Scarf It Down At Your Town!

Nothing can be done by you humans at all. Not without one thing nearby at your hall. You act like you are starving to death. Some dog waiting around with, or without, bad breath. At least you don't drool. That wouldn't be cool.

Say it loud, say it proud.
Do whatever to draw a crowd.
Once it's drawn, keep it there.
How? Easy peasy. Food to spare.

Have it set up on display.
Many more will come your way.
Grease and grime, dirt and paste.
Someone, somewhere won't let it waste.

They snack and chow.
They'll eat balls of a cow.
That many may see is bull.
True though, until they are full.

Can't get together without a snack.
Can't go out without a lobster shack.
Can't go down a corner without fast food.
Say it's not fast and you're just rude.

Can't attend an event or game.
Can't light a candle and watch the flame.
Have to have that extra addition.
Extra! Extra! This isn't Early Edition.

Driving and eating and driving and eating.
Even go out with some trick or treating.
A treat to trick and dress up like a clown.
My, food has sure taken over your town.

Can't go on a date or find a mate.
Can't go without food on a plate.
Or in a bucket or can or maybe your pocket.
Can't even go without it when attached to a rocket.

Additions, preservatives, GMO and more.
Damn any of that with each encore.
That fine print is so small anyway.
Just chow down and then go out to play.

Or play to chow down to play.
Redundant a bit, but what the hey.
That taste is ever so sweeter after.
Maybe store some spare food up in a rafter.

Say it loud, say it proud.
Fatten up the nearest crowd.
You'll have their heart and their loins
You may even gain a few coins.

Do you humans see yourselves sometimes? Or are you blind to it like mimes? Everything you do brings food in view. Some even eat on the loo. That is rather eww. And what some classify as food isn't really so. But that many just don't want to know. So those rats turds get mashed into the burger you ate. So you ate the equivalent of glue on your plate. The important thing is you had food in mass. Pffft the cat isn't even that much of a glutton little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


    How's the questioning on your mat?
    Here's one more
    At your door:
    Who's number one today
    At the kitty cat bay?
    You know when Blue comes to play
    He's gonna say hey hey hey!
    Grrrrreat post!
    From coast to coast!
    Don't mean to boast.
    Well, maybe I do...
    Now, where's that magic shoe?
    Where's that money tree?
    Well, Scooby Doooweee!

    1. Quick as The Flash
      Where's my cash?

    2. Additions everywhere
      Making us die on a chair
      Additions in the place to be
      Well, I hope not, Scooby Doooweee!
      Additions like sequels as shhhhh?
      Oh no more, go jump in a pit!
      Additions we need to stay fit?
      Oh go choke on some spit!

      Pardon my Swedish but now you know
      Where they can put additions at their show...

    3. Well done Blue
      Now seeing more of you!


    4. Good morning Blue
      you’re number one
      so many words from you
      Ha I use addition everyday
      subtraction also likes to play

      Have a great day where you stay
      I overslept on this Wednesday

    5. Another blue wave

      better than a blue waffle

    6. That's so true
      No blue waffle Scooby Doo

    7. Blue on the go
      In with a flow
      A copy and paste
      Not going to waste
      Or would that be waist?
      Ate some crap post haste

    8. No copy and paste
      Just some quick as the Flash typing with haste

  2. I never understood snacks in the car for adults. People can't go a few hours without eating?

    1. Yeah, can't go very far at all
      Then they run for a bathroom stall

  3. Scarf it Down at Your Town
    Many mouthfuls make you round
    Snacks in the car
    You'll not get far
    It'll make you feel very down


  4. and here's what we say, "I'm really not hungry" as we dive into that bowl of chips. Or, "Well, just one bite" as we devour the cake. Heck yeah....

    1. haha all of that gets said
      Have heard it as one is fed

  5. I am always amazed at the food people consume at the movie theatre.

    It’s not cheap either...they are dropping more for a popcorn and soda than the movie ticket.

    Then there are the nachos and cheese and pretzels if you please and boxes of candy it tastes so dandy..,

    I bring a bottle of water that’s enough for me.

    1. haha yep, sit and get fat
      And they pay for that
      They pay to get large
      No matter what the theaters charge
      Water goes with me each day
      Unless 12 hours out I stay
      Like I did today
      Then cashews may come to play

    2. It annoys the heck out of me. Munch munch munch... It just never ends. What's wrong with these people? This is LOVE ME time?

  6. Snacks are great when boredom hits
    As long as they don’t give the eater ... um, fits

  7. I do like my food
    but boo hoo
    dieting right now
    so stomach a lot growls


  8. Food is such a social thing. When do people get together and NOT eat? Not often.

  9. If people would stop socializing, I bet their average weight would drop considerably!

    1. haha now there is the way
      Next fad diet on display

  10. It's scary to think what's in some of those pre packaged boxes of food at times. We try to eat as much fresh food as possible. I don't like boxed and pre packaged foods.

    1. Yeah, some of that crap can't be good
      Don't eat any of it in our hood

  11. Sure am glad I don't eat meat:) Though some of my food choices don't fall into the healthy category:)

  12. Snack attacks-I have many and try to eat carrots or an apple but sometimes, I am a bad girl and enjoy something delicious and unhealthy

  13. At times.... which are many I don't like what I see as I look in the mirror.


  14. The problem with most is they are always thinking about their next bite while they still have food in their mouth they didn't even take the time to enjoy. Shovel it in and keep going back for more. I'm doing intuitive eating now and have really noticed how much food I was eating before and I wasn't even hungry. I'm probably eating at least 1/3 less now and have way more energy.

    1. Yeah, if we think and really look at it
      We aren't even hungry when we eat half the shit


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