A Letter Whoopdi Post To Give A Toast!

What's in a letter? A check would be better. Unless from a debtor. So what's in a letter? I guess I'll just let it go. Maybe some viewers will know. Robbie Raisin won't have to pay. That is a win, I'd say.

L. Diane Wolfe's
Whoopdi Friggin Doo

Let's see what that L has to say. Maybe it will turn into an M by the end of the day. I doubt that. K may be where it is at.

You think we need one more? All right, we'll get one more.

One more what? L at your hut?

I keep getting more Minions. I'm almost out of room in the Minion shrine.

You have slave labor hidden away? You better run from the FBI, CIA, SPCA and PTA.

If there was a race to have kids then I completely missed the starting gun.

So you don't run? You must have good lawyers by the ton.

Couch quarterbacks are only good at flinging beer cans.

Hey, now. No need to name call. We just don't condone slave labor is all.

I don't recall fireworks freaking out our fish, so no animals here will be distressed on the 4th.

And you call them fish? Damn, you serve up one mean dish.

Skinny jeans fate means he'll suffocate.

You kill them off with skinny jeans? Quick. Dial 911 whoever is seeing this on their TV screens.

Some people can't spell or speak worth a darn.
Furries and plushies - run away!

She's out to kill furries too. Hold on. That may not be a bad thing to come due.

I don't have breakthroughs, I just break things.

Or maybe not. She breaks bones with here slave labor plot.

I've always wanted to visit Alaska. Ittoqqortoormiit is close enough.

She is looking to escape the law. Someone grab her before she gets off on a technical flaw.

I don't mind if I sink. I like it underwater.

Oh no! She's drowning the evidence thanks to our show. We helped a slave labor crazy get away. This just wasn't Whoopdi Friggin Doo's best day. No wonder L stands alone. If a loved one goes missing, you now know who to phone.


So that is why Diane stays home all the time. Also how she can publish books on a dime. She has slave labor hidden away. Excuse us well we go make sure the door is locked at our bay. You mean it is those Despicable Me yellow things? She doesn't have slaves hidden in the wings? Hmm that L is still lingering there with class. We aren't sure we believe that with my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Diane has hared some excellent tips via hers posts about writing and publishing.
    Grand post yourself Pat.


  2. I’ve broken a few things
    cried with broken wings
    my voice no longer sings
    let’s see what today brings

    1. Ps visiting Alaska would be amazing

    2. Today could bring crap
      Or take you to the other side of the map
      I'll stay here
      Don't need a bear biting my rear

  3. Does that mean she's going to drown all of those minions?

    1. hmmm maybe she will
      Put it on Youtube for a thrill

  4. Surely good advice she must share
    Or why would anyone visit her lair

  5. LOL - that's me!

    Minions make for good slave labor. I'll try not to break them though.

  6. I'll look for her underwater. I tend to sink there too. Funny Friday post

    1. Sink and sunk
      Beats getting sprayed by a skunk

  7. Minions and fireworks? That explains a lot. Diane Doo good!

  8. excellent!!!

    the way we are contracting physically generation to generation it seems we are going to be minions after some hundred years

    1. That it sure seems indeed
      Worker bees at each feed

  9. Are Furries related to Bronies?

  10. Maybe skinny jeans do suffocate men's little swimmers? It's just a disturbing trend for dudes to be rocking the skinny jeans.

    1. Just don't wear any underwear
      Yep, no suffocating down there lol

  11. A Letter Whoopdi Post to give a Toast
    Lots to write about even a few roasts
    Worked with 'slave labor'
    And perhaps with no other
    Could churn out plenty and not a boast


  12. Hm. Yet another reference to skinny jeans! Must be some sort of conspiracy!

    1. Trying to chase them away
      As they come to play

  13. She had some great sayings
    I'll go with that
    loved the one about the couch quarterbacks
    just hope the beer cans don't hit the cat


  14. I like a gal who likes to break things..OPA! It is bad to have slave labour using the minions, you should just use the 7 dwarves or gnomes

  15. Let's start a protest against skinny jeans
    With all the minions on-board
    and Diane as the Queen.

    1. Could then sink
      Along with a skinny jean fink

  16. the fish comment is hilarious; trout towne aside ~~~~~

    orlin N cassie...heerz two a grate week oh end ☺☺♥♥

    1. Trout towne needs the fish
      Hope this weekend you can do what you wish

  17. Minions would be good to have. Pat, you have a super week end. Great post.

  18. Are minions slaves I'd like to know?
    Or are they just good at putting on a show?

  19. I'm on the fence for Alaska. Scenery, yes. Cold, no. Dangers, no.

    1. I'm off the fence and on the other side
      No way do we want to take that ride

  20. I love that Diane is doing what she loves and does so well. :)


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