A Whoopdi Blue And Maybe Red Too!

A color coded one. This could be fun. A mix and match. A fine addition to the batch. The network can't wait. Robbie Raisin will up his fate. I'll soon be running that place. Go ahead, put another smile on another face.

Blue Grumpster's
Whoopdi Friggin Doo

A blue guy that can turn to red? This post will be all colors of the rainbow to bed. We cater to everyone. Blue/red guy, what do you have for fun?

Man boobs... YIKES!

Blah. That isn't for our show. Don't you exercise or cover up when on the go?

Blue mooning is the only way: CLICK!

No thank you. We will have to get the blur going for a streaker in view.

Skinny jeans they want me to wear
Gave him that angry look, made him lose some hair
Nutty salesmen types
Don't believe the hypes

So you go naked to protest skinny jeans? I hope all have tiny TV screens.

That President let me down
Made me look like a clown
But Blue doesn't lie
Or make you cry
Or make you sleep on the floor
Or show you the door
Or call you a wimp
Or make you say hi to The Gimp
Just so you know
At the typing-with-haste show

Now you are blaming a President not even yours? Wow, you really don't want to wear drawers.

Angie'd slapped me twice
Then put me on ice
How nice
Years is a long time
But the Cat won't whine
Which is grand
Where's that Bora sand?

Blaming your wife for it now? When you wear clothes, she must really have a cow.

WE makes THEM sound like a nurse
Making me curse

Playing naughty games as well. The ratings on this episode will be swell.

Fundy Blue and True Blue
And there's Scooby Blue too
Bora... here we come
Partying all night and then some...
Who knows, maybe one day
Having a blast at that Bora Bay

Whoa. You should get your own reality show. Bora Bora, Blue Hangs Low.

So I've gone red?
I'm sure I'm pretty much dead
That's what red devils are,
You know, near and far
Students shiver
When they don't deliver
Hump-happy neighbors run
When I... come (such fun)
I send the cops on their collective hump-hump butt
They might get stuck in a rut
Snip snip sounds like a plan
That neighbor of mine used to be a man
Boot Camp Red sounds good to me
Much more scary than Booty Blue

Too many humpers are a crowd? You don't want them to stand proud? You are embarrassed now? Your life really does wow.

Blue was on the road
Had to work like a blue toad
But I'll be back real soon
Not once in a blue moon
Is that working
Could it be
Let's ask Scooby Dooweeeh

Wow, dancing too. Really putting on a Magic Man Boob Mike show in view.

Away you were sent
No idea where you just went
As you created another post
From coast to coast
Didn't mean to boast
50,000 bucks would be more like it, though,
If each hit were a buck at the Kitty Cat Show
Now, wouldn't that be grand
As they send those bucks to your land?
Then some would throw a fit
And not just a little bit
As you show off that butler maid
Or maid butler or whatever you call your aid
Or would she be a guy maid
Or a maid guy with a braid?
Where are you going with that feather duster,
Gold paths a plenty
Check my shit out, you cognoscenti!
The Cat's on a roll minus the rock
There's a New Cat on the Block!
Forever read and admired, too...
Eat your heart out, Scooby Doo!

I suppose that sums it up there. You won't be getting no $50,000 from Whoopdi Friggin Doo's lair. Didn't you realize this is done for free? But you and your nude butler maids gave plenty of ratings for me.


Look at Blue go. A protesting the skinny jeans at his show. That may be rather scary. Angie better keep him hidden and not let him on any ferry. She does enjoy slapping him though. Kinky on the go. The cat will go share this with Cass. Scary Blue isn't getting near my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Replies
    1. Haha you are too quick for me
      iyou are most definitely #1
      In the place to be...

      Have a good day Hank

    2. That's 11 in a row
      The highest lately
      Blow for blow
      Smoothie hopefully


    3. Thank you True
      Sharimg again with you


    4. Highest in a while
      With the #1 dial

  2. Replies
    1. T for Truedelicious
      Are you yet suspicious?
      T for Trueby Doo...
      Could it be True at your shoe?

