Won Here So Come And Peer!

Humans really are sheep. All you need to do is go meep meep. Or would that be the Road Runner? Bah, going with sheep is funner. For in you herd at the drop of a word.

$10,000 winning ticket sold here.
Someone bought it that was near.
This place is so great.
We sold a big ticket, mate.

Wowee. That is cool.
Let us be ever the fool.
We will come and buy and buy.
Surely that is going to fly.

The place has luck.
Pfffft pass the buck.
A fake word for sheep.
Back to the meep meep.

There's the draw.
Fingernails you gnaw.
Whoops, you lost.
Tickets can be tossed.

It was just a fluke.
I want to be as rich as a duke.
That place has such luck.
I'll go spend many more a buck.

Here we go.
It will win, I know.
That place done it before.
It has to have an encore.

Spinning, spinning, spinning.
Damn it. I'm not winning.
That place won before.
It has to have an encore.

I'll try again.
I'll buy ten.
Now I have to win.
To not to would be a sin.

I lost it all.
Baa is my call.
Or would that be meep meep?
Can't keep track of so many sheep.

Sheep can't do math.
Bank account suffers wrath.
As in goes to zero, zilch, nadda.
But they still believe the yadda, yadda.

Ever notice nuts flocking to a place after a win? Math class clearly must have done them in. The odds of winning are the exact same. Sorry to burst your bubble or put out your flame. But they are the exact same as they were last week, last year, last whatever. That place may win again...never. No such thing as a lucky store. All right, now I'm done at my shore. Ever go buy because of a winning mass? Better not tell my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling. 


  1. The National Lottery Iused to partake.
    Then years later decided it was a fake.
    Never won a thing at all.
    So spend my cash other ways and have a ball.


  2. Just like lighting hitting the same place twice.
    I never understood playing the lottery. Seems like a great way to waste money.

    1. Yeah, let's bring lightning back
      Pffft all nuts at any shack

  3. Wonder how much it costs to have a winning ticket???

    1. Probably quite a bit
      Especially with how some play it

  4. If we actually won something that would be really odd!

  5. Well I bought a $2 ticket yesterday
    Won $2 broke even I’d say haha

    The odds of winning in the same place
    are rare, but they will gladly take your
    money with a smile on their face....

    It’s Saturday have a great day!

    1. two for two
      Beats none coming due
      Yeah, they'll take your dough
      And give a "good luck" flow

  6. Won here So Come and Peer
    Odds on winning nothing near
    Lotteries galore
    Real scam horror
    No.one wins that's a resl fear


    1. Scams by the ton
      As around the lotteries run

  7. Yes, it's strange how people think there's magic at the location.

    1. Yep, very much so
      "Magic" in their head is all I know

  8. Like one winning ticket has anything to do with the odds.

  9. Exactly right. The odds are the same every time.

    I had a high school teacher that said that the odds of a tossed coin landing heads or tails was the same every time. 50-50. It was hard for us students to wrap our heads around that. "You mean, it could come up heads twenty times in a row? And there's nothing saying the odds are against that happening?!?"

    1. And with that the odds are very low
      So 20 times could be given a go
      Some think that way with places though
      Sorry, no 20 millionaires at such and such a place in a row

  10. I'm kinda glad that we don't have the lottery here. The closest place with a lottery is in California. I don't even play the Casino machines anymore.

    1. Damn, no lottery in your state?
      I suppose casinos want all the dough on their plate

  11. I think I bought a lottery ticket ONCE after it first became legal in my state. No more. If I buy a ticket, it is not good for my mental health as I become angry if I do not win (which, of course, I won't.)

    1. haha yeah, far best to avoid buying
      Mary The Hulk no one wants to see fists flying

  12. Happy weekend, everyone! Thanks for another entertaining post.

  13. People are silly. If they want to give themselves false hope, who am I to judge though?

    1. True, let them have it
      Even if they are full of umm spit


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