In A Funk With A Drunk!

The cat heard a whiner nearby. He is sure one whiny guy. I ran under the bed. But still easy to hear what the whiner said. So this ode came to be. Only thing such umm idiots will ever get from me.

Boo hoo, boo hoo.
What I say is so true.
I'm starving and broke.
I can't afford a Coke.

Life is so hard.
No gas to mow the yard.
No money for bills.
I'm the talk of rumor mills.

Milling and tilling.
My life isn't thrilling.
It is so so so bad.
I'm so so so sad.

Wait here for me.
I've got a place to be.
I'll be back in a jiffy.
I have to go get spiffy.

These are my last ones.
The washer no longer runs.
The last clean clothes.
Oh, life gives me so many woes.

I'm off for a drive.
I don't know if I'll survive.
But I need to go.
I've got things to do, you know.

That hits the spot.
Makes the day less hot.
Eases my worried mind.
I only get the good kind.

300 bucks a week.
My liquor sure doesn't play hide and seek.
It gets me through the day.
Life is so hard my way.

Only 300 unless I run out.
Then maybe another 100 comes about.
I need my cigarettes too.
That's only a few 100 or two.

I have no idea how to survive.
Those bills are eating me alive.
Ah. That hit the spot.
No. I don't drink a lot.

Pffffffffffffft from the cat. He never whined to me again after that. Guess he didn't like what I had to say. I'm sure you can guess that it wasn't a very nice retort from our bay. Know any such whiny drunks like that? Or maybe just whiny where they are at. Got no time for them at my sea. On them the cat wouldn't even pee. I guess toward them I am a bit crass. But that keeps such fools from whining more than once to my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. In a Funk with a Drunk
    Whining times isn't fun
    Retorts certainly
    Not making them happy
    Only then they'll shun


  2. Bills keeps stacking
    Brains are racking
    Boo hoo hoo
    Not Scooby Doo
    Where's that genie
    In my shoe?

    Hello Cat

    1. None there?
      But isn't life supposed to be fair?

    2. Fair... what does that mean
      Things ain't never been fair at my scene.
      Something tells me you know it's true
      As true as you know who.
      Just so you know
      At your kitty cat show
      Now, who said, "When you gotta go, you gotta go"?

    3. ha - life isn't fair
      to this I can declare
      sometimes, one has to beware
      as people will come and stare
      I guess one shouldn't compare
      all I ask is for peace at my lair

    4. haha yep, fantasy affair
      When it comes to fair
      Life can be shit
      Jurassic Park sized it

    5. Hello True
      How are you?
      Wondering why Blue didn't say hi
      In the True blue sky :)
      Fantasy affair it is, Cat,
      When we want fairness at our mat
      No one would be poor or broke
      Everyone breathe and no one choke
      Just so you knowÁt the kitty cat show

    6. Fair off at the fair
      See what I did there?
      I should charge a fare
      That may not be fair

  3. They're also the same people who drop a ton on stupid lottery tickets each week.

    1. Yep, going for that big win
      Pffft as they shake their tin

  4. Whining doesn't do a lot of good but it sure makes one feel better. Have a super Sunday Pat.

  5. We don't like the whining any time at all but it seems to happen often!

  6. People will always find money for what they want to buy
    Though they may do a bit of whine
    But as long as they get their wants
    They will be just fine.


  7. Although late in the day for me to be commenting I lved the verse Pat.


  8. A lot of broke people are broke by their own design.

    1. That they are
      And yet they still try to get far

  9. Lots of people whine about a lot of different things. I don't whine, I complain and rant. There's a difference. lol

    1. lol ranting sure can come due
      I've complained a time or two

    2. There's a difference, all right
      As different as day and night
      Or a toad and a road
      Or a hog and a dog
      And a mouse and a house.
      Just so you know
      At the kitty cat show.

    3. Or a duck on a puck
      Or a buck in a truck

    4. Or buck on a tree
      Well, Scooby Dooweeee!

      Oh hi Mary

  10. Al about money sometimes is difficult but I never whining any but so is the life !
    Have a nice Sunday with the cats!

    1. That is the way of life indeed
      All about money to do anything at ones feed

  11. I like to drink a bit of wine
    does that make me a whiner?

  12. A happy drunk would have been so much better! haha.

    1. That it would
      Ugg to them all though in my hood

  13. I only drink before I get on a plane. And not enough to get drunk, just relaxed.

    1. Can't sober fly
      Oh me, oh my

    2. Haha I too need a drink before flying
      It takes the edge off, one Bloody Mary
      If it’s an early flight...

    3. Edge you say?
      Is it a sharp display?

  14. Some people whine about everything and think drinking will save the day. Instead it ends up making matters worse and they're wasting their lives away.

    1. Yep, that is the end of it
      Them and their whining fit

  15. I know a drunk who hides his booze. He's broke too. I'm with the cat. Double phffttt.

    1. Double pfffft wins the day
      From such people we stray

  16. I’ve been drunk many a time
    But never committed a crime.
    Those were fun days
    When I was often in a haze
    But I grew up and now enjoy my O.J.
    Not that jerk! The juice, ok?😀

  17. Pffft for real! I know people who are always broke, but have money for cigarettes, booze, the casino, dining out. But, when it comes time to pay the bills, they are broke. Go figure.

    1. Yeah, funny how that works out
      Pfffft to all such people about


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