A Whoopdi No Blog Time Hog!

No way even to promote. How'd she get a vote? I'll have to check with management on this. Maybe it won't miss. I doubt it though. But I'm Robbie Raisin and I'll still let it go. We need a show. Just so you know.

Whoopdi Friggin Doo

She has no face. Could be a weird view to embrace. I guess a blurry face let's her fly free. Suza, what are our viewers going to see?

No... the winner is me!
Send the loot to my sea
Or if it's gold
A truck we will load

Begging for money already? This show might decline steady.

No blog have I
On Facebook I linger
I know you hate it
And give it the finger

Are you spying on me? How do you know my finger came to be?

Rawkn Robyn is a good lass
Has fun and jokes with lots of sass
Slim and short is sure no fun
But long and chocolate covered is the one!

(nudge, nudge, winky, winky
Suza's naughty and slightly kinky)

So you are spying on Robyn and soooooooooo much more. That may get ratings galore.

Farmers have
A lot of manure
But that's a bit better
Than a nasty sewer

Is that a way of telling our viewers they are in the gutter? Do you want them to remove any clutter?

Yuk, Barf, Ew
What's going on at your zoo
Gross things abound
Gore and guts found

I think you took that the wrong way. Did your Robyn play go astray?

One more, one more
I used to hear that song
When babysitting wee ones
For more stories they'd long

Turning it around to kids now? I hope they didn't read between the lines somehow.

Dating sites
Can cause some gloom
Most people there
Need to leave the room

Good reason to avoid dating and just skip to the mating.

My first career
Was as an opera singer
So this makes me smile
Might put the Cat through the ringer!

So you can hit a high note too? All must enjoy your zoo.

I've always had cats
But have wanted a dog
Probably won't happen
Lest I jump over a log

I think you took zoo literally at your sea. Any final juicy words for viewers who can't see thee?

I used to write for a living
A blog I didn't wish to start
Seemed too much like work
But I may have a change of heart

A liar? Not me!
And especially to the Cat?
I would not dare
Lest he swing a big rat

Okay, I'm rhymed out
But this was great fun
Thanks for the shout
I think I am done

Suza's face is coming soon to a blog near you. She doesn't lie and is quite done too. Done with what we don't know. Maybe that will be on another show.

Getting winky and kinky. Ratings sure won't be umm slinky. I guess she has better things to do than blog away. At least with what she had to say. The cat never made it come to pass. I am a snip snipped little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Replies
    1. Wow, I am late
      and still #1
      where is Hank

    2. Hank was not there that while
      There were other fishes to fry
      Congtats True
      Luck came due
      Deserving #1 but must still try


    3. Top of the heap
      As Hank fried fish at his keep

    4. True's the champ
      Styling Hank's cramp
      I mean cramping his style
      May last a while

    5. A cramp style
      Could stave off a mile

  2. Simply great Pat. most good to read on this lovely Wenesday morning.

    Have a good day.

  3. Dating sites are the worst. One of my boys has used them, and he liked it. I hated that he was on it, but he's too grown to influence. ;)

    1. haha they suck a bunch
      I've used it and they are out to lunch

    2. Wave goodbye
      Blah after a try

  4. Mating is much more fun.
    She doesn't have a blog? I didn't know that.

    1. Much more fun indeed
      Nope, no blog at her feed

  5. Oh, she needs a blog, maybe she could do a dating site...bloggersonly.com!

    1. haha there you go
      A win and money maker in tow

  6. Blogging truly is a hog of time
    Providing a reason to waste time online
    But it’s hard to walk away from prose and rhyme

    1. That it is indeed
      Even though it hogs time at many a feed

  7. An opera singer that is impressive

  8. Giving fb the finger and swinging around rats. I just don't know about you. lol

  9. So the Non-Participation Award goes to Suza?

  10. Suzie doesn't need a blog! Her comments are entertaining enough! :) And I've met Suzie in person. Lovely lady!

    1. So you met her in a person at your sea?
      Should I ask who you went in or if they charged a fee?

  11. Hope she gets to have a dog one day
    they are certainly lots of fun with to play


  12. I like this Suza, she's for me
    A kinky spy gives me ecstasy
    Plus she knows the big long ones are best.
    Who needs a face?
    She gets an A on my every test.

  13. I've seen her comments here and there for years. I always just assumed she had her own blog.

    1. Nope, not a place
      She just hopes around with no actual site to embrace

  14. She used to say hello
    At the blue guy show
    Did you say the finger?
    Did the finger linger?

  15. Not having a blog is no crime.
    If you think about it they take up a lot of time.
    So happy to meet Suza.

  16. hahah I love Suza (Suzzy) is a lovely friend of mine!

  17. Nothing wrong with not having a blog. Facebook is a lot easier. Good to hear about her and meet her. It is always good to meet new peeps and new cats etc.

    1. Meeting new can be fun
      Facebook though, makes us run

  18. I give Facebook the finger too, but some people like it at their zoo. My aunts are on it all day. I just use it for the news feeds then go away.

    1. All day would sure bore
      Rather scoop the litter at our shore

  19. She sounds funny and her comments made me laugh, with that one, I need a cold bath.

    1. haha or go and release it
      Hey, can for a bit

  20. suza's rhyming total rocks ☺☺
    wouldn't trade blogger for facebook tho ~~~~~~ !!

    1. Yeah, Farcebook they can keep
      Away from it we'll leap


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