Swoon To The Tune!

Do you hear that? Are you following the cat? Hear is the key. Lots can come to be. Each plays a tune. Some may make you run like a loon. Others may make you swoon. Some may not before noon. Away we go as we tune up our show.

The rhythm and rhyme.
The subtle mountain to climb.
The top of the peak.
Reached of which they speak.

All to encourage emotion.
No need for a love potion.
Play or sing the merry tune.
Could beat a pot and pan with a spoon.

A spoon full of beat.
Hails over a sugary treat.
Although sugar may up the hyper.
Continue to bob and decipher.

Get lost in the like.
A mind sort of hike.
A cord that is struck.
For some a broken down truck.

Use what is known.
Add in your own tone.
Make it so that many can relate.
You have a three for one trait.

Loved and lost.
The life you tossed.
The work jerk.
That one little perk.

Driving the road.
Carrying a heavy load.
Climbing a mountain.
Hanging over a wishing fountain.

The topics are near.
Kick the thoughts into gear.
Bring back thoughts of the past.
Another time, another cast.

Nature has its own.
Each makes theirs alone.
Loved and hated.
Whatever is baited.

Head banging stuff.
Some country fluff.
Maybe even those teenage things.
Rock n roll could give you wings.

Have a preference at your sea? Do you enjoy tunes by the boatload as they are found by thee? Can sure bring back much and make one think and such. A foot tapping they may go too. Good thing a tune everywhere is in view. An annoying mutt barking may even like its own tune. To each their own at each sand dune. The cat may even be able to play a tune with his gas. Maybe I'll record it one day as it comes out my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Replies
    1. That's 4 in a row
      Get an even flow


    2. Good morning True
      Not been seeing you


    3. Hank being number 1

      on the American Top 40

    4. Number one on all
      Stations having a ball

    5. Country stuff
      Can't get enough
      Better be great
      Or we gotta hate
      Maybe some violin
      Never in a bin
      Maybe some rock 'n roll
      Never met a rock 'n mole
      Hey Hank's back on top
      NOT a Hank The Poetry Tank flop!
      Adam's here too
      May have found my blue suede shoe

    6. Tunes for fun
      Crap can run
      Like a chick on a stick
      Give them a flick
      Good luck with the shoe
      Hope it's still new

    7. A chick on a stick
      Beats getting sick
      Just so you know
      At the Kitty Cat Show
      Haha not in a PC mood today
      As I stop by your kitty bay!

    8. No PC mood ever
      Is a fine endeavor

  2. Swoon to the Tune
    Care for blue moons?
    Over lapping
    Foot tapping
    Right up until noon!


  3. I would surely swoon to a tune
    Especially if there is a full moon
    I am happy beating my drum
    Perrhaps you have a guitar to strum
    Hey, if it’s catchy I might even hum

  4. I could swoon to a tune and try not to fall. Then I could march to the beat of my own drum and be a doll.

    There's a new book from your sea that I need to read: Old Man. :)


    1. March and not fall
      That sure is the best of all

  5. We do like tunes around here but not much swooning going on though!

  6. tunes trigger memories, that's for sure. I lean toward pop, try to stay upbeat at my sea.

  7. Nothing like good old rock and roll
    Down a memory lane stroll
    Songs bring back the worst and best
    Surviving the time test

    1. That they do
      Always a memory to recall and view

  8. I like all kinds of music! Some of the most beautiful sounds out there are nature. :)

    1. That they are
      But you can keep nature at your sand bar haha

  9. I don't think I swoon
    when listening to a tune
    but I do enjoy a good song
    in that who could go wrong?


  10. Rock n roll gives wings
    Disco's the thing
    Pop makes you hop
    Eardrum bursting must stop!

  11. I love almost all sorts of music, whether it's rock, country, classical, blues, jazz... Not much of an opera fan, nor am I a big fan of rap. At most of my jobs I used to sing (or at least whistle) while I was working. I'm probably the only person who ever worked while whistling Beethoven's Seventh Symphony.

    1. haha I bet you are right on that
      The headbasher stuff gets avoided like the plague by the cat

  12. "The topics are near." So true.

  13. Playing a tune on the piano relaxes me.
    It doesn't make me swoon, but makes me feel free.
    It also brings back memories of songs from long ago.
    I still prefer music of the 50s and 60s you know.

    1. Memories and relaxing are a fine way
      As a tune your fingers decide to play

  14. orlin N cassie; we can honest lee say de onlee toonz we due knot like iz......wait for it.....♫♪♫♫....burd song ~~~~~~ dinna see THAT comin did ya ! ☺☺♥♥

    1. haha we never would have guessed
      Good that you confessed

  15. The kitties here play tunes all the time. It is called purring. Great singing.

  16. Most tunes I like. The competitive tune of 2 of my boys playing a video game right now is a little too loud to be enjoyed. ;)

    1. hahaha that is a fun tune though
      As winner winner comes to show

  17. Have you seen Belva around? I miss her. :)

    1. She's out enjoying life at her sea
      No computer stuff for she

    2. Ah good for her! I miss her rhymes. :)

    3. She always gave fun
      As a rhyme was spun

  18. I like most music. Except for Heavy Metal. It makes my head scream in pain.

    1. Yep, about the same here
      That stuff we fear

  19. Music is universal because you can be in the deepest jungle and play some tune and the other people will play their own tune. I love music of almost all kinds but can skip the rap crap, hip hop and heavy metal..not my thing.

    1. Heavy metal surely gets a skip
      And yep, all go on their own trip


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