Idiom It Up And Fill Your Cup!

A rolling stone gathers no moss. I guess that would be the stone's loss? Moss can be cushy. Although it could get bushy. But hey, some humans like that. I'm a non-judgemental, yeah right, rhyming cat.

Idioms are the bees knees.
Spout them out with the breeze.
They are really the mutts nuts.
Although many may be left in ruts.

Not in the know.
A mutt nut chopping they may go.
A searching for bees knees.
Either end wouldn't please.

A universal one for all.
One heard by all at the mall.
One heard by all at work.
One that is truly a perk.

A sitting desk gets nothing done.
Making up nonsense is all kinds of fun.
A ringing phone chases lonely away.
One could sit and do this all day.

Universal to one and all?
Could be a tough call.
Whoops, did it once more.
Maybe you'll find answers by the shore.

A shore with no prints is waiting to be tamed.
So good that it should be named.
A tire with no car is one wheel.
How does that make you feel?

A tree that grows out will never stand tall.
I guess that leaves many uninvited to the ball.
A Muppet with no song will never catch fire.
I guess they may soon go and expire.

A whiner in your ear can deafen your mind.
No wonder there is hard of hearing mankind.
A PC speech while have your feet licked clean.
Zombie feet would make that an R rated scene.

Whelmed with less over and under is whelmed.
Backwards and forwards that can't be helmed.
As rare as rocking horse shit.
That is some rare by a bit.

What's good for the goose is good for the gander.
Are these growing more in the know and blander?
Shit or get off the pot.
I guess idioms have a plot.

Do you fall into idiom land? Ever make up any in your land? Or maybe sayings too. Either or can come due. Some can be taken so wrong. Poor dogs won't be singing a happy song. If one were to piss up a rope that could be bad. Taking them all literally would drive one mad. They sure sprout up like blades of grass and provide plenty of entertainment for my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Replies
    1. Hoping to move
      Along the groove


    2. Staying on the go
      Heigh ho, heigh ho

    3. Go with the flow
      When you gotta go, you gotta go!
      How's that for an idiom at your show
      Dino idioms "dropping" on your mat
      That can't be right, Cat.

    4. A drop to see
      But watch where you pee
      May get a call
      Some don't like it at all

  2. Most interesting to read Pat and thought provoking I must say.


  3. Yepper, a rolling moss never gets stoned!

  4. Rolls of my back like a duck! Oops that’s wrong..channeling Samuel Goldwyn. Poor Kermit..he’s a muppet after all. I like my dad’s which is have mentioned in the past. “That son of a bitch is as useless as a dog’s hind leg.” “That bastard is a serious useless as a boar’s tits.”

    1. haha both are grand
      That he used in your land

  5. my brain is not working this morning to be clever. I'll just say good rhyme

  6. Made me smile to hear some my mother favored. When my husband was a coach, he always told his players if they were five minutes early to practice they were already ten minutes late. Few of them were ever late.

    1. Good way to get them there
      With time to spare

  7. Grew up with one too many
    Now the drive me simply insaney

    1. haha not a fan
      As they come like a flash in the pan

  8. Idiom it Up Fill up your Cup
    Great sayings for a build-up
    Wise and creative
    Can be combative
    Lends support to good write-up


    1. That it can indeed
      Lend with what takes seed

  9. Use a few idioms here and there
    Try not to but they just slip out
    But some of them can be a bit fun to say
    And that is what life is all about.


  10. I've heard a lot of those but I don't use them. My grandpa did though.

    1. Some just what to be said
      As they pop in our head

  11. Never use them myself, my my grandma used to love using them whenever she could.

    1. Didn't stick with you
      As she said quite a few?

  12. I use idioms now and then, but NOBODY could use 'em as well as my mother-in-law did. Talk about unique. She had a way of mixing two together to come up with something totally meaningless. She didn't mean to, but that was just part of her charm.

    1. haha that would be fun to hear
      Use to together and give them a cheer

  13. I try to make them up as innuendos, but my husband doesn't always appreciate my sense of humor.😂

  14. Our president is an idiom. Oh, wait, I meant he's an idiot. Silly me.

    1. A simply slip of letter
      For him idiot is far better

  15. These will be running through my mind for the rest of the day.
    They may even invade my dreams but what can I say?

    1. haha so many to do
      At least won't be stuck with one or two

  16. I don't use idioms. Don't know why not. Pat you have a great week end.

    1. Sometimes they are just there
      Sometimes not at ones lair

  17. 'Poo or get off the pot' was one my grandfather would say if he wanted me to hurry. He taught me to play Snake Eyes and if I'd take too long he'd say that too, lol

    1. hahaha needed you to get going
      A move it or lose it showing


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