No Need For A Mate With This Date!

No more clubbing over the head. That is good, many would wind up dead. Not from the club though. May need a club with the scary dating show. Thankfully being a snip snip cat brings forth none of that.

A search is born.
Oh so forlorn.
In search of love.
Or maybe a lustful shove.

Searching, searching, searching.
Like dial up researching.
On the go forever.
Delving further into the endeavor.

The type to talk.
The type to walk.
The type to eat.
Every single tasty treat.

The type to whine.
The type who think they're oh so divine.
The type to spank.
Some enjoy that plank.

The type to act dumb.
The type with brains in their bum.
The type with no money sense.
All three are rather dense.

The type too picky.
The type too icky.
As in bathing/smell.
Outhouse they must dwell.

The type to want.
The type to haunt.
Turning into a stalker.
The type with a walker.

The type to sailor swear.
The type with rainbow hair.
The type in a funk.
Always out to get drunk.

The type soooo cool.
The type lower than dog drool.
The type to game the system.
The type to grab your nether regions and twist em.

The type to boss.
The type to watch moss.
The type to give a headache.
Nightmare done, now wide awake.

Could have went on for a while. Any types I missed you find vile? Or at least avoid? There are the paranoid. Plenty of those. Types in many rows. A type for each I suppose. Even the types that bring forth new lows. I guess we're the type to make fun and then maybe run. Run under the bed with Cass. A much safer place for my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


    How's the mat?
    Who is number one today
    At that Kitty Cat bay?
    Could it be Hank...
    The one and only Poetry Tank?
    Could it be True...
    Did she find my blue suede shoe?
    Or that Ninja guy...
    Slick and fly never shy
    Or could it be me...
    In the place to be?
    (And I'll raise you a Scooby Dooweee)

    Grrrrrreat post today
    From coast to coast
    Don't mean to boast.

    1. The type to spank?
      I see.
      Naughty spanking in the place to be.

    2. Good Morning Blue
      still searching for clues
      to find that lost shoe

      Today I was running late
      No , number 1 my fate

    3. Day and night
      No shoe can't be right
      No number one for you
      And for me: no shoe

    4. The copy and paste
      No time to waste
      Came on in
      For the win
      A spanking thought
      Was then given a plot

    5. Who’s spankin’ who? Lol

    6. Good question, True
      Who is spanking who...
      The Cat won't let the cat out of the bag
      Don't mean to brag...

    7. haha sure none here
      A spank free rear

    8. Won't send my neighbor to your spot
      Even though she's hot
      Though not in a good spanking way
      Night or day

    9. A hot neighbor you say?
      Geez, won't even send her my way

  2. Replies
    1. Quick as The Flash
      Still no cash
      Howdy Hank!

    2. Good morning Blue
      Good morning True
      Blue again in style
      One man crowd guy


    3. Hello everyone
      We're all here
      Such fun!

    4. Not even a loonie
      Or maybe a toonie

  3. And so glad I don't have to worry about types anymore! Looking for a mate now would just suck.

  4. Found one; search no more
    So thankful To be past that door

  5. My type is my guy
    Lots of reasons why
    Kids thought we met on ebay
    we still laugh about that to this day
    We connected through a dating site
    some of those people gave me a fright!
    But it was well worth wading through all that scum
    Because my true love was soon to come.


    1. Great you had success
      Bidding on eBay may end in a mess
      Sure many a scare on there and dating sites
      Leaves one in store for single nights

  6. We like the types who make fun, a sense of humor is good!

    1. Sure works for us
      Beats those who always fuss

  7. types who think too much about types

  8. No need for a Mate with this Date
    Types to choose leave it to fate
    Set to wonder
    Is it forever
    Remain single even if it is late


  9. I’m back and ready to get a bloggin. You hit on many types and I’m glad to be so far away from this crap

    1. So many were there
      Welcome back to the blogland lair

  10. I'm too old to be dating, glad I don't have to worry about that.

  11. The worst types in my day: cheaters, braggarts, over-analyzers, and the world is against me.

    1. Still plenty of those
      May have even hit new lows

  12. orlin N cassie....we due knot knead ta tell ewe guyz...thiz iz why catz due knot date, wanna date, ore ever will date !!! :) ☺☺♥♥

  13. I'm in search but alasI can't find,
    A person in this area to be a friend of mine.

    Loved the verse Pat.

  14. So many different types make life interesting. It would be boring if everyone was the same.

  15. I think my mama had the right idea. She's been single and not looking for many years. She's just happiest when she doesn't have any type to worry about.

    1. That isn't a bad way to be
      No one to worry about but thee


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