We'll Partake In The Remake!

The cat will go remake today. Pffft and I'll turn into a toad the next time I play. But at least I can make fun. Time for an ode to the remake run. Don't you love them all? There are many you can add to your wall.

Ideas run dry.
But ideas still fly.
The idea of another.
An idea outing the other.

What made dough?
What will all know?
What has a brand?
Raise your hand.

We have this and that.
That was where it's at.
This was grand too.
Now two ideas are due.

Due out in a year.
There's nothing to fear.
The script's been done.
It's ready to run.

Slap in a name.
Add to the fame.
Pull it out of a crypt.
Blow the dust off the script.

The title returned.
Nothing needs to be earned.
Change the poster a bit.
This will be a hit.

Tickets for sale.
Hit the trail.
Critics don't matter.
Make the wallets fatter.

Money will be banked.
What? It tanked?
But it was a hit.
Years ago it was the it.

We retread the past.
We had a new cast.
The exact same beats.
Should shout in the streets.

We don't understand.
Years ago it was grand.
We'll have to make due.
Time for idea from idea number two.

Are you a remake lover? Are you a line shover? Do you run in at the sound of a name? Do you fall for the remake game? Reboot, redo, remake and prequels too. Oh, the movie to TV show is also in view. But at least ideas from ideas from ideas are still there. Otherwise the brain dead would get fired at their Hollyweird lair. Now I'm done with my remake sass. One will never remake, redo or reboot my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Replies
    1. That's 2 in s row
      Going it slow!


    2. Good morning True
      Good news,seen Blue
      Blue dropped in
      At my posting
      Perhaps next it's you


    3. There you are Blue
      Very concerned about you
      Welomed back
      Expected attack
      For No.1 position is due


    4. Blue has been ill for a long time
      Nothing that can be cured by a bottle of wine

    5. Being ill of a kind
      Enjoying it all the time


    6. On top
      Blue didn't make any flop
      In for the fill
      Wine to chill

    7. Still having fun
      Not being number one
      Where's that wine
      Or do I wait in line?

  2. Great verse Pat, great theme.


  3. We'll Partake in the Remake
    Just so we'll make an impact
    Come in with a bang
    Be part of the gang
    Strong efforts we do not lack


  4. Ideas they have none
    Why don't they sit on a gun
    Ruin Johnsonless knows best
    I wish it were the wild west
    Reboots make me sick
    Why don't they go sit on a stick?
    9 out of ten sucking real hard
    Calling their shhhh avant-garde
    Just so you know
    At the Kitty Cat show
    Blue's got a chip on his shoulder
    Two words: hatred and smolder
    Yes, sir, it's a fact
    Reboot fetishists need to get sacked
    We have this and that
    Is a dog as cool as a cat?
    No script but they have a 'trilogy' in mind
    Truly one of a kind
    The Last Jedi's a bastardized rip-off too
    Why don't they go sniff a blue shoe?
    Return of the title
    Is really vital
    Return of the This
    Smells like kitty piss
    Oops did I just say that?
    I meant piss by a kitty cat
    Return of the That
    I'm not gonna say Return of the Tw...
    Well, that chip sure is big today
    At the Kitty Cat bay
    Retread the past?
    But will it last?
    You know it won't
    So don't
    Yes, I liked Ghostbusters but I sure hate it now
    I must have been bewitched by a cow
    So you were right
    Day and night
    The exact same beats yet so much worse
    Let's call it the reboot curse
    Predator 10,000's gonna suck too
    Time for idea from idea number two.

    1. Wow, Blue!!!
      Who knew?!?
      The Cat definitely hit a nerve in you!!! :)

    2. The Cat is fully aware
      That I um... care
      That sentiment we share
      Always have, always will
      When there's another reboot on it way,
      We don't chill, night or day
      We go nuts, crazy, mental too
      Pretty much like Scooby Doo.

    3. haha look at you go
      Knew it would be so
      As the Star Wars plays
      Repeat the gaze
      I found eight a bore
      Almost made me snore
      Too long and to blah
      Not even worth a haha
      A reboot within
      Not as bad as 7's spin
      You must have been drunk
      Or in a Ghostbusters funk
      Same beat by beat
      Hit the street
      Do a dance
      Watch the repeat prance
      Some kitty piss
      Is more bliss

    4. Don't remind me of that flick
      Makes me feel like a um... chick HA!

    5. haha had a lady phase
      Did it corrupt your gaze?

    6. As true as a mongoose
      On the loose!

    7. With a moose
      In the caboose

    8. Not a chick on a stick
      Or a toad on the road

    9. Or a fox in a box
      Wearing funky socks

  5. Dang, I had no idea, normal though!

    1. Normal you say
      At least weird you don't stray

  6. A couple of remakes have been okay
    But most aren’t worth the time of day

  7. For some reason, I get annoyed when a book I've loved gets made into a movie. I think I feel like I've invested myself into reading the book and I don't want lazy folks to get to hear the story in 1.5 hours.😂

    1. Plus, the movies change or leave things out, which ruin it for me.

    2. Makes perfect sense to me
      In the place to be

    3. Well it is true
      But when $$$$ comes due
      The author doesn't care
      Good movies off books are also rare

  8. If Hollywood would just ask for movie ideas from the public I bet they would come up with some good fresh ideas.

    1. Bet they would too
      Be instead just a bunch of poo

  9. Some work and some don't. Okay, a lot don't. Heh.
    Have a good one;)

  10. Some remakes are good
    I think of Gone in 60 seconds with Nicholas Cage
    But some are not worth it
    Even though people think they are the rage.


    1. Yeah, that wasn't bad
      Most are just crap though at ones pad

  11. Right now I can't think of a single remake that was better.
    Hollywood needs fresh ideas to be a pacesetter.

    1. And sadly they won't do any
      Haven't got many

  12. Talk about remakes of movies and remakes of books,
    How about a few remakes of my looks.

    1. haha do they do that?
      Costs a lot at one's mat

  13. I'm not huge on remakes. I was a little curious about the newer Point Break because I liked the first one, but it seemed odd to remake it, so I skipped it. :)

    1. Supposedly it was utter trash
      Best to pass and not get a rash

  14. Yup, everything has to be remade at some point. Nothing wrong with that especially if it was good the first time around. Happy Fourth Pat.

  15. Thanks Pat.

    'Ideas run dry.
    But ideas still fly.
    The idea of another.
    An idea outing the other.'

    Ideas started bubbling for Book Three. Thanks, Toad, LOL!

  16. I do not like remakes most of the time. I also don't like franchises that just don't know when to quit.

    1. Ugg there are plenty of those
      Should throw them out windows

    2. Pee on the ashes too
      Easy to do

    3. Sounds like a job for Scooby Doo.

    4. Could get it done
      Then away he'd run

    5. Ready for a snack
      Then he'd be back
      Like a remake
      Taking a break

    6. Remakes abound
      Or prequels surround


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