Baa And Ha With A La De Da!

The cat went with this at the end and so it gave another trend. The end of the Farcebook show, in case you wanted to know. The grass eaters they are. Chowing down on all given to them like a vegan at a salad bar.

Hahaha you're so funny.
On you I'd spend my money.
You have such wise words to say.
All should go in the road to play.

All should fall in line.
From human to dog to feline.
You are just so wise.
It must be your soulful eyes.

Drink pee to heal body parts?
Can't find that at Wal-Marts.
It is just the best advice.
It is worth any price.

Bow and never question.
What a great suggestion.
I'll take it as gospel too.
Whatever you say is so true.

Forget my own name.
What a great claim.
Now I can be one with you.
That is just what I need to do.

Take everything I own.
It just makes me groan.
I have no need for it.
I'd rather find a tree and sit.

What was that?
No TP for scat?
That is just swell.
We can be one with our smell.

Clothes are too demanding.
Only can be worn by those commanding.
That is a great point.
Would you pass me that joint?

Now I'm high upon you.
Every word you speak is true.
I have nothing left to say.
Here is where I belong and will stay.

Spread the word.
Stay a part of the herd.
Never waiver from your stance.
Baaaaaaaaaa at first glance.

The cat could be a cult leader. Nah, then too many crazy nuts would be at my feeder. Do you follow blindly like sheep? Baa and ha at any old creep? Could be a young creep too. Hopefully that isn't true. One's own mind should be made up and not go ra ra ra with some other stupid butt sniffing pup. But if you agree, ra ra ra away at your sea. The cat may only give some sass. I'm sure you can handle that from my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. I follow because I want to.
    A great verse as one would expect.


  2. I always happy just to be happy!

  3. I'm a mix- might follow a bit, then waver off course

  4. I crochet with hair of sheep
    They keep me counting in my sleep

  5. I always wonder how some people could be so gullible. Stand for nothing, fall for anything I guess.

    1. Pretty much the case
      Have sucker on their face

  6. I always tell people that the word "gullible" isn't in the dictionary, and the usual reply is "Really? It isn't?" *sigh*

    1. haha you know who to con
      After such a response does dawn

  7. All the sheep want to be #1

  8. If the cat ran a cult
    I would quickly bolt
    to the nearest door
    and return back to my shore
    where the air is filled with salt air
    instead of being trapped at the cat's lair
    where things are evil and cruel
    because that's what happens when the cat rules.


    1. Just for some
      Like a one eyed chum
      Or old grannies
      Or large fannies
      Hey, it rhymed
      My cult is well timed

  9. Don't usually follow too many folks
    unless you count the number of blogs
    but that is different in the long one
    at least I'm staying away from frogs.


  10. I hardly follow along with the crowd and that causes arguments a lot of times especially on social media. lol

    1. lol easy to do
      When you ignore the crowd's view

  11. Unfortunately, gullibility appears to be on the rise.

  12. People should make their own decisions
    and not follow the crowd.
    Speak softly and be polite to make your family proud.

  13. olrin N cassie....we haz lurned to never "follow" any thing two close lee; if ya catch R meenin !! ;) heerz two a grate week oh end guys ~~~~~~~☺☺♥♥

    1. haha you just never know
      What sure may show

  14. Baa And Ha With A La De Da!
    Follow but not to go too far
    Age doesn't matter
    Not really a bother
    Count but not end up bizarre


    1. Have to watch the bizarre
      And walking in front of a car

  15. Music. I am a sheep, following the herd when it comes to music. I can't help it. The catchy tunes trending on the radio always draw me in. :)

    1. haha well that isn't bad
      A catchy tune can be rad

  16. Really I think the cat is a cult leader lol

    1. lol I take all their money
      The cat thinks it is funny

  17. “I will follow you, wherever he may go...”....yeah...that’s a big NO! I like to think and bathe. Remind me to be upwind of you.

  18. Wave a cheesecake in my face and I'll follow you anywhere.

    1. haha the cat will remember that
      So his cult won't fall flat

  19. Drink pee
    It's good for thee....
    Excuse me?


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