Slow And Steady With A Foot Ready!

In a rush today? Guess you won't be going anywhere fast now that you are at my bay. That is how rushing works, right? You all do it with rush hour at many a site.

Heading for home.
Not out to roam.
Heading and heading.
Dreaming of bedding.

Tired and sore.
No need to explore.
Wanting to rest.
A nap's the best.

Heading and...stopped.
Any rushing flopped.
Stuck and stuck.
Muttering thinks like fluck.

Gas fumes galore.
Cars door to door.
Bumper to bumper.
That car wants to hump her.

Ever so close.
PDA out of the house.
The mechanical kind.
Screw loose on its mind.

Rev and go.
Seconds to blow.
Stopped once more.
Won't get an encore.

Change the lane.
No pain, no gain.
Try for another score.
Hear that engine roar.

Stop and go.
Still at so so.
Sure no quickie.
But the heat makes you sticky.

Get the green light.
This time it's all right.
Took it to far away spaces.
It's off to the races.

Red rears its head.
Back to dreaming of bed.
To linger hours in heat.
Rush hour's giving treat.

Hmmm, that went kinda off kilter. Maybe the car needs a new filter? Beats the heck out of me. You humans named it rush hour from sea to sea. Not much rushing around. Don't you love when traffic is found? Bumper to bumper and door to door. My, those vehicles sure want more and more. Of course insurance companies may give them sass. I'll stick to generating traffic and not be stuck in it for my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. No rush today too hot I say,
    Guess I will be staying at home.
    Already been shopping and I'm hoping.
    For a peaceful day at my "Dome"

    Great verse Pat, Happy weekend.

  2. Rushing is no fun at all. Not my game. Pat, you have a fantastic Saturday.

    1. Nope, never get it done
      Make more mess as you run

  3. I'm usually in a rush to take a snooze or two!

  4. I finally learned rushing doesn't help and I just take it easy. I can't speed anyway during rush hour so why get frustrated?

    1. Yeah, it won't help you get there
      Although it is annoying when on the highway with only one slow poke car in front of you and no passing lane to spare

    2. Stuck you are
      Can't get far

  5. No need to rush here
    working at home
    don't have to worry about traffic
    no place to roam.


    1. That is the way to be
      Be nice to work from home at our sea

  6. Replies
    1. hahaha NO FRIGGIN WAY
      Unless I have to pee at my bay

    2. was thinking the same thing
      With my ding-a-ling
      Pardon my Swedish

    3. haha there you go
      Let the ding-a-ling flow

  7. Slow and steady with a Foot Ready
    Rush hour crowd are way too hasty
    Is there a need
    To check the lead
    When drunk with power and greed


  8. I've killed plenty of hours in my life in rush hour. Good to have an audio book for entertainment

    1. That it is indeed
      Or crank the music up at your feed

  9. It's better just to go slow and get there in one piece instead of blowing through a few red lights and getting in a crash.

    1. Yep, as crashing you may die
      Plus, be ten times as long if an accident were to fly

  10. Stuck in traffic is the pits, but causing an accident by running a red light...even worse.

    1. Yep, may as well stay stuck
      And give off the odd umm fluck

  11. I prefer to go slow Pat and love when Saturday are really quiet...not always ! lol

    1. A quiet Saturday is grand
      In any old land

    2. haha why we talked about quiet Saturday ??? was terrible lol but today is better hugs!

    3. Not the way
      At least you had a better day

    4. Must have been bad
      At your pad

  12. I’m lucky that I don’t have to go through rush hour traffic because I go to the opposite direction :-)

    1. Ah, that is nice when it comes due
      Done that a time or two

  13. I hate driving during rush hour. If I have to, I take the streets rather than the expressway~

    1. Sure would be jammed up
      Leading to quite the hiccup

  14. Rush, rush, rush, why are people always in a hurry?
    Slow down, enjoy your day, and don't worry, worry, worry.

  15. I usually don't get stuck in traffic. It's the damn road construction that gets me riled up. They start a project, then wait 5 months to come back and finish it. Like, why the heck couldn't you get it all done in one shot instead of closing lanes down for months at a time while you're off picking your nose or whatever?

    1. haha maybe they ran out of dough?
      Or have a big booger or toe jam in every toe?


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