Blog On Come Dawn!

A new dawn is here and here is a new post for you to peer. That is sure nothing new. Always one here to view. At least while the cat is going. On with today's showing. A blog for the blog. That kind of a hog?

Many come, many go.
Some put on a show.
Some put on none.
Some do it for fun.

The muse talks.
The finger walks.
Or maybe fingers.
Some second stringers.

Ideas a plenty.
Maybe twenty.
Then out they run.
They have none.

Fade away.
Can't play.
But those that stay.
Enjoy the fray.

A happy crew.
Ever so true.
A hand to help.
No need to yelp.

Interrupted here and there.
Great Post shows everywhere.
Maybe with a follow me.
On such follow back we pee.

Back to hopping.
A post is dropping.
Dropping on in.
Giving many blogs a spin.

Work it takes.
No hand shakes.
Just a comment crew.
Each ever so true.

New parts of the world.
New facts are hurled.
New things are learned.
Some have returned.

Many come, many go.
Some put on a Farcebook show.
But those that stay,
Sure are there come what may.

Enjoy the blogland do you? You must if you are at my zoo. Unless R came back with a Great Post. Then Blue may go coast to coast. Sure a fun community is had. Beats any crummy Farcebook pad. Been blogging a while at your sea? Gonna keep going a while more with a blogger spree? The cat will sure keep on passing gas. That is the same as posting from my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Replies
    1. Good Morning Hank
      wishing you a good day

    2. Just woke up
      Might need a cup
      Howdy Hank
      The Poetry Tank
      Hello True
      How are you?
      Hello Cat!
      How's that mat?

    3. Hello Blue
      How are you
      any luck with that shoe

    4. Hello True and Blue
      Great being with you


    5. That's 3 in a row
      In with even flow


    6. Three of the go
      With a Blue True show

    7. Quack quack quack Mr. Blueworth
      Did a 4th sequel give birth?

  2. I've had various blogs over the years and enjoy blogging also the friendship between the followers.
    Great verse Pat. Happy week to you.


  3. We always enjoy blogging and all of our wonderful pals!

  4. It is a fun world. I wish I could spend more time on it.

    1. Time can sure suck time away
      From blogging all day

  5. I love blogging and wished I had more time to do it and visit others.

    I don't want to jinx my luck, but this is the second or third time that my computer has allowed me to comment on your post. :)

    1. Time can sure hinder much
      As one reaches out to touch

  6. I was just thinking yesterday of all the people that dropped their's sad like losing a friend. I miss Brian always visiting ...I think some people just burn out and once they walk away it is harder to return. Enjoyed this :)

    1. Yeah, The Gawker went by the wayside
      It can be harder when they take the see ya ride

  7. No R at your bay
    Still a grrrrrrrreat post today
    As some come come and some go
    Where's the Beer Boys show?

    1. They are the go part
      Must have had an explosive fart

    2. Kinda did in a way
      But maybe back they'll stray

  8. I've been blogging since 2005 so I guess I am committed.

    1. Damn, way longer than me
      Committed indeed at your sea

    2. Pat started not long after I did. Technically I had been blogging since like 2003 with a video game site called 1up, but I really should had jumped ship long ago.

    3. Never even heard of that site
      Sure a looong time of you taking flight

  9. I've been around 13 years, I guess I'm here to stay for a while.

  10. I have been blogging for five years
    I have shared some laugh & tears
    I have even overcome some fears

    How long will I stay I really cannot say
    Perhaps, I will just drift away one day
    as my thoughts I no longer display
    Some fine people have gone astray

    Brian, Claudia, Martin, The Beer Guys they left without a goodbye

    We lost a few bloggers, sadly it is true. I remember Berowne with his fascinating life stories. He also was fond of giving his readers quizzes.

    The best part of blogging for me is the wonderful people I have met here. They have changed my life forever...

    Pat and Blue just to name two and whatever became of Captain Red Shoe? Haha oh I had a grand time sailing the sea with these pirates..

