A Fact Doo With A Whoopdi Crew!

I am the only crew. That will not do. You need to make these a hit. You don't want to see me spit. Robbie Raisin can spit far. Or I may just go to the bar. Such a hard life this racket. Maybe we'll move up a bracket.

Whoopdi Friggin Doo

Just the facts today. Doesn't seem like he has much to say. This may be a dull show. Do we have the Jeopardy tune to give a go?

had to be #1 and #2
that will make you blue

So if you are both numbers you go blue like dreams from bad slumbers?

Hail Santa  

Okay. Is 2 words all you can say?

Everyday is now Funday 

You doubled it to four. What fun taking a funday tour.

just one more, never satisfied

Nice of you to make that five. How will our viewers make it out of this alive?

ask any area with red lights
or the internet

The internet tells the truth? Hmmm, may be better off asking Aunt Ruth.

Talk about a breakthrough

Talk about one step forward two words back. Do words you lack?

All hands on deck

Do we want to know about the deck? I hope there isn't a dust speck.

When the singing wall bass has become the magic 8ball

That was out of the blue. I guess that means you are #1 and #2?

On my planet, it is a digit that represents the value of being the top person on the comment list. 

So you are an alien spy? Upwards the ratings are now going to fly.

Flying fish do have wings

cement can be if you have some gold spray paint (kinda)

only if they have good aim

I want to BELIEVE

Only those made by House Martell, they also can't be bent or bowed.

Cloud is in Smash Bros, close enough

I hope not.

And they ghosts have never been happier

I knew it. 

Whoa. It is alien talk. I'll have to take this to Spock. We have a prober on our show giving commands. Don't buy into their demands. Resist the probing when they come across the globe glowing and strobing.


That is how Adam knows so much. He can reach into a head, let's say head, and touch. He gets everything through his finger. He just has to let it linger. No aliens will get near me. I don't want to believe at my sea. He even hails Santa and the singing bass. I may have to watch that singing fish when it lingers near my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Thought this wonderful Pat , Adam certainly knows much.


  2. He wasn't number one or two today though.

  3. Yikes, the truth is out there somewhere!

  4. Another fun post, but Adam's comment about everybody needing to delete cracked me up. Apparently, even aliens want to be #1. (You'd think they'd rather stay under our radar.)

    1. haha yeah, you'd think they'd hide away
      I guess the #1 is just too tempting a sway

  5. Love Adam! He is really smart and always learn many thingsin his Blog. !

  6. Adam is not with so many words
    But ypu'll see him as always alert

  7. Adam has a way with words.

    Why does this line from Dragnet come to mind? As Detective Joe Friday would say...

    "The facts, Just the facts, ma'am

  8. I like Spock. I wouldn't mind meeting an alien.

    1. Be fun to do
      Unless they wanted to probe you

  9. Spock made me smile. Then I tried to do the thing with the hand...arthritis had other ideas, lol
    Sandy's Space

    1. lol arthritis sure does suck
      Makes things pass the buck

  10. Dr. Spock is quite a dude.
    "Dull" is in the eye of the beholder,
    and this is FAR from dull!

    1. Dull sure is in the eye
      Some have other fish to fry

  11. I believe I am confused.
    But I also am amused.
    An alien could be fun to be.
    It depends on what kind of alien you see.

  12. All the alien talks put me in a twilight zone!

  13. Aunt Ruth might get her information from the Internet. Just noting that it seems to be THE most credible source around. Ask anyone!! ;)

    1. Yeah, everything is sooooo right
      Just ask that over there up there under there site

  14. Trying to think of a craft I can do with gold spray paint and some cement now

    1. haha sure you could make it done
      Or scare away everyone

  15. Gold Paint on cement-very cool. I shall Hail Santa as well


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