A Whoopdi Fan In Joanne!

We have a fan today. A true one that wants to be on display. How can Robbie Raisin deny a true fan? I have made sure her episode ran. Hope she's not a flash in the pan or in need of a tan.

Joanne Faries'
Whoopdi Friggin Doo

Let's see what she has to say today. After the tabbies I'm not sure what anyone will say. That could make for good TV. So again, let's see.

Haven't been on blog a few days. Having fun with friends at the Jersey shore. Drinking beer! All a blast. Have a happy Monday. Eclipse day here!

Greeeeeaaaat. Now we have a drunk. This episode may end in a funk.

That is a lot of hate. Did you get a rock in your bag like Charlie Brown? Serious issues dude.
Happy Friday- not the 13th

You could tell I hate drunks? Is it as serious as hating monks?

If you eat flying fish, you can fly. Ask Peter Pan. 

Am I supposed to read that like a fortune cookie? Peter Pan may be a monk as he never gets nookie.

nope. I pretty much know when to stop. My mother taught us portion control - applies to food and anything else. 

Well that is good to know. Wouldn't want you worn out for today's show.

Overnight success takes years of sweat. That is for sure 

Is that some more innuendo at play? But yeah, practice makes perfect they say.

Jazz hands for you (I'll stick them out my sunroof in the car)

Getting handsy too. Really raring to go at your zoo.

I refuse to rhyme today
Undersea I am at play
Holding my breath, staying wet
Will see in part 6 who breaks a sweat

You're on round six? Damn, you must know good tricks.

The internet has no soul. It broke our defenses. It does not mend fences
But we are hooked.
We need a breakthrough to save us

That is why you are on a tell all today. No internet, just a TV display.

Do not need it first day
Save for that rainy day
Bucks in the bank are key
In case of emergency

Good to have money to spare. Always able to pay fair.

I am pretty good about completing a mission, except for gym memberships. A good book can keep my butt in a chair instead of donning yogawear. Oh well

Who needs the gym when you are so active at your sea. Don't even need yogawear to come to be.

An ice house would be cool
But tough for school
Fingers writing would get numb
All scores would be dumb

It's no wonder you are raring to go. We would be too if we had to live in some ice house and do this show. So there you have it with another showing. We here at Whoopdi Friggin Doo are never sure where any of it is going.


Will the jazz hands keep a showing after that? She may curse the cat. But it wasn't me. It was Robbie Raisin with this spree. The cat just rented out the space. I'm sure you all believe that embrace. We sure wouldn't like to live in an ice house with no green grass. It would freeze off my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Replies
    1. T - That’s four
      will there be more

      Good Morning!

    2. Look at you go
      But will the weekend ruin your stroll?

  2. Replies
    1. Good morning Hank

      My #1 run is done
      on the weekend I sleep late
      #1 will be someone else’s fate

    2. That's why you will never see my comment here first on the weekends.

    3. Good morning True
      A fast gun on weekdays
      Weekend rests are due
      Deserving in many ways


    4. You never know
      Could get up early at your show

  3. She needs to stay active with all that drinking.

  4. HA! I'm sure Joanne will still give you all the jazz hands you want. (It one finger seems to extend higher than the others, I'm sure it's just your imagination.) She's a good sport. :)

    1. haha we have a good imagination at our sea
      So just maybe

  5. and yes, Susan (above), I am laughing. Thanks Pat for pulling my random comments out for the world to see. I say it all with glee. Having fun (not drinking....much) at my sea.

    jazz hands!

    1. Having fun with little drink
      Is that a wink wink?

  6. Way to go, Joanne you Doo good!

  7. Haha the beauty of a sun roof, I have one in my car...

  8. A Whoopdi Fan in Joanne
    A blogger so also a fan
    Getting drunk
    Is all in fun
    Jazzing all in the game


  9. They do an ice castle near here every year
    How I’d love with my camera to get near!!!

  10. It's always cold inside the Icehouse. (At least according to the song by the band of the same name.)

  11. I love the bit of poetry that begins with "I refuse to rhyme today."

  12. On the Jersey Shore
    I can see to have, “just one more.”
    As for the ice house I can’t see
    Being warm and fancy free.

    1. Warm and fancy free
      Watch where you umm spree

  13. Hey Cat!
    Where you’re at!
    You’ve Likely been sweltering at your zoo!
    I’m back home for a week or few.
    Okay ~ that’s all the rhyming I can do. Whoopdi friggin doo! I’m learning how to use Blogger on my phone, since ADHD me left her computer at airport security in Halifax. I don’t recommend doing that! LOL. I’ll be catching up slowly. Have a great day at your bay!

    1. hahaha that really sucks
      Hopefully they'll said it back without costing more than a few bucks
      Yep, friggin super duper hot
      Especially when out in the crap a lot
      Wait until your whoopdi shows
      As the whoopdi grows

  14. Joanne's mom taught them well
    with portion good for this and that
    but it sure didn't stop Robbie Raisin
    writing about all of that and even a cat.


    1. He just writes away
      Snarky comments come to play

  15. Great delight in reading this Pat have been a follower of Joanne for some time.


  16. Joanne's a smart lady who knows
    Reading's far better than the tree pose
    And on Jersey Shore by 5 (am or pm)
    You gotta be drunk to survive.

  17. Joanne seems a little . . . blunt? 😂

  18. Joanne left some great comments and some awesome rhymes !! :) ♥ I'm ready for Charlie Brown's Halloween movie now ☺

    1. A little early for that
      But a win where any are at

  19. I thought I recognized Robbie Raisin. :)

  20. You know what would make these hot days nice.
    A big old tub filled with ice.

  21. Jazz Hands out the sunroof. Going to have to do that when I get in my husband's car. Sounds like fun.

  22. An ice house would be too cold but an ice school has possibilities. We could say it was too cold to work and go outside to play!

    1. A double win
      As long as you still get paid at your ice bin


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