A Halloween Sight For This Whoopdi's Flight!

Can we even say Nazi on TV? Isn't it not PC? Even if Halloween is stuck in front. The censors may grunt. But I'll let it go. This is Robbie Raisin's Whoopdi Friggin Doo show.

Whoopdi Friggin Doo

Halloween merchandise we can sure move today. Let's see what scary things she can say.

Can't say I've ever had a fake disease. I'm one who will have a real one and will brush it off like it's no big deal. It's only when I think I'm truly dying do I seek out medical help. 

Zombies are among us. That should creates some sales of fake puss.

I've already made my first Halloween purchase of the year. I'm getting ready. And no, that wasn't a dirty look I gave you. I named my voodoo doughnut Pat and pressed the pretzel steak into his heart extra hard before biting his head off ;)

Cannibals and zombies at play. Wow, I think she may need help at her bay.

No Halloween hate will ever come my way. I am already scoping out the stores wondering why they don't have their decorations out yet. I did make my first purchase of the year 2 weeks ago, but dang it, I am ready for more!

Yes. Yes. We heard you. Your first purchase has already come due.

I am a horrible breath holder, so I try to keep my head above water. Out of it if I can help it so I can avoid the pee streams too. 

Well that was a whole new direction. Good that you are on pee detection.

I try to learn something new at least once a year. An idle mind is the devil's workshop, or so my granny always said. 

So this year it was how to detect pee? Do I want to know what next year will be?

I can't remember the last time I read a classified ad, though I've seen some pretty funny ones in my day.

What are you taking out an ad for? Our viewers may run if they know the Halloween Nazi is looking to explore.

I know a lot of people who have been at it for years and have some great content, but hardly get any recognition. Then, you have some asshole like "cash me ousside" girl who utters something stupid, pops up a website and some social media channels and boom. Instant success. The world is a messed up place. 

Let's hope you aren't into classified ads for years. That would strike many fears.

Reminds me of the 30 year old at my nieces birthday party who joined in on Musical Chairs. The bastard was competitive too, trying to beat out the 10 year olds to win the game. A complete immature ass, if you ask me! 

Yeah. That is scary too. Go all cannibal on him if you want at your zoo.

Does he farm here in Indiana, because it seems that all we have as far as the eye can see is corn. I'm sure there are a few serial killers lurking about in them too. Or, just a few meth heads, since we are the meth capital of the country. 

No wonder you've gone zombie cannibal like. Corn, serial killers and meth heads would make any take such a hike.

I have a family full of them. Always talking about what they are going to be doing, but never get off their butts and accomplish a single thing. 

I guess a family that eats together umm any meth head storm they can weather? She really takes Halloween to heart. Watch out viewers as she may end up eating that and any other part.


No wonder Theresa likes Halloween so much. The cat wouldn't want her to reach out and touch. We have no meat on our bones anyway. Go after someone who sits on their butt all day. We don't want to be cannibal food. Biting off a head is just rude. Is a killer who eats serial killers that bad of a lass? Hmm I'll get back to you on that with my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. That whole donut thing was pretty intense. I would never, never cross her if I were you, hahahhaaha

    1. hahaha we can take it
      Beat back any halloween nazi fit

  2. I came across an old Halloween poem I wrote years ago.
    will post it when Halloween gets closer.
    Loved today's post Pat.
    Have a good week.

  3. She should've put a pretzel into the voodoo doughnut of the jerk at the kids' birthday party.

    1. That would have sent him away
      And out of the fray

  4. I'm glad she doesn't have to check out the peeMail!

  5. Boo! I bought some Halloween stuff just the other day

  6. The idiots who get instant fame for something stupid annoy me.

    1. Yep, annoy to no end
      But a ever ongoing trend

  7. NUMBER 8!
    A bit late
    Never get off their butts... I my
    Making you cry
    Or shout
    Over and out

  8. Halloween gear
    Has been out here
    Since the halfway sneer
    In July of this year

  9. Saw a sign here just yesterday
    that the Halloween store was coming to stay
    too early in my mind
    but to others it will be a great find.


    1. Yeah, many will flock
      Sitting and waiting by the dock

  10. If I were still working at the job I had before I was put out to pasture, I'd be working long hours now since I was in the Halloween wholesale business. It was a fun ride while it lasted, but as with so many things in retail business Amazon is the monster that ate the world. A lot of stores closed, but I guess Halloween is still going strong. Now that it's not my business I don't pay much attention to Halloween.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. Yeah, Amazon sure killed a lot
      I don't pay it much attention as don't have a place or a tot lol

  11. still I dont see any about Halloween, but some day you go to the Super and there you find all the halloween stuff.
    The kids still love it...
    BTW I love Theresa is a really nice lady !

    1. It will sure show
      Nice? Geez, sucking up on the go lol

    2. oh yes I loe Theresa, she is fun and smart !

    3. A lovey dovey way
      Look at you on display lol

  12. Theresa's sweet and innocent
    'til she bites off your head
    and fails to repent.

    1. Just be sure and chew
      Spitting it out would be ewww

  13. as da tabbies say; theresa's comments get 984 paws UP...
    they are hilarious !!! ☺☺☺

    and I can definitely relate to number one, though any more, I'm not sure I'd even seek medical help if I thought I was dying..... because I'd get some bullshit from the insurance company about second opinion and deductibles and crap ~~~~~


    1. Yeah, and if you get through all that crap
      They'll say, "Oh, that's normal, chap."

  14. Halloween lost it shine for me many years ago. Like Lee above, Amazon and big business has made it not so much a time for kids to have fun, but a time for adults. I have had almost as many adults knock at my door as kids when I lived in a neighborhood. I started putting a sign up "No adults! Kids only!"

    Now, living in our 55+ community, Halloween is not an issue.

    1. Yeah, it just lost its luster with all the crap
      Sure don't have to worry there with many an umm elderly chap

  15. Halloween used to be so much fun.
    I used to enjoy every one.
    Witches and ghosts, fairies and clowns,
    Roamed the streets all over town.
    Holding hands out for a treat or two.
    I always gave them a few, how about you?

    1. Used to be fun
      Around they did run
      Got a treat or three
      Now not much to see

  16. Halloween Sight for this Flight
    Hijacked backed by commercial might
    Has lost its shine
    Now adult pastime
    Kids into online games and fights


  17. Ok, Theresa scares me a little. And I just returned from Indiana! Miss me?

    1. I hope you didn't encounter any meth heads while you were here ;)

    2. haha she can be scary indeed
      The cat missed you between naps at our feed

  18. Thanks for remind me about Halloween. Summer, slow down please.

  19. Went and did some Halloween shopping over the weekend. I'm gearing up for all of the Nightmare Before Christmas goodies hitting the shelves. I'm expecting big things with its 25 year anniversary happening this year!

    1. Never knew it was 25
      Big things will probably be there as the time does arrive

  20. It’s scary when some idiot can move ahead so fast..hard to believe..oh wait, AGENT orange is in office. Now that is truly a scary Halloween costume

    1. That is the scariest of all
      Be nice if he had a great fall


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