A Numbered Count Of Varying Amount!

A post by the numbers today even though no numbers will be on display. So does that still count? I guess if we talk about an amount. Like the amount of posts at my sea? This makes 2700 and some from we. Probably closer to 3000 when this runs. After all, I am ahead tons.

Each and every day.
In each and every way.
Used and not thought.
But used a whole friggin lot.

Numbers for all.
They have a ball.
How many a ball can fit?
Yep, numbers take care of it.

Numbers that come.
Numbers who strum.
Numbers that came.
Numbers that went to a game.

To count or not count.
Doesn't matter the amount.
Numbers you mount.
Hey, plus size has a count.

Clothes to weight to an interest rate.
What you'll pay out of the gate.
How many sets you do.
How many hours until you're through.

How many days until Santa.
How many more until your trip to Atlanta.
How many times I cheat rhyme.
How many times you drop a dime.

How many craps a day.
How many hours of play.
How much the sun does shine.
How much snow may align.

How long you brush your teeth.
How many monsters are beneath.
How many beds in a house.
How many traps for a mouse.

How many times I used how many.
Could just sucker out with any.
How much the IRS takes.
How long it gives you the shakes.

Not thought, just used.
Numbers are always infused.
They make up every day.
Whether you hear them or not, they have their say.

I could go on all day. Actually all life with numbers on display. Are you a numbers nut? Are you in a numbered rut? Do you label them one, two, three? Does that give you happy glee? Did you realize numbers are used so much? Even hit them when you reach out and touch. This post is numbered at my sea. It is coming to be. I think it will now come to pass. So add another number to the posts from my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Replies
    1. That's 3 in a row
      Blue still no show!


    2. Numbers still a going
      With your #1 showing

    3. Blue was K.O.
      At his K.O. show
      So I guess I'm not nuber one tody
      At the kitty cat bay...

    4. Knocked out
      Damn, Angie rough and hit you with a trout

    5. Can he count to 100 in a row?

    6. That he may
      If Blue can stray

    7. Yes, he can
      Not a toad but a man
      K.O. is the only way
      When Angie comes to play
      Just don't tell her or that couch in mine
      Just me and a bottle of cheap ass wine
      Pardon my Swedish at your bay
      Is today gonna be a great day?

    8. Angie gets the win
      Have to do the spin

  2. Numbered Count of Varying Amount
    Number's game and choices abound
    Labelling the progress
    Together with the rest
    Numbering makes organizing profound


  3. As long as your number ain't up,
    You're good to go!
    Another day at your show

    1. That is true
      Adding to life at one's zoo

    2. The musical chairs of life
      Such strife
      Listen to the tune and grab a seat
      Don't want to skip a beat.

    3. Skip and be caught
      Could owe a lot

  4. I've been doing a lot of counting this weekend in preparation for SuperCon, so I am currently a numbers nut.

    1. Sure have to have ducks in a row
      As a counting you go

  5. Now all you need is a winning number!

  6. I was pretty happy with the 50 posts that I have blogged ahead to publish right now until I saw that you have many more posts scheduled than that. lol

    1. Haha not that far ahead any more
      But still 250 or so at our shore

  7. I am with Brian, now you need a winning number. Have a great day Pat.

  8. Watching the number on the scale going down here
    Great ones to see go down
    Make me do lots of smiles
    And never a frown.


  9. Congrats on the 2700 posts. And speaking of numbers...I dreamt you had over 600,000 sales.

    1. haha dreaming about the cat?
      I'd take 600,000 any day where we are at
      Have to take quite a few zeros off though
      For the sales now at our show haha

    2. Me too, unfortunately. Heh.

    3. haha yep sucks indeed
      At each feed

  10. I am most certainly not a numbers nut. Can barely remember my cell number, let alone any computation of misc.

    1. Do you need to know yours though?
      Wouldn't it be better to remember one that would help out if shit hits the fan on the go?

  11. It's all a numbers game. Right now all I care about is the number 100...when will it get below that number outside??

    1. haha thankfully not that high here
      Although was for my rhyming rear

  12. About the only time I think of numbers is when I have someplace to go.
    Then I watch the clock like crazy so when it's time I'll know.

  13. I deal with numbers every day
    it's my line of work and I like my pay.
    Budgeting is my game
    and no one should have shame
    when they owe the banks
    Banks gave it out-the wanks!

    1. Banks sure screw you in the end
      But they really, not really, really are your friend

  14. Great to read Pat, though somewhat late..... sorry.


  15. Numbers all day every day. From the minute we get up to the minute we go to bed, it's numbers, numbers, numbers.

    1. Yep, they are about
      No matter what comes out


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