Update This Post At Your Coast!

The cat will update you on some things. Don't I do that every day out to the blog wings? I guess there isn't much to say. So I must be on my way. Stick around though. With nothing to do and everything working an update shall show.

All works fine.
Everything does align.
There are users galore.
No need to hit restore.

Everything is grand.
Everything is in hand.
Or at least on screen.
Like a good drink from a canteen.

Then it becomes sour.
Day by day, hour by hour.
There was nothing better to do.
So time people haven't a clue.

Update the look.
A whole new nook.
Update the settings.
We now take bettings.

Update the fine print.
Hide that under some lint.
Update the green grass.
Just to pull it out our ass.

Update the font.
Those colors may haunt.
Update the pages.
Need to earn our wages.

Update the address.
That will make a mess.
Update our tone.
No one will leave us alone.

Update...the bugs?
Do we look like thugs?
We can't squash those.
Don't let them cause you woes.

We could have took our time.
But bah, why waste another dime.
We could have left well enough alone.
But bah, our dog needed a new bone.

Update you soon on fixes.
Enjoy the new match and mixes.
Update us on what you think.
We really don't care though, you dink.

Don't you love the unnecessary update crap? Do you chew out the update chap? Not much one can do. Except not go to their zoo. Especially when the updates come in the form of pop ups, stupid comment systems, stupid stupidness and so much more. Are you ready to update your shore? We think we'll pass. After all, you can't update my already perfect feline little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Replies
    1. That's 2 in a row
      Just let it go!


    2. Tomorrow might see a new update

      to #1

    3. Update a bill?
      Will it kill?
      Gotta pay even more
      At your updated shore?
      A new Windows update
      To hate
      10, 11, 20 one day
      Driving us nuts at our updated bay

    4. Nuts it can drive
      Expire and need to survive

  2. Update This Post at your Coast
    Easier to control with each dose
    Just update anything
    Just about everything
    And can gleefully sport a boast


  3. Yes, those updates just keep coming. I think the energizer bunny is sending them.

    1. Must surely be
      Hopefully doesn't charge a fee

  4. We so agree, way too many updates. Big pain. Pat, you have a wonderful day. No updates today.

  5. Get an update for our program at work
    almost every week
    don't ever see any difference
    but always do it and take a peek.


    1. Some code in the background
      Or just more nonsense is found

  6. don't update and make my life easier. No, I don't want change. I just learned this version. It's like traffic patterns on the roads - no, don't change lane markings. Argghhh!

    1. haha the lane markings can be a pain
      But then you may get in the fast lane

  7. If, later on, you think of any points you should have included in this post, be sure to update us.

    1. May be a year from now
      Then it would be outdated somehow

  8. So much needs updating that it makes my head spin!!

    1. Spin about
      Could give a Poltergeist remake a shout

  9. And things needing update seem to remain obsolete!

  10. stupid stupidness....lol...that was my favorite line.
    Yes, I too, am getting update requests all the time!

    1. haha sure can hit the mark
      Some of the stupid updates sure need to stay in park

  11. I hate the updates! Last time my phone said install an update, Apple broke its battery. Now, I keep hitting "later" when they tell me I need to update. I ain't falling for their crap again.

    1. haha later is the way we go
      The updates can eat crow


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