A Rawkin Doo With A Whoopdi Too!

Maybe this will spark a fire. She is rather umm not looking for one to expire. Her search may bring in a whole new bracket. I guess I'll ready many an info packet. Next on Whoopdi Friggin Doo from Robbie Raisin and not you.

Rawkin Robyn's
Whoopdi Friggin Doo

Not much innuendo left this time. Chocolate and other things she finds sublime. Have to be in your prime. Can't fake it like a mime.

Haha, kinky? Who me?
Why thank thee! Both of thee!

Both of us? Robbie Raisin is so great I get double space on the bus.

It's usually solo fun
and I'm the only one
But that's better than no fun at all
Or trying to have fun with something way too small.

We told you you have to be in your prime. Viewers everywhere sure know it this time.

What body parts would rise
if told "Stick, em up, you guys!"

Bah, we are going to get pics. Pics of ummm we don't want to say wicks.

A purple dude would come to pass
if Red poked Blue in the...

Now you're going the other way. Equal opportunity at play.

I dig this one
Digging is fun
But sometimes it's not
like digging for snot
That I don't do

Good you are digging in. That's the way to find a win.

The first post tends to suck
And for those who don't give a f*k
for anyone but themselves
as if they're more special than
Santa's elves
They'll never get
why they're not famous yet. 

So hop to the second post? Hopefully it's a bigger one for your coast.

I feel so bad
I feel ashamed
It's nearly Monday
And I'm dropping by now - how lame!
I've been remiss from the visits
I've posted little new
Thing is, Pat, I haven't had a date for a few...
years or many months, so no new stories have come due. But I owe you great thanks
I didn't deserve this post
I've been a big little flake
With no reason to boast
You're a great, loyal blogger
A silly fun guy
Who's always generous towards others
Even when I don't deserve it. I won't lie.

No dates for months or years? At least you still have kinky umm gears.

May you continue to produce
every last excuse
for playfulness and sillies
and weirdness gone loose.
Blogland would be a bore
were it not for your shore.
A good new year to you
And more weirdness all year through.

Weirdness is here. Whoopdi Friggin Doo will go into syndication all year.

Pat is so loyal, it's true
Hershey's, I hate thru and thru
Child enslavement they knowingly pay into
But any other chocolate will surely do
And the one that I decide to date
Will run scared. But if he doesn't touch my...
chocolate, I am great. 

Who is this loyal guy? He sounds like a dog, oh my.

I say, put kids in charge
the world would be a much better place
for all animals, and nature, and the human race.

Can't say we here at Whoopdi Friggin Doo disagree. And hey, in order to get kids one may have to be a little kinky. Remember to grow them big out there. Or when near Robyn, beware.


She sure doesn't hold back. The cat expected nothing less at our shack. Let the hair pullers run the show? Hmm, we don't know. They may whine and cry. Oh wait, that's that Trump guy. I guess they can come to be after a kinky fun spree. But the cat won't be getting kinky with any lass, I'm happily a snip snipped little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. I guess I missed the Hershey headline?

    1. They hide it well
      Where hershey's does dwell

  2. As long as it's not getting weird with a Hershey's bar.

  3. You can count on Robyn every time for a laugh and a raised eyebrow. Too good!

  4. MOL! We are digging the Doo fun!

  5. robyn's comments are too funny !!!!!! ☺☺☺☺

  6. Chocolate is sublime.
    And that Trump guy does whine and cry:)

  7. I agree with putting kids in charge
    it could be a more interesting place to be
    she sure had some good ones
    her thinking and her writing are both free


    1. Yep, would sure be interesting to say the least
      Although on candy they may only feast

    2. I what's nearby
      I'm not gonna lie
      And whatever I can
      it's rarely a man-

    3. oops, I meant that I "eat" what's nearby...=)

    4. lmao ever so rare
      No good ones at your lair

  8. Robyn is one great gal
    she deserves the best, not just a pal...
    but someone who loves her just the way she is
    I love her poems and her visitors from show biz
    she makes me laugh and snicker.
    but I agree about a nose picker.

    1. No pick and flick
      Make her run some slick

    2. Nose-pickers are the worst
      next to Hershey's Snickers and Starburst.

  9. Robyn is a funny
    no bones about it

    She makes me laugh

    1. haha bones she seeks
      Ones with no umm early leaks

    2. You got that right
      Early leaks send me
      out of sight.

  10. Chocolates I can eat and take anytime. Fun post Pat!

  11. I was hoping you'd do Robyn! (Or should I rephrase that?)

    Anyway, it's nice that you mentioned Trump, since he's the subject of Robyn's recent book... which I recommend!

    And on a totally unrelated note, WTF is up with these "Rosey's Revenge: 555" comments?

    1. haha she's too far away
      Trump had to be mentioned on display
      Rosey thinks she is getting back at the cat
      For his 666 attack at our mat

    2. I love Silver's loyalty
      And that he wants you
      to do me.

    3. haha oh how things go
      With the words that flow

  12. This post has activated a unquenched hunger in me
    Chocolate now I must find to move on happily

    1. Hopefully it is found
      As you sniff it out like a umm hound

  13. Robyn is a fun, fun lass.
    She also has a lot of class.
    Chocolate is good for the soul.
    Or so I've been told.

    1. Told and seen
      At least at her scene

    2. Thank you, Bev
      for what you've said.
      I eat chocolate so fast
      Around here, it doesn't last.

  14. A Rawkin Doo With A Whoopdi Too!
    With lots of fun and humor on view
    Have chocs anyone
    In line with the fun
    We are all in it as though on cue!


  15. Enjoyed the read Pat. Thanks.


  16. Thoroughly enjoyed that. You're so clever to come up with that. Looking forward to more.

  17. Chocolate and men are always a great combination.

  18. Oy vey, I say
    I'm late today
    and yesterday
    You did me right.
    This was great fun.
    It's a rare day or night
    I can say that to someone.
    Thank you, Pat Hatt and cat.
    I'm honored, humbled, and late.
    Sorry for that.

    1. haha glad we top the rare
      Here at our lair
      Late beats never
      With most any endeavor

  19. She's nice, she's funny and she's a good writer too. I like Robyn. :)


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