A Ducky Post For A Whoopdi Roast!

Can we allow name changers on here? I guess Prince did it with no fear. That must mean it is okay. Robbie Raisin will let it play. Just don't go buying any ducks. Whoopdi Friggin Doo wants your bucks.

Whoopdi Friggin Doo

A name changer is now on display. Maybe she is running from the law at her bay.

May you not get scammed
By one who's head with sand is crammed
Or ratface with IQ zero
Who sits alone, despised like Nero

Or keeping the scammers away. Those ratfaces can go drown in a bay.

To hate your hate you need some bate
It's plain and simple, natural fate
I was late to cheer the Blue
Should I drink some mountain dew?

You hate the hate but like mountain dew? Don't you know that can rot the insides of you?

Tie me down and feed me grass
I think sports are really crass
Grunt and groan and sweat like pigs
I'd rather read and eat some figs

Okay, mountain dew may be better than bondage and grass eating. That image our viewers may want to start deleting.

Curtain pullers, peek-a-boo
Attention grabbers through and through
Smile real big, ain't that a tooth
No excuse to act uncouth

You like peepers watching you? You sure have strange taste at your zoo.

A break through or a break down
Or a break up will give one a frown
Step aside, let the breaks have their say
With breaks, is there any other way

Commercial breaks pay the bills. With or without peeping thrills.

Come visit the prevention convention
You may get an honorable mention
But if you don't why fret and wail
Next year your ship will surely sail

How to prevent what? Scammers or peepers or maybe King Tut?

The 2nd verse made me laugh
Those around me think I'm daff
Fall in shower and hit your head
Not only blog but you is dead

Morbid too. You sure have weird thoughts for all to view.

One hundred is a far-out goal
Like counting guppies in a bowl
Gamblers like the number seven
Think it brings them close to heaven
Eleven too, can bring some luck
Like a galley shooting duck
Lots of numbers for Hank to beat
All the others he will defeat

Numbers and 100 in the making. In triple digits one day you may be partaking.

One more road to travel before I settle down
One more path that's leading to another dusty town
One more seedy honky tonk with corn meal on the floor
Cowboys lined up at the bar, waiting just to score
One more twangy melody from the strings of my guitar
A cacophony of buzzing flies on a wet and sticky bar
One more faded rodeo queen staggers to the door
With busted dreams of Hollywood, smashed forevermore
How do I get out of this rhyme, I really want to leave
I'll say adieu and close the book, go laughing up my sleeve 

You sure have lots to do. 100 must shine on through. Watch those cowboys though. They may want many a pasture to mow.

If Sunday became Friday, the old switcheroo
Would you piss amd moan and have nothing to do?
Would it just change a habit or change your whole life
Would it make one as stupid as ole Barney Fife?
Maybe cook in the kitchen from morning to night
Wear a hat like Aunt Bea that gives one a fright
Sing a song like the Gomar and play dumb inbetween
Wait for your chance and steal every good scene

Well no matter the day I'm going to piss at least 10 times before bed comes to play. But no singing or whistling a merry tune. That may scare viewers away from our sand dune.


Look at Belva go. She enjoys a peep show. That I never would have guessed. I guess it is good she confessed. Or maybe not. Some of those peep shows may cause eye rot. She sure has one more of a lot to do. One more can be good to ring true. Except if you always have one more need to pass gas. We wouldn't want to be a backed up little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. What if she drinks that blue Mountain Dew?

  2. I read this with much amusement, wonderful verses. Thanks for the uplift.


  3. Everyone is here this morning

  4. Those really are quite amazing!

  5. What a great poet! I used to drink Mountain Dew when I was a kid. Maybe that’s why my teeth have all been filled.

    1. hahaha could be
      Dentist visits galore at your sea

  6. I think she's at the honky tonk drinking Mountain Dew. Very clever stuff.

  7. Boy, that Belva sure has a sharp mind!
    She can really compose a great rhyme!

  8. Now I'm going to be careful when in the shower
    don't want to fall and hit my head
    that would cause a lot of problems
    and might make me stay in bed.


    1. Yeah, that would suck
      Don't slip but make like a duck

  9. Haha this was fun to read
    as her rhymes took seed

    When i think of her I think of that
    blank check she was given...

    A real nice lady!
    I hope she is well....

    1. Hopefully she is well
      A blank check sure would be swell

  10. A name change would be confusing. How would I know who I was?

    1. Could change away
      With the same pic on display

  11. I'd rather read and eat figs than play sports too.

  12. I don't think I have been to her blog. Great poem. :)

    1. She has one
      Been a while since she gave it a run

  13. My son tries to drink Mt. Dew. Ew.
    I like Belva's rhymes. I miss her all the time. :)


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