Write And Write Day Or Night!

What am I doing now? Do you think it will wow? It is something I do a ton off. I do it, push comes to shove. Not sure I shove much though. I may shove the laptop off Pat's lap to create room or just be a foe. Okay, back on to task. Do you have to ask?

In the dim lit room,
With dust bunnies in need of a broom,
A half naked person stares,
Which could turn into glares.

The screen glows bright.
The fingers then ignite.
Type and type they do.
Some words may = poo.

But stave editing off.
The fingers won't scoff.
They'll type and type.
Forget things like Skype.

Chapter marker makes a stop.
This morning wasn't a flop.
Time to go and eat.
Maybe feed the cat a treat.

Time to watch some TV.
The computer is calling me?
Yeah, cute cat videos need a watch.
Oh, where is that scotch?

It's not even noon?
I can listen to many a tune.
The ideas will just flow.
Much later, I know.

May as well shower.
Use up a little power.
Eat another time or two.
Time I stuck to the keyboard like glue.

Staring at the screen.
It may need a clean.
Later it will get a wipe.
Arm works for a swipe.

If only there was a sleeve.
Sleeves are a pet peeve.
Need to focus on the screen.
Tomorrow it will get a clean.

Cursor is just a blinking.
Time to get to thinking.
Next chapter header complete.
Fingers and keyboard now must meet.

Familiar to anyone? I figured I'd give ode to the writer a run. The cat watches Pat do it all the time. Although I can't say he stares at the screen like a mime. Those fingers on that one hand don't stop. They bop bop bop. The cat would rather nap than write all day. How you writers do it beats me at my bay. I'll go back to napping and passing gas. It is so much less stressful for my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer. 


  1. Replies
    1. Always good when a morning's not a flop
      When Pat's back on top
      Typing away at his sea
      In the place to be
      No money tree to help him out
      Might want to shout
      It can make a person feel good
      In any neighborhood
      Maybe The Cat can earn a buck
      Don't tell me you're shhhhh outa luck!
      But if you do
      Repeat after me: Well, Scooby Doo!

    2. Shit out we be
      At least 2 outta 3
      Or maybe all 3
      Beats little old we

    3. Say it ain't so
      At you 2 outta 3 show

    4. That it is
      With the fake word biz

  2. That happens when we're in the zone.

  3. Pat always writes it up right!

  4. I have been far from the zone and avoid the computer like a lazy cat

  5. Can’t picture Pat
    Struggling like that
    With all the books he’s done
    For him writing must be fun

    1. Fun it is indeed
      Never struggled at our feed

  6. Write and Write Day or Night
    In front of the screen bright
    All the time
    At his prime
    Prolific and any time is right


    1. Works for we
      As we rhyme and write with glee

  7. Ah, to write or not to write...that is the question...but not sure I would do it half naked especially when there are claws around

    1. That is kinda true
      But the main parts are covered from his claws view lol

  8. Don't write on the computer
    but on it all day long
    got to earn a living somehow
    that isn't too wrong :)


    1. Living we all need
      The things we do at our feed

  9. Give your brain a reboot. Get out of the house! Go to a pet rescue place. See a movie. Go on a date!


    1. haha at dating I truly and uttering suck
      And all day I'm out of the house in a stupid truck

  10. Writers think even when they're not officially thinking
    I've seen scraps of napkins, receipts, paper towels and more with ideas on them, in the home of a writer. :)

    1. Whenever one pops in
      Have to write it down so one can give it a spin

  11. Great poem ......I was unable to write whether day or night,


  12. With as prolific as you are with both books and blog posts, your fingers must spend a lot of time flying over the keyboard. For me, it's easier to do the initial writing in longhand, scribbling and changing as I go. Then I transpose it onto the computer for editing. For some reason, I can think better with a pen and pad than I can at the keyboard.

    Sorry my review put your keyboard in danger. :)

    1. Damn, I would never ever be able to do that
      My handwriting would make things kinda fall flat

      lol it survived in the end
      No water spittle did offend

  13. orlin N cassie; de nice thing bout ritin stoooopid $hitz like we due...when we run outta it; we can all wayz look ta reed a bull for stuffz ta rite bout ~~~~~ ☺☺♥♥

  14. Orson occasionally gets upset if he wants food, or to be let out, when I'm in the middle of some computer project. My computer chair is right near the foot of my bed, so he usually jumps onto the bed to let me know he wants me to take a break to deal with his problems.

    1. Yeah, they sure try
      As the fingers fly
      Look and look and walk right across
      Can't let you sit there and grow moss

  15. Mornings are my time to write.
    The rest of the day I can get nothing right.

    1. Have to write away
      The morning then is where it should stay

  16. Can't believe how many of these poems you can write. I am definitely not a night writer.

  17. I am not a writer, but I do get in that zone when it comes to photo editing. Before I know it, hours have passed by.


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