    2. True and fake
      A fake you make

    3. T is for 2 on this date
      that seems to be my fate

    4. Two you were
      Seconds to blur

  3. Oh no, not clowns, they are scary, especially the blue ones!

  4. I'm not a fan of skinny jeans either but certainly not going naked in protest.

    1. haha will get thrown in the slammer
      Could make on stammer

  5. We are not fans of clowns either. Too darn scary. Pat you have a great day.

    1. Those big noses are a sight
      Can sure cause fright

  6. Kitty Cat Show? Do you need a cat for the dunk tank? Star proved he's really good at that when he fell in the fish tank.

    1. hahaha that must have been a big surprise to him
      Hopefully the fish fate wasn't grim

  7. You’ve certainly captured Blue
    And given him the spotlight at your zoo

  8. Wow look at me go
    At the kitty cat show
    Not sure I said all that though
    Must've been drunk
    As a skunk.

  9. I am not a fan of skinny jeans either. A naked protest is sure to catch some onlookers for the cause.

  10. Haha Blue has his day
    look all he had to say
    Could Blue now be red
    This I must have misread
    What no statement about a shoe
    he lost it to a kangaroo it’s true
    If you don’t believe me, ask the cat
    or his human friend Pat

    1. Ask and find
      Or maybe some kind
      As Red to Blue
      Or Blue to red is due

  11. Boobs and mooning in just the first lines
    Certainly an interesting words at your feed
    Maybe blushed a time or two
    As I continued to read.


  12. This is going quite a bit off-topic, but thanks to all the references to blue and red, now I can't get a classic 1963 "imaginary" Superman story out of my mind. It was called"The Amazing Story of Superman-Red and Superman-Blue!" and appeared in Superman #162.

    1. haha two Supermans with a rhyme
      That works any old time

  13. A Blue poet who wears skinny jeans
    is like a stagehand at work behind the scenes
    The Blue Grumpster should know
    he puts on a great show
    for adults, tweens, and even some teens.

    1. Behind there with the jeans that just fit
      Blue will sure give them some umm shit

  14. Blue mooning is just too funny. Scooby Blue? Wouldn't it be hilarious if he named his dog that though.

    1. haha that it would
      Have to get one though in his hood

  15. Got a 2fer today. Blue Grumpster and Fundy Blue:)
    Stay Blue, Blue (but not sad:)

  16. orlin N cassie

    blue's rhymez bee total lee kewl
    did him take a class frum dad at skewl ? !!☺☺♥♥

    1. Blue learned it all through the cat
      But he'll never admit that

  17. I got lost somewhere in the Kitty Cat Show.
    I'm trying to figure it out and when I do I'll let you know.

    1. Good luck with that
      Can be weird at our mat

  18. I remember the skinny jean rant. I hate them too.

  19. If you're skinny enough for skinny jeans
    then wear them by all means!

    1. All jeans are skinny if they fit
      Don't want that baggy umm shit

  20. A Whoopdi Blue And Maybe Red Too!
    Witty comments always come from Blue
    His #1 never failing
    Leaving others trailing
    Skinny jeans and and rhyming humor too!


    1. Can sure get one
      As his skinny jean rants are done

  21. Are skinny jeans on the way out? My daughter just told me that she needed "mom jeans" today. I guess Blue was onto something by opposing the skinny jeans all along.

    1. haha mom jeans are a thing?
      Damn, what next? Jeans for a fling?

  22. I think going naked is worse than wearing skinny jeans :-)

    1. haha that may depend on the sight though
      May like what is seen out the window lol

  23. I have a pair of skinny jeans and love them, but seriously I dont hear about grumpy blue many times, hope he is OK. Yes Angie is sweet!

  24. I'm waaaay behind times, but just bought my first pair of skinny jeans over the weekend. I actually like them (they're so comfy)!! Figures I'd get in on the trend when it's on it's way out. ;) I think rips in pants are ridiculous still. I'll probably never get over that one.

    1. Yeah, rips are soooo dumb
      As for skinny jeans, I maybe sorta kinda have some lol

  25. Loved the post Pat. missed a few recently.


  26. Oh Blue, I agree with you. Skinny Jeans are just horrible because, with men, the pant leg is skinny but their butts look like they dumped a load


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