A Spoiled Way For Whoopdi Today!

That is what I want. Ratings like that should haunt. I want to be pampered too. Robbie Raisin deserves it through and through. I even say my own name a ton. I want where they run.

Whoopdi Friggin Doo

Robbie Raisin has to keep his streak alive. I am not sure Whoopdi Friggin Doo would survive. Yep, we need another cat. Now we have two to double the stat.

Haha I do hope there will be less remakes but more new stuff. May you not have to watch remakes, revivals, sequels all the time

With Whoopdi Friggin Doo that never comes into view.

I often take blog breaks to take naps.

But how would you know. A napping you go.

I went to store the other day and they are selling Halloween stuff already!
We don't do anything special for the day.. No candy or no costume in our house :-)

So you lied? Liars never fall on the right side.

LOL thank you for friendly advice! No sugar coating, that makes the best advice:-)

Who is being friendly about it? Sugar coating may give one a hyper fit.

At work, something always, always gets in the way! Oh well, no smooth sailing, I just need to steer :-)

No wonder you are a sugar addict. Steer a ship can be hard to depict. 

I haven't searched job for years so don't have such experience. But it reminds me of automated phone system! You call and answer so many questions before reaching actual person. Then they ask the SAME question!

Didn't you say no more remakes? Are you now doing double takes?

I've noticed there are something-something day, like every day! I thought nap day would be nice, and I'm pleasantly surprised there is in fact national napping day :-)

And now you are back to the napping. You really are giving us a remake lapping.

Prevention keeps you from troubles for sure! But I often fall into "oh I should have done that" situation!

See what all that napping does to you? Not just remakes that come due.

Funny I'm waiting to hop on airplane right now! Not going where bear might come by, though :-)

How are you hopping on a plane if you are here? Do you have one landing near?

Blogger phasing off is a scary thought, even if I know it's not true!
LOL at fans blow ghosts away :-)

It is going to be a ghost plane? Bloggers everywhere better hop a train. Viewers you better as well. These ghost loving cats are trying to raise hell. Beware one and all. They may be coming for you from just down the hall.


Wow. They brought a ghost plane. I guess we better all board a train. Unless you like flying the sky with spirits that can fly. Then when they crash the plane, you can join them haunting some lane. That sure isn't a remake. A nap you may be better off to take. I think I'll go join Cass. A nap does sound good to my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Maybe Ghostbusters needs to help out some!

  2. Hopefully he's not napping if a bear appears.

  3. I like his idea of a nap day
    The rest would be a nice way
    To take time away from play.


  4. A Spoiled Day for Whoopdi Today
    Relaxed afternoons napping away
    A ghost plane
    Makes it plain
    Longer but scenic along the way


  5. I would love less remakes and more new stuff too.

    1. Would be nice
      Most aren't worth 10% of the price

    2. That Predator reboot sequel thingie is gonna flop
      Won't be on top

    3. Flip and flop
      Still won't stop

  6. Napping sounds good and I am all on board with all the remakes, sequels etc... nut much originality nowadays

    1. Originality is toast
      Remakes are all they roast

  7. I am sleepy now. Time for a snooze

  8. A rap sounds brilliant, too, to my lazy ass/Especially when I ramp up the sass! :-)

    Greetings from London.

  9. Nothing for Halloween? That's terrible :(

    1. The halloween nazi had her say
      Better watch your bay


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