Your Lucky Day At Play!

It is your lucky day with the ode at play. Did you notice that yet? I bet you did thanks to this pet. Right in front of your eyes. My, you humans are ever so wise.

It's here and there.
It's every friggin where.
It's every flucking thing.
Used by jester and king.

Old and young alike.
Those on a mid-life hike.
Maybe even the dead.
Unknown until in that bed.

But dead to living.
It keeps on giving.
From cats to mutts.
Even birds in ruts.

Numbers to shoes.
Can mean a win or lose.
Or a lose or win.
Not saying it right is a sin.

Forwards and back.
It never does lack.
With you in a rut.
With you on your butt.

Tags along each day.
Come what may.
Maybe it's July.
It's always spry.

The go to word.
Mostly for the absurd.
Or often the lazy.
Maybe even the crazy.

Crazy in laze.
Some type of maze.
Can't turn that way.
Not on the 13th day.

Or the 13th year.
Did that you hear?
It's the 13th chime.
That's the 13th mime.

Numbers will pile.
Whiners all the while.
Walk this way, not that.
Oh look, a black cat.

Pfffffffffffffffffft the cat can only say. Nonsense once more came to play. Do you believe in luck? Or do you pass the buck? Enjoy the ode of today? Many of those come to play. I'm not sure you can sing it though. Can try if you want to put on a show. With any luck you'll sound like the singing bass. Pffft and you'll get more luck when you rub my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer. 


  1. Replies
    1. Well done Blue!
      Right on for you.


    2. Quick as The Flash.
      Still no cash
      Let rob that bank
      Ship ourselves to Bora
      Enjoy that shora

    3. One is the luckiest number... :)

    4. I have a plan
      Can rob a bank(s) and get a tan

    5. Better yet open one's own bank
      Stay behind the counter to lend
      Revenue even from deposits
      Can come to quite a bit
      Then open branches across the land


    6. You might find yourself tan
      and in a cell you will dwell

      Hi Hank
      Hi Blue
      Hi Pat

    7. One could be the loneliness number.. just sayin’

    8. haha open your own bank, you say
      Could make plenty if you had plenty your way

      Bah, won't get caught
      I have a good plot

    9. So what's the plan?
      We need that Bora tan

    10. Easy as can be
      Can't share for the police to see

  2. While I might say it was luck, I don't really believe in it. Certainly don't believe in the bad luck with Friday the thirteenth and all that.

    1. Yeah, sometimes it just is the word choice used
      No 13 or the like will leave one abused

  3. I think it's luck of the draw, too bad I can't draw!

    1. Draw out the right number
      Rich while you slumber

  4. 13 is my lucky number
    Now if only I could snatch 13 hours of slumber...

  5. I love 13 number !! My twins have birthday June 13th so is a lovely number for me Cat/Pat .
    have a nice weekend !!

    1. A grand one indeed
      13 is a winner at your feed

  6. No luck here so don't believe in it
    Not even a lucky penny
    Waste of my time
    to pick it up unless it is a dime


  7. Luck of the draw, to Vegas we go
    Empty pockets left, whatta' ya know?

    1. Oh so lucky and not rigged for the house
      Now go sleep in an alley with the mouse

  8. orlin N cassie....speekin frum de onlee spee cheez that haz 9 livez... we think uz catz iz prette luckee !!! ;)
    oh anda happee ealr fry day de 13th !! ☺☺♥♥

    1. oopz...a spellin erroz...thatz spozed ta bee earl lee !

    2. You made a spelling error, you say?
      Damn 13 must have messed with your bay

  9. Your Lucky Day At Play!
    The 13th is a lucky day
    Meeting a black cat
    Is not to be scared
    Unlucky you they'll run away


  10. I do not believe in luck. It's all just a random numbers game.


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