Brand Spankin' New Just For You!

Did you buy something new? I know, a buying post after yesterday at my zoo. Am I turning into Al? Nah, hold on there pal. A whole different ode stream will take form. It is something that has become the norm.

It's brand new.
Not new and improved.
Which just isn't true,
But so new it will be moved.

Moved to your door.
Moved to your attic.
Moved to your floor.
All will be ecstatic.

New is the way.
Upgrade and win.
Forget that old display.
Ancient ones are a sin.

It's worth your while.
Every little bit of money.
New will add to your pile.
The world will be sunny.

Built brand new.
That you knew.
That may be true,
But shh a new new is due.

Can double new.
Anger will rise.
So remain true,
Throw in a disguise.

Built brand new.
But not built to last.
Then no new times two,
That's a thing of the past.

Built to break.
Built to wear.
Built to hippy shake.
Built to need a pair.

Now new is new.
A new times two.
Until three comes due.
Then a new, new, new.

Built to break.
Means built to sell.
No new double take.
Built to last can go to hell.

Do you notice how things are built to break? No matter what it is people make. Seems all need to break so in more cash they can rake. If it didn't break apart then many may not take iPhone 10.10.1568 to heart. We can't have that. Then we'd make scat. They have to break like glass. Just don't go breaking my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer. 


    It's game on your furry mat
    Yes, it is
    As we're doing the number 1 bizzz.
    That Ninja will be quick
    That Hank kinda slick
    True Blue may beat me to it at your bay
    So who's number 1 today?
    Hey, it's Monday...
    Such a fun day!

    Grrrrrrreat post
    From coast to coast!
    Don't mean to boast.

    1. People think a new phone every year is the green way
      Brainwashed at their iPhone 10 bay!

    2. Coast to coast
      It's no boast
      Congrats Blue
      Seeing more of you!


    3. Look at you go
      A copy and paste show
      On a break?
      Posts you can make
      #1s you can try
      Let the new phones die

    4. A two-week break, then summer school
      Not making me drool
      But money needs to be earned
      As that tree got burned
      No copy and paste
      Just typing with haste
      You know it to be true
      Well, Scooby Doo!

    5. Need to plant a new tree
      Wish we had one at our sea

  2. Brand Spanking New just for You
    But i'LL break and none too few
    Planned obsolescence
    Very much current
    Sure way fleecing dough from you


  3. Yes, things do seem to be built to break so you have to buy new, And typically it's cheaper to buy new then try to repair. Not a problem we used to have, when you repaired things and kept going. Almost all electronic devices fall into that category. Shame really, that's part of "stuff" problem...then where does all the "stuff" go...
    Sandy's Space

    1. Yep, costs way more to fix in the end
      Then all the "stuff" goes around the bend

  4. Yep, they don't make them like they used to, on purpose no doubt!

  5. Especially kitchen appliances. Those suckers don't work as long as they did forty years ago.

    1. Nope, they crap out fast
      Sure not like the past

  6. brand spanking new = shiny. Just don't push the buttons or run it.

  7. I keep being tempted by shiny new Kindles though mine works just fine. But it would be new!

  8. Certainly a pet peace of mine
    Always a reason to whine
    Nothing ever lasts these days
    Leaves my sanity in a haze

  9. Things don't last as long as they used to. If they did, we wouldn't need so much new.

    1. And companies wouldn't make dough
      So a crapping out they go

  10. We have a 41 year old microwave that just won't die. And some day I'd like it to die so we can get a smaller one. That thing is a giant beast.

    1. haha probably works better than new
      Even if lots of room comes due

  11. The old planned obsolescence.

  12. Its sad when the warranty is only for a year or two
    on something expensive like a stove or a fridge
    then they want you to buy insurance to cover the cost
    should the appliance become broken and lost.


    1. And then you have to jump through hoops by the ton
      Should you need to give said insurance a run

  13. I'd love to have an iPhone 10, but there's no way I'd pay what they're asking. My 5 just keeps limping along:)

    1. Yeah, nuts what they are asking indeed
      My phone is limping away too at our feed

  14. Yes! Things are built to break, or at least, wear out (preferably just after the warranty expires). It's called "planned obsolescence." When I was in my early teens, the first color TV my family ever bought seriously malfunctioned either five or seven years after we'd bought it. The repairman fixed it and said "no charge" because the TV still had one or two months left on the warranty. I laughed and told my mom "Oops! They screwed up. It was supposed to last us another three months or so before that happened. That's the way they make them!"

    Your post made me recall something I saw a lot of when I was a kid. TV commercials would often have a person refer to some product which had been advertised for years. Let's call it "Phlegm." She (usually a "she") said how great Phlegm was, and her friend (usually another woman) would say "Oh, I don't use Phlegm anymore," at which point Woman #1 would looked at Woman #2 in horror, saying "You don't use Phlegm anymore?!?" and Woman #2 would say "Nope. I use new, improved Phlegm," at which point Woman #1 would look incredibly relieved.

    Even at the age of seven or eight I thought that type of commercial was idiotic.

    1. haha sure can't get that long now for one
      Unless you want to pay a ton
      Probably can't even fix it fast like that these days
      All one big rat maze

      Yep, sooooooo dumb
      We've beaten that drum
      New and improved isn't a thing
      Only one of them can actually be given a ring
      But people fall for it with ease
      Like a mouse to cheese

  15. Yes, things used to last years and even if it did break you could fix it. Not today though, once it breaks you have to buy a new one.

    1. Yep, crap out of luck
      Breaks and you have to spend another buck

  16. The definition of "new"
    It takes a few
    old idiots to
    Keep stretching it through
    time. For years on end
    they pretend
    that it's still new
    as if nobody knew
    they're idiots.

    1. Idiots abound
      They are sure found
      But more are followed
      Believing lies so hollowed

  17. These days, with prices so high.
    I buy mostly food with a sigh.
    The cats love to eat.
    I often give them a treat.
    And with ice cream for me,
    I'm happy as can be.
    None of that lasts very long.
    A day or two or three and it's all gone.

    1. All it takes
      Sure gets head shakes
      Can suck the money away
      Make one pay and pay

  18. orlin N je FSG anda friend was just talkin bout how stuffz builded now ta last 3 yeerz...IF.... sew ya hafta buy ...again....faaaaaaaaaa...

  19. Nothing is built to last and it's usually cheaper to buy a new one than get the old one repaired..quite the racket going on I'd say.

  20. Yes, I agree with you that many things aren't made as good as they could to get us to buy them again. It's really sad when there is a defect that isn't fixed due to the cost and people get injured or killed.

    1. Yeah, that is even worse
      But the rich pricks just fill their purse

  21. I can’t think of one thing that isn’t made to break these days, even love. Haha I expect appliances to last as long as a modern marriage. Is that so wrong?

    1. haha for some marriages it may be true
      Never knew love could break like that at our zoo lol

  22. The oldest thing I own is a $10 mixer I bought 20 years ago. That sucker was built to last, especially with all the baking I do!

    1. $10 and still going
      Sure got your money's worth with that showing

  23. Loved the verse although somewhat late in reading.



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