A Tabby Whoopdi Doo Ever So True!

What the heck happened here? We were going on smoothly and all was clear. Where did this episode come from? Do they know how to talk without getting into the rum? The network may be confused. Robbie Raisin isn't amused.

Tabbies of Trout Towne's
Whoopdi Friggin Doo

What is this? Is something amiss? How did cats get on TV? Who is this orlin N cassie?

orlin N cassie....ewe noe we iz knot all ther......we now haz de doors song...break on thru...playin in R mindz eye

I guess we get some background noise. Tunes can bring joys.

orlin N cassie

deer apples.... ???

18 centz anda sack oh friez thiz iz frum de bass terd vizshuz deer that tried ts steel de food servizz gurlz car a few bak

heerz two a zebra oto kinda week oh end 

Maybe some hunters will show. What do I know.

orlin N cassie....therz a shitz load oh howl o ween goin on in polly tix rite now, bye de time candee day o fish ul lee getz heer ....we mite all bee "in coztoom".......az de living dead

A horror feature might scare. Viewers beware.

orlin N cassie; when de food gurl waz young; like bak in de 1200's; her hada bulldog...he ate: de end table leg, de sofa cushionz, his bed and de siding off de houz.....

we whooz left in TT haz never been round dawgz....tho we due see em on de sidewalk day N nite takin ther peepulz fora stroll

1200's you say at your sea? Damn, we have a vampire on the show today for thee.

orlin N cassie

de food gurl came home frum her place oh employ a few ago yellin how her had two paperz cutz....eye toll her ta wash it out with sum salt water.....my add vize waz ignored....be de last time eye offerz a health tip

tuna of moon

An ignoring vampire. This situation has become dire.

orlin N casie...odds R ya did a grate job with thiz one two day 984 pawz UP N oddz R dadz gonna take credit for it...... { will have ewe see in red  

A vampire with a cat that has 984 paws. Ripley's Believe It Or Not will give us an applause.

orlin N cassie

frank lee... manee haz questioned that we call R blog...a "cat" blog.......N like 700 bazillion other thingz....

A vampire hiding behind a cat. No wonder the questions come stat.

orlin N cassie...we getted a noe tizz once that we winned sum B and S

and all we had ta due waz pay $ 89,034.57 for shipping N handlin....

we were like oh kay, we iz rite on thiz 

A rich vampire too. Is the FSG looking to advertise on Whoopdi Friggin Doo?

orlin N cassie....de mor onz round heer due shoot em off in de day....like we R sew sure that "lite show" iz amazin.............KNOT.....be jezuz.... happee week oh end two all anda happee birthday canada !!

Shoot them off in the day? Hmm into vampire sex we may not want to stray.

orlin N cassie.....we think we can count on one paw N ewe noe uz N math.......faaaaaaaaa...

de number oh writerz out ther who hit it off big time with ther furst go round

now everee one else thinkz they will two ....oh well

So you are writing a book on your life as a vampire with a cat that has 984 paws? Wow, people may even ignore your trout speak flaws. Look out for that book soon. See you tomorrow before noon.


Who knew the FGS was a vampire? At least she'll never expire. Always be around to serve food and clean the litter. Although if she drains humans things may turn bitter. We think we'll leave the tabbies to the vampire lass. I wouldn't want her chewing on my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Replies
    1. T for 3
      it came to be

      Good Morning Hank!

    2. Good morning True,
      It's such a thrill
      That's 3 in a row
      Hank knows how you feel


    3. Sure on a roll
      With your #1 stroll
      Will you get much
      Or lose touch

  2. I am enjoying your new type of post Pat. Great to read and think about.


  3. Shipping and handling is highly overpriced. I think it was underestimated in that number above, hahahaha

    1. haha sure gets you every time
      And costs plenty a dime

  4. The tabbies know their music - The Doors
    Now I will have that looping in my head
    after a bit it could cause dread...

  5. She's really old.
    Funny how so many dogs eat coffee tables. Must be for the fiber.

    1. Yeah, must be lacking in diet
      So they try it

  6. garlic keeps away the vampires

  7. Those Tabbies are a hoot, oh wait, they don't like burds!

    1. haha have to watch what you say
      With the bird reference display

  8. That's a thinking cat you've got there today/I hope it won't be coming my way asking for pay? :-)

    Greetings from London.

  9. You never know where vampires will show up.

  10. Vampire cats....I guess they don’t drink a bowl of milk

  11. I see this post is all about me
    Speaking of eyes at your sea
    That must mean you'll miss my rear
    while I'm gone from here
    the next week or two
    and enjoying my dog filled zoo
    lounging at the sandy beaches
    having sent the tourists away, those leeches!


    1. haha enjoying the litter box
      Without any socks
      Now that sounds grand
      Hmm you may miss your post in our land

  12. 984 paws what a sight to see
    imagine how it would be
    if one was a flea


  13. Mm vampires. I do like a good vampire book.

  14. I always enjoy readings comments from "the tabbies!"

    1. Sure have their own way
      As they put on a display

  15. orlin N cassie....heerz one for de "next round" ☺☺

    thanx for de shout out..... !! ☺☺♥♥

    oh, N de food serivzz gurl IZZA vampire; we noe thiz coz her waz act shoo a lee THER...de day... de wheel... waz inn vented.....onlee vampirez haz thiz kinda life long powerz....



    1. haha or there could be only one
      As she has some Highlander fun

  16. Orlin and Cassie --
    Ne'er boring, always sassy.
    One wonders what's next.
    Could it be vampire sex?

    1. That would be neat
      At least to those that find it umm sweet?

  17. FSG a vammpire? I'm clutching my heart and reeling.
    Ah, well, she still rescues cats so vamp or human we applaud her.

  18. A Tabby Whoopdi Doo Ever So True!
    Seeing a tabby looking for a view
    Vampire tabbies beware
    Having paws everywhere
    But all about tabbies nothing new


  19. I have a couple of cats that would make great vampires. They have the longest pointy teeth! And they sleep all day and are awake at night. Hmmm. haha.

    1. haha maybe they are practicing for it
      Or they really are so don't get bit

  20. Vampire cats sound scary.
    I think that I'll be wary.
    OK, that may not be a word.
    Have you it ever heard?

  21. Must be shipped from Enterprise car rental. Those bastards charged me $125 to ship my camera back to me that I left in my rental car. It costs me $25 to ship a 2 pound box to Europe, so they really robbed me blind on those shipping charges for a camera that weighs less than 1/2 a pound..

    1. Damn, raked over the coals indeed
      Did they use the super duper speed?

  22. I feel as if my head is twisted around
    All this kitty chatter keeps my feet on the ground

    1. Feet grounded is good
      Won't fall in your hood


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