A Whoopdi Donkey Day With Cats In The Fray!

Animals are hard to work with for a show. I'm a raisin, I should know. But kids love them all. Those SPCA nuts lap it up at their hall. This could work out well for me. Robbie Raisin the animal lover for all to see.

Marg's Animals'
Whoopdi Friggin Doo

A cat lady is here. She has donkeys to give a cheer. This may sure be quite the show. Watch where you step, just so you know.

So who pays attention to ads nowadays, unless it is something you just can't do without. But some ads are fun to read or look at.

You mean you ignore our ads and such? Bah, we can't give you airtime too much.

Something new is always a good thing to explore. Then you know that what you have is really good.

You are trying to tell us what to do? Are you a fortune cookie too?

Not a good idea to lie to the cat. They will know for sure right away that you are not telling them the truth.

Is it okay to lie to everyone else though? Do I really want to know?

Yup, one little post just isn't going to do it. But then who wants to be famous anyway. 

Isn't that why you are here? Fame is great when all peer.

WE think dogs are wonderful companions. They don't do any worse things than the cats here who have destroyed the furniture here. Have a great day Pat.

Who is Pat? Are dogs where it is at? Should we be catering to dog owners? I guess we need to stop selling print toners.

A roll in the grass sounds like the best idea. 

Wow, you really have gone to the dogs. I guess it beats going to hogs.

Just have to be happy with what we have, then we don't have to worry about what we get or don't get. 

Geez, that sure is the dog way. Although we hear eating poop and mooning isn't okay.

How could the moon not be real??? It is out there every night. 

A conspiracy now? Tell us more. Like where, when, why and how.

So sorry. Blue is one of my favorite colors so blue is not allowed to leave. 

Blue is leaving too? This will sure bring in the tin foil hat crew.

Hysterical post. We sure have cats in the barn, cats in the house, cats in the yard, cats in the trees, and cats in the bushes. 

Should we change it to dog loving crazy cat lady? So is the moon shady? Come on. Tell us before dawn. What? Our time is up? She went to play with a pup? This just can't do. We have to know if the moon not being there is true.


Marg sure left them wanting more. We agree with her fortune cookie advice to at our shore. Be happy with what you have and away you can go. Plus you can live easier with less need for dough. As there aren't a ton of bills. Credit card companies may not get thrills. Right now we can also find cats no matter where we pass. Although they tend to run away from my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Replies
    1. T for Tuesday #1
      Good morning Hank

    2. Blue is leaving
      Should I be believing

    3. Good morning True
      What is it with Blue?


    4. True on top
      With Blue and Hank out for a stop

    5. August keep Blue on the road
      Teaching summer school like a blue toad
      Am I leaving?
      Might that be deceiving?
      Still beats um relieving...
      Just so you know
      At the kitty cat show.
      True is number 1
      Such fun!

    6. August show Blue
      That blue suede shoe
      May the genie say hi
      After saying.... goodbye!

    7. Hi Blue!
      A genie says hi
      and then good-bye
      hope you get a wish or two

    8. haha relieving you got to do
      Off the road at your zoo
      I know all the spots around here
      Just have to make sure none are near

  2. Cats and dogs, living together - mass hysteria!

    1. And yes it is true
      That man has no dick to view

  3. What a great way to meet
    A reader of your blog beat
    I'm enjoying these trips down Memory Lane
    Never let the comments go down the drain

  4. Leave it to Smoke and Joe, they always know what to Doo!

  5. Not sure about the roll in the grass
    could get a bit messy if after a rain
    but then maybe a dog doesn't care about that at all
    for freedom he might gain.


    1. These ones sure don't care
      Mess they are unaware at our lair

  6. Well this is all true. I am on big cat lady. Cats are the best and even the donkeys like them. They don't have a choice. We do like dogs too but the cats have taken over. Thanks Pat for that great post.

    1. haha yeah, cats sure have taken over
      But nothing wrong with rover

  7. I prefer a roll in the hay to a roll in the grass.

    1. Grass is less itchy though
      Plus hay can poke umm you know

    2. Haha grass is better for a lass

    3. Much better place
      Throw a blanket down and embrace

  8. orlin N cassie; we troo lee lovez marg, smoke, joe N de crew....984 pawz up for fee churin em two day !! ya noe smoke N joe ran for prezident back in 16 !! :) ♥♥

  9. The fox says it best
    A roll in the hay
    beats the rest
    I'd take one in bed or on the beach too
    At this point, any venue will do.

    1. haha we're almost with you
      But there are a few spots we'll still avoid at our zoo

  10. I hardly ever pay attention to ads anymore.

  11. The only ads I really pay attention to anymore are during Superbowl Sunday. Other than that, we try to avoid them when we can.

    1. Try to make big ones then
      Most are meh these days at any den

  12. Some ads are not good to be seen especially duting daytime TV,


  13. Cat ladies rock. :) Here to wish you a wonderful day!

    1. They rock away
      Hope a fine day was had at your bay

  14. We have 4 cats...my hubby loves cats, and I do too but I’m more a dog lover a5 m6 zoo.


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