A Silver Showing As The Whoopdis Keep Growing!

Let's see how today's show turned out. It shouldn't make any pout. Any kids watching will think Santa has come. That won't make any glum. The network will get a thrill. Robbie Raisin therefore will.

Silver Fox's
Whoopdi Friggin Doo

Let's see what a fox can come up with today. Will you make the little kiddies dreams come true with what you say?

I always thought that one wife was one too many.

Kids, turn away. He's out to sterilize the population or maybe go completely the other way.

@ Giggling Betsy: Goosebumps can be a good or bad thing, I guess. Anyway, I like the Batman shrine, but I might design one featuring a Zorro motif. And yes, I can see how navy blue underwear could be a problem, if they aren't washed before their first wearing, haha!

Hmm, parents this isn't Santa for sure. He's delivering underwear and giggling at Betsy which may be impure.

I think of myself as a Thanksgiving turkey whose head was on the chopping block twice, but the ax never fell.

Wow. He's going grim too. These ratings will be something to view.

This post made me think of that old sign that said, "Please don't pee in our pool. We don't swim in your toilet."

Hear that kids? If you go peeing in pools he may be flipping some trash lids. What he does with them may be bad. Make sure no peeing is had.

Sometime in my early adulthood, I noticed that most children seem to run everywhere they go. I took a good honest look at my life as it was then, and wondered "All that running, just to wind up here?"
Years later, it occurred to me that children probably run a lot just to keep up with the adults, who have longer legs.

Or maybe they are running from you? What? It had to be said after your head chopping snafu.

And it's nice to see that there's still some mileage in Betsy's "Petsy" nickname.

Are you plugging the nickname you gave? Mileage left will sure let one rave.

Not counting years that I've joined the A-Z Challenge, the most I've ever had scheduled in advance was four or five posts. And even then, it seems like something time-sensitive comes up in the middle somewhere, and I have to post about that and re-schedule all the ones that I've already drafted!

Ohhh. Time sensitive, you say? Is that what it is being called today? Does the library have such a space for such a time sensitive embrace?

I think I've only gone to see Fourth of July fireworks twice in the last twenty years. It was so much more fun when I was a kid. Then again, so were most things!

Damn, that is quite the drought. Maybe one of our viewers will help you out.

Heh. Much better to be a Grammar Nazi.

If you say so. We sure don't no. See what we did there? I bet you did with seconds to spare.

I guess all of the above is just another way of saying that "the road to Hell is paved with good intentions."

We can live with that. Good intentions sure are where Hell is at. Down the rabbit hole we did go. Hopefully someone out there helps out with a firework show. That is all the time we have for today. Tune in tomorrow to see who comes to play.


Look at the fox go. Sure not Santa at his show. Maybe that scary Santa. He may ship the cat to Atlanta. Especially for saying Santa so much. Bah, it was just a touch. He is in the bearded class. Shouldn't expect nothing less from my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Replies
    1. Good morning Hank
      No walking the plank
      glad to see you this morn’

    2. Seconds between
      At my scene

    3. Congrats True, Good evening
      Hank was hurrying


    4. Hurrying in
      On the road for a spin?

  2. Kids run to keep up? I guess Silver Fox is right.
    I've had posts mostly written but never scheduled in advance. Even A to Z Challenge posts - I'd finish those up the night before and schedule.

    1. Yeah, it does make sense indeed
      I just schedule away and that's that at our feed

  3. Silver has some wisdom to go with age
    Advice surely will be sage

    1. That he does here and there
      At his grammar nazi lair

  4. Those foxes and be pretty Whoopdi Doo quick!

  5. ‘All that running to wind up here’
    and exactly where is here or there
    Do we ever actually reach our destination
    or do we alter it based on new inspiration

    A foxy Whoopdi doo
    As we all get a glimpse of you

    1. Alter we could
      As change we would
      Or maybe we won't
      So alter we don't

  6. Oh the fox is wily, and quite funny. Even out of context, the comments are spot on

  7. Silver Showing as Whoopdis keep growing
    As Santa on his sledge keeps on surfing
    As smart as a fox
    Great in the blog
    Wise comments seems always to sneak in


  8. The children running comment is gold!

  9. I liked his comment of the Thanksgiving turkey
    I can certainly related
    glad he kept his head twice in those cases
    and did not have any other fate


    1. I compared myself to a Thanksgiving turkey who'd never felt the ax because I've been engaged twice but never married.

    2. Avoided the fate at his sea
      Library lady gonna make three?

    3. Probably not. "Library lady" is only eighteen!

    4. Oh, damn. You need to be rich
      Then you can fix that glitch

    5. haha - I remember him talking about that librarian.

    6. Ogling the young
      As it was sung

  10. Replies
    1. A whole 5 you say?
      My, what will we do at our bay? lol

  11. This was a fun one, for obvious reasons.
    And Santa Claus cracks haunt me through every season.
    It's hard to believe I've been foll'wing so long
    And your seven-day blogging is still going strong!

    1. Yep, you've sure been following a while
      The Santa Claus cracks must have their own file
      Seven days we still are a going
      We'll see though if after this year we'll keep up with that showing

  12. I wish I had wisdom with age.
    Great post Pat.


  13. silver fox's comments are hilarious !!!! ☺☺☺

  14. We used to take the kids to the fireworks show every year at the Air Force Base close by.
    The colors, the sparkles, the music, the noise, oh my.
    It sure was fun.
    It's been awhile since we went to one.

    1. Kids are more fun to take
      Adults mostly give a head shake

  15. I don't no what you did there. Oh wait, I did it too. #copycat (me, not you). :)

    1. haha sure had to clarify
      With the copycat on the fly

  16. I never schedule posts in advance either - just too lazy I guess.

    See you Pat!

  17. Children do run everywhere. I did, too, once upon a time but I’m too old for that now :-D

    1. Yep, we're also too old for that shit
      Just a bit

  18. I wish I could run like I did when I was a kid. Tried the treadmill at the gym the other day. After 4 minutes I was ready to go home.

    Is Rosey getting her revenge up there? Bwahahahaha!

    1. Running I hate, really hate, to do
      I'll walk away at my zoo

      555 is revenge against we?
      Hmmm we like that revenge spree

  19. I wish I could run or do half those things. The Fox knows how to create a smile

    1. That he does at his sea
      As he goes on a spree

  20. Replies
    1. haha good not to lose it
      That may cause a fit


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