Jump On The Court, Sport!

Are you ready to go? Come out and make it to the show. You can bore on TV. Or maybe make people yell at thee. Many you'll never hear. At least they aren't something to fear. So heed the calls and grab some balls.

Find one you enjoy.
Come now, don't be coy.
Enjoy it and play.
Play night and day.

The joy is there.
You must beware.
You must train to get better.
You may get that letter.

That is what you want.
Then houses you can haunt.
Everyone will look to you.
You'll be in the top few.

You'll become an over paid weenie.
The ball may be big or teenie.
You may not even know how to spell
But what the friggin hell.

You can endorse Coke.
Don't have to drink it, bloke.
Just pretend you do for a few takes.
A million dollars, heaven sakes.

Be part of a team.
It's everyone's dream.
Get traded like your cards.
I hope you like new yards.

Promote with the team.
Create a new income stream.
Beer Whatever, the drink of your team.
Reality is it is all a fantasy dream.

But no one has to know.
We say it, so it is so.
Believe and you shall achieve.
And when you die all will grieve.

But before that make sure to pay.
Can't let your publicist, agent and driver go astray.
And be sure to light up many a ball.
Whether they be big or they be small.

What? You no longer enjoy?
Bah, that was all a ploy.
Enjoyment means nothing in life.
Be the best and get a super model wife.

Don't you want to be a sports star? You could get watched by many a drunk at many a bar. Doesn't that sound good to you? Could date a super model or two. Could make big bucks. Could fool plenty of schmucks. Could lose the joy for it you had in playing to start. But bah, who needs to take that to heart. You could get riches in mass. Just keep the overpaid weenies away from my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer. 


  1. Replies
    1. That's 3 in a row
      Still a so so!


    2. Blue's gotta teach this summer school
      Doesn't make him um... drool
      Teaching can be so uncool
      Just so you know
      At the Kitty Cat Show

    3. Maybe you'll move to NCIS success
      Get more dough, not less

  2. No sports or overpaid weenies here. The only weenies we like are those from the grill!

    1. Those will be eaten by the cat
      But won't be touched by Pat

  3. No good at sport Pat. but loved your verse.


  4. Not good on the field
    Can't do much with a ball
    Usually end up tripping myself
    And causing a fall :)


    1. That is no fun
      Stay off the field and don't run

  5. I'm all for sports but it's always amazed me how much we pay our athletes and how little we pay our teachers, firemen and police. In some instances it seems the more you do, the less you make.

    1. That is very very true
      Becomes like pennies with the more you do

  6. Jump on the Court, Sport
    Make it right on the dot
    Privileged, overpaid
    And spoilt the market
    They became a spoilt lot


  7. I don't watch sports, I don't like playing sports. Just not into sports.

  8. Not all sports have a ball.
    Nascar doesn't at all. haha.

    1. But the phrase eye on the ball still works
      As winning has its perks

  9. I don't mind watching them in small doses, but as I age, my body says hell to the no when it comes to playing sports.

    1. haha body sure can say that
      But sometimes I don't give a scat


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