A Great Diet So Come And Try It!

The cat is going to get rich today. All you humans fall for it anyway. So the cat may as well chime in. That is sure a win. All kinds of dough while you humans believe what I say all aglow.

Imagine a bird.
One with big wings.
Now join the herd.
Look below at all the pretty things.

The wind rushing by.
The clouds all fluffy.
Soar through the sky.
Until things get stuffy.

That's when you know.
That's when you do.
That's the end of the show.
That's the sweet spot for you.

Come stuffy skies and rain.
Come lightning and thunder.
That's your true pain.
That's where you blunder.

So that's when you need.
That's when you do.
That's when sweat takes seed.
Time to work out for an hour or two.

Some may need three.
Some may need four.
Whatever the case for thee,
You must take this tour.

Walk uphill until your legs hurt.
Run downhill until your ass sweats.
Walk through some sandy dirt.
Shoot some balls into some nets.

Now lift big rocks nearby.
Throw them in a pile.
Don't you dare look to the sky.
Now run another mile.

Now run back home non-stop.
Don't you dare slow the pace.
When you get to your door, hop.
15 minutes of hopping you embrace.

Now go in and open the fridge.
See that water is your only diet.
No food, not even a smidge.
Now everyone go out and try it.

What do you think? Do I have a new fad diet at our rink? Will it be a success? It may kill people more or less. But not before they pay the first year's fees. And who says money doesn't grow on trees? Just trick a human mass and it comes to pass. Do you fall for fad diets too? Most are soooooooooooo true. And I am really a rhyming bass. Warning, don't try at home what was just said by my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. During our heatwave I prefer cold drinks,
    I don't feel hungry at all.
    But as soon as the heat subsides,
    I will certainly have a ball.

    Loved your verse Pat.

    1. Yeah, the cold drinks win
      At our bin

    2. 702, someone is on a #1 diet today because it seems nobody wanted it that badly

    3. Nope, not a one
      At the non badly run

  2. Lol, that sounds like a good diet for picky eaters!

  3. Diets don't work. It has to be a lifestyle change you can live with.

    1. That it has to be
      But they still push them on thee

  4. Diet is a four letter word!

    1. Four too many for most
      Or another 4 give it a roast

  5. Replies
    1. Just 15999 at the door
      Over across the shore

  6. Not sure if I can live with that. Lol

  7. Fad diets... what a crock
    Just keep healthy foods in stock

  8. Take it from me a pro at fad diets
    they don't ever work in the long run
    slow and steady and lifestyle changes
    are the way to achieve weight loss and have more fun.


    1. Life style changes win the day
      The rest can go drown in a bay

  9. I tried a couple of fad diets when I was younger but then I got tired of the crazy diets and just learned to eat healthy. No diet needed.

    1. Eating healthy is the way
      But then the fads get no pay

  10. Never tried any fad diets.

    As far as exercise goes, I got tired just reading that post! A while back, my doctor said I should start some sort of exercise program, and I said "That's not gonna happen." So he suggested I walk more. Next visit, he asked if I'd been walking. I replied "Yes. Mostly to my car."

    1. haha tired from reading at our bay
      Geez, maybe you need to park your car a few extra steps away

  11. orlin N cassie....we hada....oh crap noe moe mint... when we saw de title.... coz we thinked may bee de ewe noe who... put one oh ewe.... ona ewe noe what.... ☺☺♥♥

    1. haha so far we are safe from that
      If he tried, we'd kill Pat

  12. I have a couple of pounds I could stand to lose (no regrets, vacation was great!) and thought of signing up for a 'diet fad' before work starts back up. I filled in the form and then deleted all of my information BEFORE I hit send, and deleted the product from the cart. I got a text a few days later saying my product was still in the cart. What the what?!?! Sneaky. I was glad I didn't buy it (you know it's crap but sometimes you can get a teeny bit tempted). Stupid diet fads.

    1. haha almost almost nope, don't have you
      Yeah, sneaky and sure try to make the fad bought by more than a few

  13. Lift big rocks nearby
    Making you cry
    Losing tears makes you less heavy
    Might fit inside a Chevy

  14. A Great Diet So Come And Try It!
    Just fads not to be taken one bit
    Given the honey
    But paying money
    Why allow others to make a hit?


  15. No thank you, I will have iced tea ~ Funny how some can believe in such diet fad ~

    1. Funny indeed
      All comes back to sheep and greed

  16. The many diets out there
    Many try and many just stare.
    I make sure I stay on my diet.
    I’m doing great and ..oooh donoughts!

  17. No fad diets for me. I have one of my fitness coaches trying to coax me onto the keto diet. No thanks. It's not an easy one for vegetarians, and I kinda like having freedom to choose what I want to eat when I want to eat it.

    1. Yeah, that is the far better way
      They can stick their fad diets we say


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