A Fundy Whoopdi Say Here Today!

Are we hosting a talk show? Damn, on and on she can go. Maybe she should do radio. I really don't know. Robbie Raisin is just ready to run. She can talk a ton. I'll have to go backstage. I hope we don't have to pay her a per word wage.

Fundy Blue's
Whoopdi Friggin Doo

What will she start off with today. Grab a blanket, you may be here a while listening to all she has to say.

I think adult warnings are sometimes appropriate, but I also think that parents should evaluate those warnings and decide if they are appropriate or not.

I don't have children of my own, but I have spent much of my life in the company of children. Today some parents expose them to too many adult issues, and they should not burden their children with worries and fears. But it's a tough world today, and I have a lot of compassion for parents trying to raise children and get through it.

I've flown on a lot of flights with crying children, and it can be hard for surrounding passengers. I deal with it by putting myself in the child's situation and also the parent's or parents' and summon some compassion for them, especially when the parents are trying to quiet the child.

That said, there are some parents on flights I get very upset with ~ like those who let their child constantly kick the back of my seat (for example).

Have a good one! 

Warning. You and your kids may be up late watching this show. Warning. That was all one retort, you know.

Nope, I am not that kind of Looky Lou. I go after all kinds of things! As for accidents, well the other day I parked my car by the side of the road and raced back to an accident as fast as I could run. One of the cars was surrounded by ambulances and a fire truck, and I only caught a glimpse of it. I thought it was Terry's. But it wasn't. After the shaky relief, I was reminded that we can't sit on our butts. Life is short and we have to make the most of it. Take care, Pat! Don't be a Looky Lou!

So you aren't going to watch your own show? Our viewers may consider that a big no no.

I can hear my brother, sisters, and I begging for "just one more" echoing throughout my childhood. Just one more cookie, just one more game, just one more tv show ... Then adult constraints and responsibilities took over. Bah! Humbug! Now I can't even have cookies in the house! LOL Have one more good one, at the very least, my friend!

Adults do have a way of making ratings tank or not. Those constraints are part of the adult plot.

Your comment had me laughing, Rawknrobyn. You have no idea how many times I've been described as "loyal and true" in my life!

So you want to be a dog? Wow, now it makes sense why you are an air time hog.

You thoroughly freaked me out!
My stomach is flip-flopping about!
I shall have to go find something funny
to calm down my grossed out tummy!

You were freaked out by that? Hmm, maybe you secretly want to be a cat? Wow, sure double the air time today. We'll go to commercial break while Fundy Blue hawks up a hairball and continues on her way.

Give me a break. Give me a break. Give a break of that Kit Kat bar. 

Do you think our advertisers are trying to tell her something? Let's she what else she has to say that will bring us to spring.

Guys + tv + sports ~ I don't get it. Terry can turn on the tv, get a random game in a random sport, and before he knows what, who, or where, he's already cheering and yelling at the tv screen. I get him back though by screaming at political broadcasts. So we each have a real audience of one! I like to go to Parkway, our local bar and ask to watch curling on the rare occasions there is a game on. It's great fun to watch the regulars scratching their heads and wondering what the heck is going on. Have a good one, my friend! 

I'm sure some are yelling at the TV now. Some may even be having a cow.

I barely can get commercial cards out on time, lets alone make them and send them! BB's post on summer blockbusters was thoroughly enjoyable today! Sad to think that during my lifetime people died in isolated outports in Newfoundland when they got cuts that lead to blood poisoning and they couldn't get out to medical help. Have a good one, my rhyming friend. Hey, just a suggestion ~ Have you thought about putting a link to your new blog here? Or maybe you have, and I just can't find it. You think I'm bad with blogging comments? Well, I'm much worse with emails! LOL

Now she's trying to advertise for a whole bunch. No wonder she's bad with emails, as in order to type them she'd have to take off between breakfast and lunch.

Hey Mr. "Pat Hatt cat rhyme time blog!"
I found you through a popular dog,
Ms Sophie Doodle
who can be found through Google.

