A Whoopdi Friday The Cox Way!

One episode down and plenty to go. This is going smoothly and may end up so so. I'm sure the network would be happy with that. Robbie Raisin is fine as you chew the fat.

Sandra Cox's
Whoopdi Friggin Doo

Hopefully episode 2 will pick up the action. We will need it to gain some traction. The network is watching after all. So, Sandra, how will you start the ball?

It pleases me to say, I've never been chased by a bear:)

Well...umm...okay. A chase would be better TV though and worth a replay. Now let's see. What does chase thee?

I'd love to be able to breathe and talk under water.

And we need to know that why? Care to give it a better try?

I'm not a pool girl, so no pee for me:)

So you want to be able to breathe underwater but not go in? Would that be considered a crazy person spin?

Give me a minute while I pick myself up off the floor:)

Why were you on the floor? Not sure our viewers want to know more.

Who'd a thought you could do so much with hands:)

Wow. The network may need an R rating. Not sure we are allowed to show mating.

You've raised stick men to a new level:)

Without the need for a pill? Viagra commercials will foot this show's bill.

Hope the birds at my house don't get any ideas!

They sure will now. But let's blur out any such birds somehow.

Better a break through than a break in:)
Though some of the Internet's breakthroughs (or the folks that do the breaking) are a bit scary.

Is that some kind of pillow talk? Or are you thinking blurriness is a win so no one will gawk?

My sister is one of those people that win everything. Big prizes. She won a trip to Hollywood one year.

Are you hinting around that you want a prize? What for? Mud pies?

Our dog is like having a small pony with a long tail in the house. 

And that is all the show we have for you today. I guess she wanted a prize for biggest dog at her bay. If our advertisers come through she may get a booby prize. Of course networks are full of lies. We'll see if this show passes censors and such. Sorry, it's on TV, so you can't reach out and touch.

Sandra sure got dirty a bit. Maybe the birds were having a fit. Birds in a whole other way I bet she meant. Can sure twist things with the comments sent. But that is all Robbie Raisin's fault. The comments sure don't halt. And now the second episode has come to pass. Plenty to go from my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Replies
    1. Good Morning Hank
      I tried to be #one
      but today you won

    2. Good morning True
      Glad sharing it with you!


    3. I was off one
      for #1
      making me 2
      it’s True
      But, where is Blue

    4. True got two
      As Hank pulled through

    5. On the road
      Like a blue toad
      No vacation for me
      In the place to be

  2. Twisting words makes big headlines
    Big Dogs that look like ponies, make funny Vines

    1. That they will
      Although some cats may not get a thrill

  3. give her a minute to get up off the floor. Funny reading stuff out of context. Happy Friday

    1. Yeah, it is fun to read
      As she falls on the floor at her feed

  4. The cat has-a wandering mind
    Sandra ponders wandering hands

    Nice to see Sandra on display

  5. Taking things out of context again, I see
    Always something new and shocking from thee

  6. A Whoopdi Friday the Cox Way
    Out with words shooting away
    Is out of context
    Makes it complex
    Twisting words on a good day


  7. Okay, "I'd love to be able to breathe and talk under water," coupled with "I'm not a pool girl, so no pee for me" makes perfect sense! Who the hell wouldwant to be able to breathe water with pee in it?!?

    1. Technically any water you go into lake wise probably has pee though
      Even little tiny bugs have to go

    2. Famous boozer W.C. Fields supposedly once said "I don't drink water because fish f*** in it."

    3. Here is a tidbit - I was listening to the morning radio show and the hosts were asking listeners to call in with their naughty pleasure/sin. This guy called in and said he pees in pools. I kid you not.

    4. haha not sure which is worse
      If you throw in evaporation much will make you curse

    5. That is just yuck..
      that guy is a schmuck

    6. haha didn't even see your first retort
      Blogger must be slow with its report

      I guess it gives him a thrill
      Why my usage of pools is nil

  8. That will sure Doo just fine!

  9. I'm going to have to remind myself
    to be careful of what I write
    or it could come back to haunt me
    and cause a bit of a fright


  10. orlin N cassie; wavez ta R palz franky, cap'N, faux paw, belle N stubby !!! eppa sode two was a grate one !!!! ther mom doez haza way with werdz ~~~~~ ☺☺☺♥♥♥

  11. It's always fun to see these comments out of context. Good for a laugh!

  12. I will say Sandra is pretty consistent about keeping up with her tweeting especially about her books.

    Almost as much as this guy you might know. He seems pretty loyal to you both.

    1. That guy sure does indeed
      There at his twitter feed

  13. I'm going to have to start paying attention to her comments!

    1. haha can make them all go strange
      Here on our range

  14. It's interesting to see how what a person says can be interpreted in so many ways.

  15. I never won a trip, but I did used to enter giveaways. Won my daughter a bedroom makeover, $5,000 x 2, and $7,000. Nowadays, the odds are stacked against you because there are too many damn cheaters so I don't enter anymore (with the exception of my blogger friend's giveaways).

    1. Not a bad win
      Yeah, cheaters have done them in
      Sooooo many cheats
      Better to screw such giveaways and umm screw in the sheets? lol
      Just popped in
      At our bin

  16. How great to showcase Sandra and I would like to breathe underwater like Aquaman..the Patrick Duffy kind. This made me think..mermaids...they must need to go to the loo..hmmm they have a whole ocean.

    1. Yeah, sure would suck to swim near
      Could go in your ear


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