A Storm To Weather Here Together!

The cat will have you talking today. You may just squawk with delight at what I say. It's all you seem to do anyway. Even when I'm right beside you and it's on display. I guess you have to talk. Now away from you I'll walk.

It comes and goes.
Highs and lows.
Lows and highs.
Mostly from skies.

Has come and gone.
Watered the lawn.
Turned it to muck.
Violated your truck.

Maybe even your hair.
How could it dare?
Like it's a thing,
Out having a fling.

It may fling.
Big stones of bling.
May hurt the head.
Could sound dirty when said.

Dirt and muck.
What the fluck.
Sun and sand.
Ever so grand.

Snow and ice.
Pay the price.
Ice and snow.
In the ditch you go.

Winds that blast.
Things not past.
All brand new.
Never scene in view.

Selective recall.
But roll a snow ball.
Then it's new.
New to view.

Spread and share.
Viewer beware.
Haven't a thought.
Don't go out and get caught.

It's brand new.
A new sorta view.
Even if it happened a billion times before,
And will happen a billion times more.

Woweee, no wonder you humans love remakes at your sea. You talk like the weather is new every flucking day. Never a been there, seen that display. The sun is brand new. Look at that view. Oh look, there's snow. Seen it, unless from Timbuktu you go. Do you go on and on and on about weather you've seen 1000 times before? We sure hope not, as that would bore. Oh look, rain is watering the grass. I have never, not really, seen that before with my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Replies
    1. In early on a weekend day
      Must be too hot to sleep at your bay

    2. oh look at that 7/7/7 triple 7's that made me smile...

  2. Another hot day here in store.
    Summer us here in the UK.
    Before very long there will be moans and groans,
    Hoping for rain someday.

    A good subject to write about is the weather,
    Loved your verse.

    1. Around it goes
      Always weather to bring woes

  3. Stupid hot is never much fun around here!

  4. Been through just about every type of weather, from hurricane to tornado to blizzard, and it's never that much different.

    1. Yep, always the same old thing
      Although we haven't gone through a tornado at our wing

  5. We have boring sunny hot days 7-8 months out of the year so if we get a hail storm or a flash flood I take pictures and post it on Twitter. We don't get tornadoes, tsunamis, hurricanes or much snow here so we do tend to get excited by the occasional flash flood.

    1. I suppose when everything is hum drum
      New sights can be talked about and then some

  6. You are right - lots of chat about the weather. And if you look at the forecast today it will change before tonight. Just like politics! LOL.

    1. lol switches all around
      In the politic crap it can be found

  7. Storm to Weather here Together
    Talking and without any bother
    Nature is good
    Fat but cute
    Easy to talk about the weather


  8. I don't know whether the weather will be nice today

  9. One thing's for sure whether rain or sunshine, cold or hot.
    In charge of the weather I am not.
    Hot today, as usual.

  10. We do talk about weather a lot here! Hourly weather is sometimes hot topic :-)

    1. Hot and bothered at your sea
      As the weather comes to be

  11. Weather is always good to discuss since it is never the same.Always a mystery.

    1. Unless you live in the heat
      Then it may always be sunny street

  12. Here in the Midwest, we’ll sit on our porches and watch the tornados come flying down the street. We aren’t the brightest at seeking shelter in bad weather lol

    1. lol at least you get a good view
      Before something flies your way and crushes you


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