions sure make life easy.
    But some of them also make us lazy.

  15. I'm still impressed every time I get a view from a plane window. As for the rest, it's a bit sad that even though technology has some impressive stuff, we quickly grow bored with it.

    1. Yep, we sure just take advantage and get bored
      No matter what can be stored

  16. Ha, really a lot bores me nowadays. Not sure why...but there doesn't seem much new under the sun!

    1. Nothing new indeed
      At least with much speed


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