A Rat In The Way With Whoopdi Today!

Is someone going to rat on me? I hear rat sex brings them to this sea. Why am I posting here again? I guess he has the pen. Robbie Raisin must seek out a new place. I don't want any rat sex in my face.

Mary Kirkland's
Whoopdi Friggin Doo

Let's see what words of wisdom shine through today. We hope a herd of rats don't come out to play.

Paper cuts hurt.

Short and sweet I guess. Can you say more, not less?

Oh no, not clowns.

Is this a repeat of yesterday? Are you camera shy or calling me a clown at your bay?

Bacteria on doorknobs cure cancer. Well hell, I better rub myself all over those cruddy doorknobs. Or maybe not. eww lol 

Please don't try that at home. Maybe we are better off when she doesn't let her words roam.

Drinking in the shower is a bad idea.

More wise words from Mary. Drinking in a shower can end up scary.

I love Halloween. I'm all about the horror movies, Halloween candy and spooky decorations.

I guess she likes scary. Maybe she will drink in the shower now, oh Mary.

Psycho bee's? Sounds like the bee's knee's. 

She sure has been drinking. What is she thinking?

Wood? Like morning wood? LOL No, never that. 

Whoa, that was rhetorical, you know. We don't really want to know what you got below.

A fake disease. Nope, don't think I've had one of those. 

Well that is good. For you and your ummmm wood.

My dog could care less about the fireworks as well. There were a couple of illegal ones that got shot off last year around here that scared me they were so loud but Falcor just slept.

So he doesn't get a thrill from your thrill? Sounds like a pup that fits the bill.

Blue is such a nice guy. I feel bad that he sleeps on the couch though. lol 

Are we talking about a guy or your dog? Playing with no wood would probably leave a guy in the fog. That's all the wise words we can handle for today. Now go enjoy piling that wood after our final commercials have their say.


Mary sure went this way and that. And she didn't even mention a rat. I guess viewers searching for rat sex will have to go elsewhere. Maybe this time they'll find her lair. The true rat lass and not my ever so rat sex free little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Rat sex would be gross. Hope they do it behind closed doors. Pat you have a great Sunday.

    1. haha hopefully so
      Or behind a closed wall at their show

  2. Scary Mary really isn't but the Monday Ratness is always fun!

  3. Can't get that image out of my head
    Of sex and rats
    They better be careful
    And avoid the cats.


    1. that they better be
      The image can truly get in if you watch Bad Boys 2 at your sea

  4. Rat sex? I don't think I've ever talked about that at my lair. Cute rats? Yep, every Monday. lol This was funny as hell.

    1. haha they keep finding me
      Those rat sex crazies at our sea

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Mary's right about those paper cuts and no doubt about not drinking in the shower too:)

    1. haha yeah, the latter may be bad
      Paper cuts suck at any pad

  7. I always enjoy visiting Mary's blog. :)

  8. Mary is a really fun blogger friend!

  9. A Rat in the Way with WhoopiToday
    Had their feel but not to display
    It was rat sex!
    What the heck
    Not the way a new fad seeks to play


  10. Yeah, no way I'm going near the door knobs where I work, unless hand sanitzer is close by (and it is, always close by). :)

    1. I use my sleeve every time
      Blah to them and all their germ slime

  11. I'm sure you'll get more than a fake disease from those doorknobs.

  12. I had paper cut the other day. It really hurts!

    1. Yep, stings and stings
      Some curse words one sure sings

  13. Great and most interesting to read Pat.


  14. Sleeping on the couch once again
    Snoring like a dog or man
    Not a chick on a stick
    Or a toad on the road

    Hello Cat
    How's that mat?

    1. Back to the couch
      Once more a grouch?
      Or Angie thinks so
      So off to the couch you go

      Mat is still here
      Ragged for my rhyming rear

    2. Back doingbthe snore chore
      Beats the cold floor

  15. She doesn't like clowns but likes Halloween and spooky movies-Clowns equal spooky or freaky


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