A Bench View With A Whoopdi Few!

Are benches even a thing anymore? Do people even walk near a shore? Wouldn't that mean they'd have to go outside? Hmm, maybe they went out because someone died. Robbie Raisin guesses there are reasons to go out. I'll let this one come about.

Whoopdi Friggin Doo

Let's see what she shall tell. I bet what she sees on those benches can be swell.

Had a weird one last night
Caught in a tight place
But said to myself I need to wake up
And then I was out of that space.

Tight places can be scary. Unless maybe they are only a little hairy.

Haven't taken a blog break in a while.
Haven't done some of those things unless I am in denial.

Denial saves the day. Keep it that way.

When trying to sell something
One has to be clever with words
But some of these
Are very absurd.

Are you poking fun at our ads? But they are the latest fads.

One more is never enough
For some down the road
Rather keep it simple
At my humble abode.

Buy this now. Is that simple enough somehow?

I think all can occasionally act like a child
In some things we say or do
Been like that all through history
Probably nothing too new.

Are you calling me childish with that? Robbie Raisin can tolerate that.

I do prevent as I can
its safer living that way
and can keep the doctor away

Prevent what? Saying too much at your hut?

Have a few things I said I would do but didn't
Guess most of us can be that way
That is what I will say.

That is it? Our viewers want details to make this a hit.

Can't imagine typing standing up
Would get tired of it after a bit
I rather type as I sit

Who's talking about typing? You'd think this was before Skyping.

Dont like the cold or the snow
Give me heat any day
Even if it is too hot to play.

Heat you can handle. So you light your own candle?

Not too many a one thing success
Takes time to get it right
And I am sure
A lot of work at night.

Oh. That is a loaded one there. Try, try again with a try to spare. Get better at night and the day. Betty sure knows the way. Listen to her, one and all. Now go out and have a ball.


Standing up typing isn't so bad. Can get tiring though at ones pad. Heat in the middle of the night though. I'm snip snip, so I just don't know. And weird ones in tight spaces too? Damn, Betty sure gets quite the bench with the view. Should we ask where that bench comes to pass? It may just scare my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Whoopdi Scooby Doo!
    Howdy, Cat, how are you?
    Blue is back in town
    Avoiding a meltdown
    Hahaha who is number one today
    At that Kitty Cat bay?
    How come it's not you?
    And where is my blue suede shoe?
    Many questions from The Goo
    You know it's true
    And dare I say, "Grrrrrrrreat post!"
    From coast to coast.

    1. Ads sometimes don't add up
      Better get yourself a cup
      A bottle might do too
      You know it's true

    2. Look at you
      Tops at our zoo
      Back from a meltdown
      Or close like a clown?
      Did you nose go red?
      Still couch for a bed?
      May need the cup
      Gotta love a hiccup

    3. Red, green and purple too
      No pink, though, and still no shoe
      Yes, that couch is all mine
      Been snoring like a blue swine
      So... so it is
      And I'm doing that snore snore bizzz
      A meltdown called summer school
      For lawyers... not making me drool.

    4. Lawyers for summer school?
      That sure isn't cool
      All down to the law
      More money they will draw
      Draw and not give out
      Gotta love that clout

    5. Gotta love those
      As they strike an international pose

  2. Replies
    1. Hello Hank!
      The one and only Poetry Tank.

    2. Makes two
      As blue copy and pasted through

    3. Hello Blue
      Came in style being you!


    4. Blue has style?
      Turn the dial

    5. Turn it quick
      Beats a chick on a stick
      Or a toad on the road
      Or a mat on a cat.

  3. Very often I walk along the shore,
    Looking out to sea.
    The incoming tide makes me feel positive,
    The outgoing waves taking away all negativity.

    Loved the post Pat, good to read.

  4. Betty is a cool one, despite being in AZ - then again, maybe the heat has affected her? Good Saturday post

  5. A Bench View with a Whoopi Few
    Looking at the yonder sea blue
    A lucky bench
    Making friends
    With visitors streaming through


    1. Streaming in and out
      To see what all is about

  6. A lot of people act like children and that's not always a good thing.

  7. LOL at a take on my comments
    Now I will think twice before I write here
    Fun to eee my words come back to me
    At least they are polite ones so no one can fear.


    1. haha yeah polite as can be
      So can't really twist thee

  8. Betty has good ideas. Definitely a winner!

  9. I like betty’s Views especially when one sees a bench in her pictures but I hate the heat so waiting for cooler air to come to my area.

    1. The heat would sure suck
      Sweaty butt as a view you pluck

  10. Hate, hate, hate automated phone systems. I Whoopdi Friggin Doo:)

  11. I'll take the sweltering heat over the cold any day too. I hate being cold.

    1. Cold sucks indeed
      But so does sweating to death at ones feed


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