Things You Do When The Office Is In View!

The cat sneaks on many a time. Not even big brother will stop my rhyme. At least the boss guy that way. I can't say I'd beat the NSA. But when watched by prying eyes time sure never ever flies.

Time to work.
Such a perk.
Time goes by.
Oh me, oh my.

Work is done.
My, what fun.
Err umm not.
On comes the brain rot.

Nah, screw that.
Rhyme like a cat.
Damn those eyes.
They sure aren't wise.

It's paperclip art.
Take it to heart.
Make a chain.
Use that brain.

Count the tiles in the floor.
Then do it once more.
Maybe even a third go.
Have to make sure you are right, you know.

If you are really reeling,
Count the holes in the ceiling.
That can be tricky.
Blinking makes the outcome sticky.

Watch the pigeons poop.
They go for a loop.
In they come.
Land and relieve their bum.

Let in a sun beam.
Watch the dust gleam.
It falls all around.
Aren't dead skin cells profound?

Flick on and off the open sign.
A seizure may align.
That could scare.
Sign flicker beware.

Oh look, more work.
That is a perk.
Whoops, I'm done.
Back to the not so fun.

Do anything to pass away the day? Does boredom even come to play? Counting those ceiling holes sure can be tricky. Especially when your OCD is picky. It wants it right. Pencils could also take flight. Does anyone even use those anymore? Been years since I did at my shore. I guess I'll pencil that in for a rhyming pass. Unless big brother really does come after my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. I di get bored living alone,
    Many friends on the pc, not on the phone.
    But I'm not one to sit and sulk.
    I'll pck mysel up and go for a walk.

    Happy peaceful Sunday Pat.


  2. Sorry for the spelling mistakes
    In the comment above.
    Getting over a bad day yesterday,
    Good Heavens Above.


    1. Bah, can still make it out
      With the mistakes about

  3. Just don't get under the pigeons!

  4. That's why I'm glad I can check blogs during the day. I always find something to do during down times.

    1. Blogs sure are a win
      But when you run out, can bring boredom in

  5. Have a window to look out
    When bored at work
    Always entertaining what to see
    And never a jerk.


    1. You sure see a bunch
      As you spy through lunch

  6. as long as you walk around with a piece of paper in your hand, it looks as if you are working. Walk with purpose!

  7. I did when I was a kid. Kids get bored easily.

  8. LOL...paper clip art, that says it all.
    Sandy's Space

  9. Not many people here this late in the day, I guess they're not bored at work.

  10. No work here today
    it's Sunday, a fun day

  11. I seldom have trouble keeping busy each day.
    Writing, reading, and kitties that like to play.
    Seldom let me get bored and I like it that way.

  12. When I'm stuck on a scene, I rearrange my desk. Clean up my shelves, write lists with my PENCILS.

    1. Pencils are still a thing?
      Damn, never knew that at our wing lol

  13. Things You Do When The Office Is In View!
    To think half the time there's nothing new
    Just toying with pencils
    Doodling without hassles
    And with a little imagination will make do


  14. I work for myself, so I never get bored. School was another story though. I could never focus and often counted the tiles.

    1. The tiles are there
      Sure seem to be everywhere

  15. I worked in the corporate world ~ Nearly went out of my mind.
    But working on oil rigs was an awesome grind,
    Until I got married, then I wanted to be home,
    into to teaching I went to avoid the roam.
    I use pencils every day.
    ADHD, so mistakes come my way.
    Nothing like a good eraser,
    To clean up my paper.
    Bored ~ that never is me
    I'm always busy at my sea!

    1. What if there is a smudge?
      Will your adhd budge?
      Or do you tear up the whole sheet
      And then go rinse and repeat?

    2. If there is anything worse than being ADHD, it's being ADHD and a perfectionist. I've torn up a lot of paper and restarted over the years. LOL

    3. lol that must be a pain in the butt
      Or the finger if you get a paper cut

  16. I never seem to be caught up, so I'm never bored. I do procrastinate and count tiles...

    1. Procrastination is a tile counter too?
      Who knew?

  17. Just a quick hello as I stop by. Some interesting stuff here!

  18. Thank the stars that I can look at my blog while at work
    especially after seeing a client who's a jerk

    1. Yeah, that does help out
      Especially when nuts are about


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