A Whoopdi One By The Ton!

This guy really likes the top. Maybe it won't be a flop. This episode could be #1. Robbie Raisin could then be done. I'll be high up in the sky. Let's now let this episode fly.

Whoopdi Friggin Doo

Will this show be rated #1? I guess it depends on what is spun. So take it away. What do you have to say?

An Odd List That Can't Be Missed!
Perhaps saves time with just a gist
Is taking long breaks
Not at all brain dead
And meeting up ending with a feast

So you want to cook? Not sure they'll give that a look.

Odds Of Creation Get A Notation!
A paper cut in a card plantation
To keep on waiting
There is no stopping
So it might not be a reincarnation

You want to be a cannibal and cook? Hmmm, our viewers may give that a look.

Hank's right on the run
A go at New Year's fun
Thanks True,Pat and Blue
2017's joy with all pf you!

Aren't you a few years back? Did your cooking lack?

A Farmer Type Of Charmer?
Busy in spring and summer
Had been up at dawn
Since day was born
Doing the same as a blogger

Growing your own food. The big business people may give you attitude. 

A What Off Lie Ever So Spry!
Phased off, will make them cry
Must get the ghost-busters
They'll settle the fastest
To help save them from a good-bye

You have ghosts who help you cook? That show may just have the right hook.

Always One More To The Lore!
Better step on it to the fore
Just one more
Such a bother
Saving it for last, what a bore

Just one more? Kinky cooking at your shore?

A Travel Plan For A Winter Fan!
Location a big draw all the time
It's Ittoqqortoormiit
Tongue twister a bit
Experience akin to Santa's land

A tongue twisting time. Some may find that sublime.

Isn't It Grand To Get A Hand?
A thing worth the while to spend
Get the upper hand
Wave them the fan
Then they'll know what you meant

Being the hand on top. That may not be a flop.

Time To Get To It With This Hit!
Stay easy but still can get to it
Like to have
More in life
Getting something with lots of bids

He's taking bidding on is cooking. At least we hope so, we've stopped looking.

Rugrat Ville Fits The Bill!
Childish pranks create ill-will
They act wild
with a smile
Thriving on their own thrills!  

You want the kids to have a fit? Parents may not like it. But kids can make it a hit. #1 you may be for Whoopdi Friggin Doo by a bit. We shall see what else comes due. Watch the rugrats and their diaper loo.


Hank likes to cook? We never knew that at our nook. Guess he's not always on the road. Maybe off in cooking mode. Or Robbie Raisin may lie. Although he did let the words fly. The cat hates cooking and gives it sass. Just give the food to my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Excellent rhymes here Pat. Keep up the good work.


  2. Gosh, late for the day
    Unfortunate this way
    Special mention
    For this occasion
    Thanks Pat grateful always


    1. Good morning Hank
      I woke up late
      In traffic I will now wait

    2. A little late
      But still got your posted fate

    3. I'm so quick I'm late
      Would you take that bait?
      Hank's quick as the Flash
      Show 'm the cash

      Hello Hank
      Hello True
      How are you?
      Howdy Cat
      How's that mat?
      Lots of questions from the goo
      Not Scooby Doo

    4. Late as can be
      There at your sea
      All still alive
      We shall survive

    5. Late as can be
      In the place to be
      Hello True
      How are you?

    6. On a date
      With a mate
      So late
      Or a full plate

  3. A Whoopdi One by the Ton
    Cooking def lots of fun
    Very very happy
    With the company
    Pat True Blue and everyone


    1. I never knew Hank was a cook
      he could write a recipe book
      we could all give it a look

      Nice to read this Whoopdi doo
      His rhymes are sublime
      Blue would raise him a Scooby doo
      Hank it’s good to see you!

    2. Got it all
      At his hall
      Fun company too
      With many in view

  4. Ittoqqortoormiit?
    A feature on Hank and he didn't slip in at number one. Is it a sign of the apocalypse?

    1. That it could be
      World may end at every sea
      Over in Greenland
      Isn't Ittoqqortoormiit grand

  5. I, too, expected Hank to top the day
    Was so surprised it didn’t end up that way

    1. Hank must have been on the road
      Or in doing something else mode

  6. There us a lot to be said for being #1 and Hank usually nails it1

  7. He loves to cook
    can he wing it or always from a book?
    I won't even try to spell that weird word
    that name just seems slightly absurd

    1. That it does indeed
      Can even be hard to read

  8. How does he have time to cook
    if he is always trying to be #1
    but I bet what he concocts is delicious
    and tasty under the sun


  9. I need help cooking. Maybe ghosts will help since Hank's not here.

    1. Ghosts could give it a go
      They may blow up the house though

  10. orlin N cassie;

    hank haz de rhymin down
    therz no cookin in trout towne
    de food servizz gurlz lame
    micro wavinz her game
    it sure gives de stove a frown


    1. haha look at you go
      Out with the flow
      At least the dust is happy
      Collecting on the stove while it's sappy

  11. The Cat needs to watch out for Hank. We need to have a rhyme-off! lol

  12. Aww, too bad Hank didn't land the #1 spot on "his" day!

  13. Tongue twisters can be tricky. ;)

  14. Replies
    1. Sure would be interesting to see
      Ghost cooking coming to be

  15. Why do my comments never work on my desktop? So bizarre.

    I said that he sounds better than the Food Network. I can't stand those celebrity chefs.

    1. Ugg they are annoying
      I guess the desktop isn't enjoying

  16. Growing food in your own garden is lots of fun.
    The spinach and lettuce are crispy.
    The tomatoes and squash are yummy.
    I imagine you'd enjoy tasting each one.

    1. The cat would too
      Although may not be best to do

  17. I never knew that about Hank ~ Have a good day Pat!

  18. Rosey’s REVENGE 555.

    Just kidding. I don’t even know what giveaway she’s got that one on lol.

    Hank is a competitive one. Always needing to be #1.

    1. haha not sure how it is revenge though
      But hey, we'll let it flow like Hank gives #1 a go

    2. People are spamming your page with 555 instead of 66...wait I can't even type it. ;)

  19. Dogs and cats
    Birds and bats
    Whatever your thing
    Can't beat Hank in the ring.

  20. Cat ladies are high on our list:)

  21. Hank is consistent, that much is true
    and here I am rhyming, and saying hi to Blue!


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