    I could never leave out an amazing Ninja (Alex) who rocks! He took me on an adventure Beyond the Stars...

    and Hank my early morning shout out

    and Sherry and a wolf and a dream come true..

    Too many to list but, I love you all and not in a naughty way ... haha

    1. Wow look at you go
      Biggest comment ever from you at our show
      Whoopdi Friggin Doo may need that
      A naughty way would sure be quite the umm stat
      Many have gone by the wayside
      Must be out having fun or just wanted to hide

    2. Sorry I didn’t mean to go on and on, feel free to delete it.

    3. True is on a roll
      Love it when you're taking that mental stroll
      Captain Red Shoe wasn't doing too great
      Bad things come knocking at the gate
      But we're still here trying to find our shoe or whatever we are looking for
      Looking after the Blogger Store.
      Just so you know
      At the kitty cat show...

    4. Hey, go on and on all you like
      We enjoyed your word strike
      And it was true indeed
      Best way to be at your True feed

      Not doing great sure gets around
      But at least some of us are still found

    5. Searching for the blue shoe
      Following life’s many clues
      dreaming of sunnier days
      waiting for clouds to drift away

    6. Clouds shall come
      The skies umm bum

  11. Handshakes and Farcebook now DO go hand in hand
    you have to 'handshake' a sponsor to post at your land
    It is so annoying when your post is not sponsored
    they send you a mean note to delete, because they are monsters ;)

  12. I do enjoy the blogging community though I'm not as good at it as you. Farcebook is a great name for that place.

    1. Yep, sure the perfect name
      We just hop along in the blogger game

  13. Blogging for over 12 years off and on
    Still hanging in there so it must be fun
    But some some days rather not read blogs
    And play out in the sun.


    1. The sun sure can call
      Have to ignore them all

  14. Yup. Talk about interrupted. It's nice to be back after a three month hiatus!
    I have a long list of blog buddies long gone over the years, and I miss them. But it is great making new friends.

    1. New friends are fun to make too
      Welcome back once more to the blogland zoo

  15. Blog on Come Dawn
    Great ideas are born
    With True and Blue
    Mornings when due
    Company one is so fond


  16. I've been on Blogger for ten years, and on a site called Diaryland for a few years before that. What bugs me is when someone's blog just stops cold and they never tell you why (if they can).

    1. Yeah, when they just fade away
      Can sure bug at one's bay
      But then if they croak
      Can't blame the bloke

  17. orlin N cassie...we go bak ta de my space dayz N followed that up with bout 4 other sitez then we landed heer....itz kinda sad ta see palz that was heer... N now iz knot... coz oh "stuff" ~~~~~~~ ♥♥

    1. You sure have been around a long long time
      Yeah, they use stuff a lot when dropping a dime

  18. To me, reading others' blogs is lots of fun.
    It's also fun to write my own and hope others read each one.

  19. Nine years of blogging for me
    But internet access issues reign free
    Keeps me from being as social these days
    I hope it’s not a permanent phase

    1. Sure can cause a pain
      Hopefully you join a faster lane

  20. Its fun after a while but like Truedessa I have seen bloggers just disappear ~ Oh well, life goes on ~ Take care Pat ~

    1. Life keeps going on indeed
      Even when they vanish from their feed

  21. Life gets in the way
    But I always try and have my say.
    Around blogland when I can.
    As for your blog, I’m a fan

    1. A fan works for we
      Life can sure get in the way at any sea

  22. It's been about 10 years for me. I've slowed down on posting, but still enjoy the community.

    1. A perfect ten is grand
      Now on to 20 at your land

  23. I think I am almost 7 years in. Planned to stop at 5, but still keep chugging along. Maybe I'll go to 10, then see what else piques my interest, though I do love the people I've met since I started.

    1. 10 is a good number for one's OCD
      Trying to get their without missing a post at our sea


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