A Feline Day Come What May!

The cat gets his own. Don't you know that at the tone? Does it have a tone? Beats me, go play with a bone. Hey, could go gutter there. But grab protection and beware. Oh where things can go at our show.

Here I stretch.
I won't play fetch.
But you sure will.
Fetching the scoop fits the bill.

It's all mine.
Don't press the feline.
If you try and take,
It will be a mistake.

This is mine too.
Even if I use the one of you.
Don't move it from its spot.
Good. You are well taught.

See? It goes up.
Can avoid a pup.
But it is all mine.
Being a hog is divine.

I told you so.
A chowing down I go.
Those little bits you'll pick up.
Do I look like a pup?

Okay, if I must share.
I will with Cassie at my lair.
But my eye is on you.
Don't try it at our zoo.

A grumpy pose.
I can do those.
The look of death.
Could be your last breath.

Told you so.
Reap what you sow.
Don't reach up for me.
I'll take the hand of thee.

I enjoy the sun.
I'll stay here until there is none.
You can go sit in the dark.
So find a small place, take your butt, and park.

You were using this for food?
Bah, don't be a prude.
If you try, you'll get attitude.
Everything around here is mine, dude.

Don't you love how the cat gets all? The cat even owns the wall. Pat just rents it from us. Sometimes we may even make him cuss. Hey, should have gotten locks for the door. He's just asking for it otherwise at our shore. Wouldn't you like to rule all like the cat? Even have someone clean your scat. That is a life with little sass. But of course some still comes from my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Replies
    1. Stretch and enjoy that sunshine!

    2. Other fishes to fry
      It takes some while
      A bit late
      For the date
      Will wait for next try


    3. We know you'll be back
      Getting right on track
      So it is
      As you're doing the number 1 biz

    4. Hank had fish
      Hope it was a fine dish haha

    5. The blue wave won't settle down

    6. Keeps coming in
      For the win

  2. The awesome pics compliaments the verse.


  3. Great photos. I would enjoy a day stretching in the sun. It’s relaxing and fun.

    Orlin does looks ready to give a swat, don’t reach up, think twice, you might want to back up..haha

    Have a great day Pat!

    1. No, this is how you say it:

      Grrrrrrrreat photos!

    2. Where's The Cat?
      He's not on his mat.

    3. You can stretch in the sun
      I have enough as out I run
      Seen all kinds of things today
      Some made me want to run away lol

  4. The cats rule the day
    over at Pat's bay
    Dogs are living large
    and very much in charge
    at my shore
    it's never a bore
    lots of barking and running
    unlike cats they aren't cunning
    they are too big for all that
    and I love them all at my mat.


    1. Yeah, they aren't very cunning
      As they sure come running
      Like right in front of the car
      Had to take one home today as he followed me far

  5. Yep, what's mine is mine and what's yours is mine too, that's the way it's meant to be!

  6. mine, all mine. evil purr......

  7. How purrrrrfect at your show
    The cattitude of a kitty pro
    Yep, the felines the roost do rule
    They thought my yarn stash ultra cool
    Belonged to them, yes, it did
    No sense for me to forbid

    1. haha so much fun
      With that stash they'd run

  8. I love it when you post photos of your cat. Mine would love that giant cat tree.

    1. They sure enjoy that
      On it each day where we are at

  9. I love how they look at look at us like we're intruders.

    1. haha Do they give a double look?
      Yeah, sure can do it with ease and write a book

  10. Our cat has taken to my son. I'll call her and she'll ignore me . He'll call her in this syrupy honey voice and she'll come every time. This morning I faked his voice and she ran in there , saw it was me and just looked at me, lol. I finally coaxed her to me and she was loving her morning scratches until my son started talking in another room. He wasn't even talking to her, lol. My son gets a big kick out of being #1 around here. ;) Your cats are gorgeous. I always love to see their pics. :)

    1. hahaha chopped liver you get to be
      The kiddo is #1 ahead of thee
      You get the second choice
      Funny how you tricked with the voice

  11. Your cats live a very charmed life
    even though they might not want to share
    but I bet they really look out for each other
    and treat each other fair.


    1. That they usually do
      With the odd spat in view

  12. Cats do have an attitude.
    Sometimes they're downright rude.
    Other times they're sweet as can be.
    And I start wondering what they want from me.
    Love your pictures.

    1. haha they want something to come due
      When they suck up to you

  13. A Feline Day come What May
    Pic with you if you'll stay
    But not to touch
    You make me blush
    You may rent it works that way


  14. If only there was someone around to serve us like we serve the cats:) Mine would love that condo! :)

    1. Yeah, that would be grand
      I had to ship(which costs a ton to ship here) that from down in your US land

  15. Great pictures of the cat. Oh yes, they do need to be served but they sure make good company. Cats do attach themselves to people most of the time. Have a great evening Pat.

    1. Attach they surely do
      As we serve through and through

  16. I might sound sappy
    but your cats look happy.

    1. That they are
      At least most days at our sand bar

  17. My female boxer thinks our male has to ask her permission for anything in our house. He can't even get a drink of water without her scolding him. Poor thing has to wait until she's asleep before he can have access to the food and water and sometimes his bed too lol

    1. hahaha poor guy is run be the female
      Hmmm isn't that always the way without fail?


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