An Airplane Stand Across The Land!

The cat saw at Adam's sea the other day, for you a long long time when this post comes on display, that some were considering making people stand on a plane. We just have to go down that lane.

No need to drive.
No need for a train.
You'll most likely survive.
So just hop a plane.

Crammed as one.
Germs recycled and spread.
We aren't saying it's fun.
But gets you home to bed.

The seats are crammed.
The kids are whiny.
Your back may get rammed.
Some aren't so tiny.

You may shimmy and shake.
Maybe even hurl.
But make no mistake,
You should give it a whirl.

Point A to Point B.
Much quicker for thee.
And for an added fee
You can fly more comfortably.

But that's not all.
For an added fee,
You won't risk a fall.
We'll provide a seat for thee.

Otherwise enjoy our new space.
Room for that many more.
The mile high club you can embrace.
You're standing anyway as we soar.

The subway of the sky.
That will get cheers.
Loved by every girl and guy.
We'll squash any fears.

The plane will be loaded.
You'll have no room to fall.
Maybe even mats that are color coded.
Size matters to one and all.

And if we should crash.
You'll never know all the while.
There will be no dash.
You'll break you neck in a dog pile.

Don't you want to stand on a plane now? Doesn't that just make you want to fly somehow? Crushed by passengers through turbulence and such. My, that is a sales pitch by more than a touch. I think I'd rather drive. Better chance to survive. Now my ode to the standing in an airplane has come to pass. I think I'll go fly around the room with the power of my own little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. An Airplane Stand aceoss the Land
    Standimg room it's in great demand
    You'll get crushed
    When there's a rush
    Drive and it'll be a lot more fun


    1. Driving can be more fun
      Unless traffic jams are given a run

  2. I wasn't aware they were trying to make flying even more stressful.

  3. Driving is way more fun. Get to see all the sights. Have a super Sunday Pat.

  4. Subway in the sky - apt description.
    I hate flying. If I have to though, I want to sit.

    1. Yeah, sitting is the much better way
      No subway in the sky to we want to play

  5. I don't want anything to do with an plane, plain or fancy!

    1. Not even a private jet?
      Could be a high class pet

  6. Ugh, have to fly later this year
    Already beginning to fear.


    1. Never fun to do
      Unending crap to go through

  7. I looked it up. They resemble the seats for stand up roller coasters. Just as long as the plane ride isn't just as thrilling and loopy.

    1. If turbulence were to hit
      May be worse than it

  8. Standing on a plane? No thanks. I don't fly and never will again but standing for a flight would be taking it to an extreme.

    1. Yep, the cheapos are there
      Flyers better beware

  9. Standing room only, no thanks...I want a seat, it's bad enough on a bumpy ride when you have to get up to use the rest room.

    1. Blah to the loo too
      So nasty at an airplane zoo

  10. Hell to the no would I ever stand on a plane. I get so sick on them, I have to chew ginger gum and then try to force myself to fall asleep for the ride. I wouldn't be able to do that standing up.

    1. Nope, standing up you'd be screwed
      Barfing on people would be rude

  11. It's been a few years since I've flown,
    Due to health reasons bit hope to remedy that
    In the future.


  12. Ah yes, plane travel does have its advantages and disadvantages. Germy seats and dirty restrooms (during a long flight) are no fun. NOR is it fun to sit across from squawking babies.

    1. Yep, all three are bad
      But driving 1000km with a squawking baby could drive one mad

  13. I've ridden on a plane a time or two.
    But that's not my favorite way to travel.
    How about it for you?

    1. Nope, not the best
      But faster than the rest


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