An Awesome Time For An Awesome Rhyme!

Are you ready for an awesome time? Today I give another awesome rhyme. I'm not sure it will even be read. It is so awesome you may have to go back to bed. Trust in this awesome post. It is that way at my awesome coast.

Something liked.
Something striked.
Something new.
Something true.

Something old.
Some tale being told.
Each the best.
Beats the rest.

A rest to best.
East to west.
Or west to east.
Nature of the beast.

Best isn't great.
Great isn't a great fate.
It's just not the word.
Don't be absurd.

It's even better.
Great's its sweater.
So stinky with sweat.
May even have debt.

Awesome it is.
No need for a quiz.
Awesome, awesome, awesome.
Whatever it is that will blossom.

From Pokemon undies,
To adult fundies.
It's awesome that popped in.
So awesome I don't know why at our bin.

Awesome you know.
Awesome it can flow.
Awesome I'm using it so much.
So awesome and such.

Such is so awesome.
So awesome it is awesome to a possum.
Awesome if you can say that three times fast.
Awesome whether or not you passed.

Don't pass on awesome.
Awesome likes to blossom.
It's such an awesome day.
It's just awesome, okay?

Do you find using awesome so awesome? Hopefully you don't sound like a possum. Ever hear awesome used so much? Do you use it more than a touch? Seems to be an awesome go to word for many. I guess awesome beats out any. Now I'm through with my ode to awesome pass. I'll now awesomely stroll away with my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Replies
    1. That's 2 in a row
      Set to grow
      As long as Blue is a no-show


    2. Makes two
      Blue must be going for round two at his zoo

    3. Good morning True
      Where are you?


    4. Sleeping in?
      Taking dreams for a spin?

    5. It's awesome to be number one

      whoever it is that day.

    6. Blue was on the road
      Stuck like a blue toad

    7. Blah to the road
      Hate such a mode

    8. Not as quick as The Flash
      And still no cash

  2. When I was in high school, everyone said 'Excellent!' We sounded really dumb! Lol

    1. lol that one overused word sure helps with it
      All sound like a twit

    2. Well, excellent still beats exquisitely magnificent. No?

    3. That it will
      Sure doesn't thrill

  3. That's an awesome way to look at it!

  4. Awesome time for an Awesome Rhyme
    A nickle a time an awesome a dime
    Awesome to peek
    Worth it to seek
    Go on as long ss it is not a crime


  5. guilty as charged for reading your awesome rhyme

  6. I don't hear "awesome" so much nowadays. Many years ago -- 1980s? 1990s? -- I heard it a lot.

    When I was in high school, there were two or three years when all the so-called cool kids used "decent" pretty much the same way. Anything they liked, no matter how much, was "decent." Usually it was that word alone. "I just got a new car!" "Decent!" "I just passed my math exam." "Decent!" I used to cringe if I caught myself using a phrase such as "halfway decent."

    1. haha that is one I never heard around here
      So using halfway decent was nothing to fear

      Awesome is still used a ton though
      Not sure why they give it a go

    2. I think "decent" was just an expression people in my home town used back then.

    3. Each spot must have their own word
      Followed by the herd

    4. Do you remember, "Right on!"? Oh I hope not.

    5. haha know that one
      It has been spun

  7. That's funny. I do tend to use awesome quite a bit.

  8. I don’t use “awesome” much but do use “pawsome” a lot. Side effect of cat blogging :-)

  9. Don't use awesome
    my word is cool
    use that a lot
    but not when I was in school.


    1. Cool comes out
      Although some may think wtf is it about

  10. Awesome is an overworked word ---- kind of like "bigly" in trumpworld.
    Of the two, I prefer awesome!

  11. Awesomely late
    Waiting at the gate
    Knocking on the door
    At the awesome kitty cat shore
    But no one's in
    So no win
    Oh wait maybe I was asleep
    Getting followed by a humping creep
    No, I was on the road
    Yes, like an awesome toad.

    1. A humping creep
      Now there is a leap
      Watch the road
      And forgo Deliverance mode

    2. Deliverance was the end of rcbenglish remember that?
      Hahaha everyone was shocked and taking a peek on my mat
      Big Brother was watching me, I bet you knew
      Most of them fired now, it is true
      Still trying to find me but they're shhhh outa luck
      Their asses fired and no buck.

    3. I remember that one
      Sure been a while since it was spun
      That we surely knew
      Their asses can't find Blue

  12. Every now and then I catch myself using the word awesome.
    I think it's a good word and lots of fun.

  13. I don't think I use that word
    Amazing is my absurd.
    I need to widen my written ways
    it'll of these days

  14. An awesome time is what you get.
    So read Pat's poems.....don't forget.


  15. I do use it, but I don't think I'm obsessive about using it. I sprinkle it in here and there for a little sentence enhancing when necessary.


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