Okay, that's all the rhyming I can do today, or time will get away from me. You certainly had time on your mind when you wrote the last series of posts. Wasting time? Not in your prime! You have definitely mastered the art of the finish ~ no waiting till you retire when your powers may diminish. Resumes and interviews for a computer to peruse ~ I'm glad that I missed that indignity. See ~ I'm all caught up. Had a few zen moments contemplating all the gorgeous kitties at that other lair. I could use a word volcano cat as I dig myself a time sucking hole always searching for the right word. You think OCD is bad, Pat? Try ADHD with OCD! LOL Have a great day at your bay!

That is a lot of acronyms to be had. Hmmm maybe we should send her some medication at her pad. Or a rubber room. She's even advertising for that Pat guy that others have let loom.

I agree with her that dreams can contain messages and premonitions. I've have experienced both. Sometimes in my dreams I dream about past dreams within a current dream, and some nightmares I have had repeatedly since my earliest childhood. Maybe I should do a dream-based novel.

That would be one long arse novel we bet. I think our camera crew have went home for the night and left set.

Hey, hey ~ at your bay!
I'm catching up in threes this week.

You threw a new idiom at me: "At least my mind isn't a wreck."
It wouldn't work for me, because some days I wonder if mine is a wreck ~ LOL!

I'm a skeptic about driverless cars, at least not anytime soon. I'm more worried about endless drones filling our skies, especially from Amazon. We might end up with a lot of package rustlers.

I have to order this year's IWSG anthology, now that I am home. And I'm definitely going to order "The Connective." Looks really good. I remember learning all of Nova Scotia's counties in third grade, so I'm thinking that setting might well be near Liverpool, N.S. Good luck with your latest novel. Pat!

Can we even say more? This was a show that needs its own tour from shore to shore. She's even advertising again. Robbie Raisin now needs to take a nap, as we've gone past ten.


Look at Fundy Blue go. She sure knows how to put on a Whoopdi Friggin Doo show. Heck, she could do a whole season. Of course some may think that treason. Maybe it's a dream of a dream of a dream she has each night. Standing under a Whoopdi Friggin Doo spotlight. Sure had fun poking fun at that Fundy lass. Told her we would last year with my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Sometime parents do treat their children like adults but when the parents get to retirement age these same "Children" treat their parents as if they were indeed children.

    Good post Pat.

  2. That was a darn good show, even with the crying children, yikes!

  3. Sadly most parents don't even care if their kids are noisy and bothering others. They think everyone can tune it out.

    1. Yep, just let them go
      Discipline is out the window

  4. Need to grab a snack too, with some of these long comments­čśé

    1. haha have to keep energy going
      With such a showing

  5. She might be the only sane person who comments on your blog.
    Happy Monday!

  6. One of my favorite people, that Fundy girl,
    Gives the reading muscles a real whirl!

  7. I hope she is traveling by air
    in a week or two
    when the grandson takes his first flight
    I like the compassion she has, it seems true


    1. True it is indeed
      She sure travels every which way at her feed

  8. She has lots to say
    and she's lots of fun
    but my camera crew's left too
    so now I gotta run.

    1. Yeah, they all ran away
      But she still had her say

  9. Lots of fun from Fundy. And children on flights can certainly be challenging for both the parents and the other passengers:)

    1. That they sure are
      Just hope the flight isn't far

  10. fundy blue; and I'd be in line to purchase that dream based novel !! ☺☺...it's like that "why in the sam hell am I back in school nightmare that never quits" !!!!

  11. Oh the places one will go with a crying child in the row behind.

    It is tough to travel. Especially for that child.

  12. Fundy sure knows how to write out a comment! Most of those replies are a whole post in itself.

    1. haha that they be
      Sure can comment at her sea

  13. Fundy Blue sure has a lot to say.
    And she does it quite well in her own unique way.

    1. That she does indeed
      As the comments take seed

  14. A Fundy Whoopdi Say Here Today!
    Fundy certainly has lots to say
    Traveling the world
    Encouraging the girls
    Maps,facts and figures that's the way


  15. There are crying kids that are tired or got hurt and I am fine with that but brats that scream because they want their way or travel all around the restaurant makes my blood boil. This is when i look at the parents. In fact, i have taken a child's hand once and brought him back to the parents's table and just said "This is yours."

    1. haha put them back
      As manners and common sense many parents lack


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