Another Page Added With Age!

And so the month of odes has come to be. You know what that means at your sea? It means something some don't like to hear. Some even run in fear. Or they just lie. Well at least they try.

The months tick by.
Some say they fly.
When our time is up, who knows.
But that's how it goes.

It goes in days.
It goes through life's maze.
Through a loving gaze.
Through a murky haze.

It goes with each.
Each day we teach.
Each day we learn.
Not knowing if we'll return.

But that's how it goes.
Through the highs and the lows.
It carries on each day.
Come in life what may.

The more you learn,
The more thoughts burn.
The more thoughts glow.
The less you realize you truly know.

But that's how it goes.
Through friends and foes.
The hustle and bustle.
The odd life tussle.

Just whelmed over or under.
With each crack of thunder.
That's how it goes.
The last day one never knows.

Continue on a path.
Survive another shit bath.
Digging and striving on.
Catching the view of another dawn.

Another obstacle or not.
Strength or gone to pot.
The days tick and continue on.
Even after that final dawn.

When's the end, no ones knows.
That's just how life goes.
Not everything comes wrapped in bows,
But that's how it goes.

Isn't age all the rage? I was going to make fun of it on our page, but then this popped out. So we gave it a shout. Another month older we all are now. Some may raise an eyebrow. Some may try to lie. Well at least they'll try. That's just how life goes. Now time to go chase some crows. They are trespassing on the grass of my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Replies
    1. That's 5 in a row
      What do you know
      That's 3 mins late
      But still made it!


    2. Good morning Hank
      I overslept now running late
      no number one my fate

      Have a good day Pat
      I have to get to work stat

    3. Hank's on top
      NOT a flop!
      Blue is working day and night
      That can't be right
      95 degrees in the place to be
      Well, Scooby Dooweeeee!

      Hello True
      How are you?

      Hello Cat
      How's that mat?

    4. Good morning True
      Could have been you


    5. Getting many in a row, comes with age

    6. I guess it means you get up early everyday
      Wait that might depend on where you stay

    7. True, you are right
      The region determines it
      May be sunny and bright
      While others still in bed


    8. Regions sure determine it
      As up we go with a fit
      Or with a smile
      Depends on the umm sheet pile
      Blah to the heat
      Wish it we could cheat

  2. I can relate to your poem Pat.
    Well written.


  3. The more I learn, the more I don't know.

  4. The more I learn
    the more I don’t know
    opening doors to more questions
    in the thought progression
    sometimes we learn, sometimes we teach
    sometimes our dreams are out of reach
    here today so that makes me smile
    wandering through life freestyle

    1. The more you learn the less you know
      It's called the more is less show
      Sy it ain't so....
      Gotta go!

    2. Gotta go
      at the Blue show

      That it is
      with the know biz

    3. Thoughts do linger
      And stretch like a finger
      Some may even bend
      As less goes around the bend
      A cheat rhyme too
      Meaning time two
      Look at me go
      Blue's gotta go
      Three cheats in a row
      What do you know

    4. A cheating cat
      Easy as that

    5. A cheating Cat
      Not a copy and paste cat!

    6. Leave that to you
      At your Blue zoo

  5. and it goes. Wed is Ray's birthday so we are very conscious of age this week...and the aches and pains that go with it. And so it goes..

    1. Aches and pains sure do come
      From toes to head to bum

  6. Another Page added with Age
    Standing gingerly on a ledge
    And so it goes
    Friends and foes
    To be wise as that of a sage


    1. Wise to it one must be
      As it comes to every sea

  7. The months just go by too fast
    the older one gets
    so just try to enjoy them all
    and do not do much fret.


  8. Love this Pat. and I feel the days and months fly !!
    only I try to live day by day.
    This years especially strange with all about my mom, when she passed :(
    Just now I feel Im a little bettre. Hugs!

    1. Day by day is the way
      Good you are getting better at your bay

  9. orlin N cassie....for sure thiz yeerz a zoomin FSG gram uzed ta say day you wake up N some one says happy 77th birthday; you wake up the next day and they're saying happy 78th !! ☺☺♥♥

    1. Sure the way it seems to go
      A quick yearly show

  10. That's just the way it is... some things will never change. ;) I don't particularly like that song, but it came to mind. :)

    1. Won't change at many a sea
      Age is gonna come to be
      Song or not
      Can't change the plot

  11. Age shall not wither me/Otherwise I'll get lost in my sea. :-)

    Greetings from London.

    1. Lost can be fun
      Maybe even get lost with someone

  12. Another one bites the dust!

  13. Just live and go on, another day to pass ~ Hope you are enjoying summer Pat ~

    1. Another day to pass
      Sure is the way of our rhyming ass

  14. I “kid” (or lie) about my age so much that when I truly need to know, I have to ask my mother! 😳 😝

    1. haha well at least she knows what it is
      With the true # biz

  15. I don't like to be reminded of my age as I turn the page, but I suppose we're all on a countdown to the end any way.

    1. That we all are
      One day becoming dust in some sand bar

  16. As a coworker always repeats
    Better the years she completes
    Than the alternative deadbeat

  17. It’s now 2 days later and I’m 2 days older
    Death seems closer and bolder.
    It reminds me of how precious life is
    Enjoy the moments and have a gin fizz

    1. Enjoy each day
      Never know when the clock for you may stay


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