The Ever So Sweet Little Bitty Repeat!

The cat rants about movie remakes, reboots, redos and whatever else that starts with R. Great Post! Couldn't help myself at my sand bar. But what about the other repeat, repeat, repeat. All I want to do is delete, delete, delete.

Turn on the TV.
Give the radio a go.
So much to see.
That you know.

Are they still a thing?
I'm sure they are.
Do you give them a ring?
In the house or the car?

Chances are you did.
Chances may be you still do.
They put in a bid.
They get quite a few.

Rack up the bill.
Rack up the debt.
But play they will.
That's a safe bet.

Seen the cost.
Seen them played.
They should be tossed.
Or at least fade.

Times three just now.
Wow, what a sight.
They really wow.
I repeated at my site.

A repeat times two.
They got me now.
What will I do?
Give a third wow?

I'm in their clutches.
Save the cat.
Hit them with crutches.
Pelt them with scat.

That will work.
Nope, I guess not.
A fourth time perk.
Time for brain rot.

Here it comes again.
Are you ready?
The same ad at your den.
All day it comes steady.

Do you notice it on the radio or TV? Or do you tune them out and/or skip them with glee? Same friggin ad run 1000 times over. I'd rather deal with a butt sniffing rover. At least those I can swat. Of course I could turn off the whole lot. Which I always do. Just gave me a post at my zoo. Now that I've given the repeat ad some sass, I will go repeat a certain act in the litter box with my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. The Geico jousting ad was funny the first couple times. Now that I've seen it a thousand, they really need to make a new one.
    When Pluto TV first began, they only had a few sponsors. The dog food commercial with the Golden Retriever and Yellow Lab was played during every commercial break during RiffTrax and MST3K for months...

    1. Ugg would sure give a headache
      Or at the very least a head shake

  2. It's the worst when you use apps on a device like Roku. How can they have just 2 sponsors?

    1. Seems that's all they do
      Or at least two related to you

  3. That's why I record and zoom through, skipping ads. On the radio, I hop stations as ads pop up. I try to flee the onslaught.

  4. We don't like the repeats that repeat again and again!

  5. Ever so Seeet Little Bitty Repeat
    Making a come-back to get some feed
    A TV or radio
    Neither are new
    Irritating to no emd they sure did


  6. There are commercials from the 70's that I saw so much, I can still sing the lyrics. "I'd like to teach the world to sing!"

    1. At least they are catchy ones
      Now most just give viewers the runs

  7. Never know why they do commercials back to back
    Maybe there is no other talent and they lack
    But it is a bit annoying and I try not to see
    Sometimes one catches my attention and causes me glee.


    1. A few can be interesting the first time through
      After that, ugg to their thousandth view

  8. I've never bought anything from a tv ad. Now I just fast forward through the commercials.

    1. Yep, they've never swayed me
      Bunch of crap to see

  9. My Dad who's 92, says el repeato....even when he's watching something life like a sporting match. He's convinced himself he's seen everything. LOL Not watching life tv helps with the ads cause you fast forward through them.
    Sandy's Space

    1. haha well around and around sports go
      So maybe he is right and it is so

  10. orlin N cassie; for thiz...long with manee manee other reezonz, we iz glad we due knot haz tee vee hooked up ore a newz tossed on de step...tho that junk in de postal box just willna go a way ~~~~~~ ☺☺♥♥

    1. haha those bills have to come
      Or the stupid flyers that bum and bum

  11. Yeah, that always pisses me off. "They just showed this stupid ad twenty minutes ago!"

    The one time it didn't bother me was almost thirty years ago. A friend and I were watching an Elayne Boosler stand-up special on Comedy Central. At the time, she was appearing in a TV ad for Fantastik, the spray cleaner. The program's first commercial break showed that commercial, among others. My friend and I thought that was a cute coincidence. The second commercial break included the same Fantastik commercial. So did the third, and the fourth...! Every single commercial break included that commercial! Eventually, my friend and I were laughing harder at the appearance of that stupid commercial than we were at any of the jokes in her routine.

    1. Must want to keep it fresh in our head
      When really it causes dread

      haha maybe she wanted to beat it into the ground
      Or some dumb exec thought it would be all fourth wall profound

  12. I find commercials annoying, so repeats of the same repeat is just too much. I usually get up and do other things until the show comes back on.

    1. Take a pee break
      Much better than to partake

  13. They play over and over and over again....

  14. There seem to be tons of tons of remakes, reboots, and redos! And group of superheroes ugh.

  15. Just a quick hello and to say I like some of your books

  16. We watch a lot of YouTube on the TV and Movies. Almost given up on regular TV especially since some channels you have to buy. Why would I pay to listen to your ads, Generally they are always fads.

    1. Yep, regular tv has gone far away
      Who wants to listen to that and pay

  17. I pay so little attention to what's on TV
    If there are repeats they're new to me.

  18. Some remakes are more successful than others.

  19. Why I don't have a TV and only listen to NPR on the radio.
    Hello from mail4rosey

  20. I usually run around doing things during ads; otherwise I tune them out or mute them out or zip through them on recordings. I am dreading the next few months in the run up to the American mid-term election in November.

    What I really hate seeing repeated is another mass shooting. Another shameful day in America.

    1. Ugg we even see the stupid election ads here
      Yep, shameful day as more promote fear

  21. We just saw the new Jurassic. Another repeat, but okay just the same. :)

  22. That's one of the reason why I stopped watching live t.v. Hate those same commercials on repeat. I also subscribe to Apple music so I don't have to hear those annoying ads!

    1. Getting rid of them is the way
      As they just repeat what they say

  23. I love the repeats on TV,
    Better than all the gloom and doom.
    But not the bloody commercials,
    On how to pay for your funeral.....boom boom.


  24. Repeats are one of the reasons main
    From TV and radio I refrain
    Happily I abstain
    And it keeps me sane


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