A Whoopdi Rose With Little Woes!

I hope we don't air on channel 666. That would get at least one changer flicks. She clearly doesn't like that. Even called someone a brat. Good it wasn't me. Robbie Raisin is too fine, you see.

Whoopdi Friggin Doo

Is today's show going to be Rosey? Like some ring around the posey? Did I even spell that right? Bah, when said on TV it just needs to sound tight.

I used to be anti-skinny jeans. I don't mind them now (on boys or girls, though I was slower to come around for the former). 

She must have seen yesterday's show. Blue better give those skinny jeans a go.

Ya had to throw in the triple digits. Why I oughta!!

I'm going to put a link in my next contest for people to come over here and type in something lewd as an extra entry. That'll bring search engine crazies to your blog...yep, I think that'll learn ya. ;) Ah...never mind, my posts are are family-friendly only, so that would never do. I'll have to think of some other payback plot. Oh, and I will (she says with an evil mom laugh).

On a side note, I'm putting up a big dorm giveaway today...blankets, towels, etc., if anyone wants to enter. Woot!! :) ;)

Threats and self promoting at the same time. This may turn into Desperate Housewives at the drop of a dime.

My erect back is hunched over like Quasimodo today
A pull from moving furniture is preventing my play
An Open House for my daughter today though is due
So I'll pay for that folly because I must follow through :)

Claiming back pain so we don't sue? My, threats don't become you.

or like me, you can try your best to make it to midnight
but realize the point is probably already moot :)

Can't even stay up late? I don't think payback will ever be your fate.

Zero fake diseases for me, though I just did pull out my back and I'm starting to think I may never walk or sit right again, lol.

Didn't we already do this? Do you need someone to come and give your back a kiss?

We had a visitor ask if they could bring their dogs with them so they weren't home alone all day. I couldn't do that to our cat, lol. He's old and I didn't want to tip the ol' ticker for the little guy. ;)

So are you saying you already did that? Can we ask who it was where you are at?

I always know exactly who you're talking about when you say Halloween Nazi. You've given her a new moniker, lolol

The Halloween Nazi came to visit you? Now that is quite the two.

I've been lost in the ocean...if you close your eyes on a raft and just chill, it doesn't take long for you to get carried away. Luckily, I floated parallel to the beach instead of out to sea. It happened a long time ago, but it was a lesson well learned. ;) When I think of Trudessa, I think of that voice you use for her in your videos, lolol

So you were lost together on a deserted island and dreaming of Truedessa's sexy voice? I guess whatever it takes to rejoice.

Adults who behave like brats...one (at least) at every job and probably most everywhere else as well. Rarely do they bother me, but there has been a time or two.

Are you saying we are bothering you? Score a win for the Whoopdi Friggin Doo crew.

Everything is a race. My second oldest got engaged last year on Valentine's Day. People are already asking him and his girl when they're going to have a baby. They're not even married yet. My son is taking it slow and I'm glad. He's seen a lot of families split up over the years and knows the importance of taking the vows seriously. Thankfully his girl understands (they're such a good fit for each other! I think they're very compatible). I am in their corner, but yeah, life's not a race. Slow is def sometimes better.

There you go all. Wise words after she gave a threatening call. Maybe that is why her threats take so long, or never, come due. She is taking it "slow" at her zoo. Not bad TV though. In some ratings should flow.


Geez, Rosey is sure as threatening as can be. I never knew she wanted to go get lost in the sea. And with the Halloween Nazi and Truedessa's porn voice too. My, what fantasies come from her zoo. Hmm, she may come give me sass. All the better for my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. This was great reading Pat, especially the "Humped Back" can relate to that at times.


  2. It seems Rosey has a lot of back pain
    I hope she can stand straight again,..

    Haha about the video voice...those I still watch once in awhile they sure made me smile...,

    1. haha the voice still creeps in
      Yeah, a bad back is never a win

  3. Maybe flinging all those threats gave Rosey her back pain?

    1. haha you never know
      A threatening she shouldn't go

  4. Back pain really is such a pain and sure spoils a Rosey outlook!

  5. family friendly even out of context. This was a nice Whoopdi do

  6. People are asking her son about kids already? Wow, let them enjoy each other first.

  7. Back pain sucks and is a hard one to deal with especially when one has to go somewhere like to her daughter’s. When my ex and I were getting married, we got the same questions, I shut them up when I said I only needed kids for basting and tasting. Their horrified look made me smile

    1. hahaha that is a good line
      Sure would make them dash and dine

  8. The rafter is lucky she wasn't pulled out in a rip-tide. That wouldn't have been relaxing at all.

  9. People should keep their mouths shut
    and not ask all sorts of questions
    then they wouldn't look like nuts
    and let others make their own decisions.


    1. They they would not
      Some people have brain rot

  10. Hope everyone is staying dry on this rainy day!

  11. can total lee relate to the adult brats; got em at work, in the family, in the neighborhood, ~~~~~~~ ☺☺!! ♥

  12. Rosey's a good one - sweet, slow, and assured.
    Truedressa's porn star voice? Now that, I've not heard.

  13. Another mention of skinny jeans! I've never commented about them... unless you count this one.

  14. A Halloween nazi, that sure doesn't sound fun.

  15. A Whoopdi Rose with Little Woes
    Just little back pains the most
    Reserved words
    Nothing untoward
    To check not to be at sea lost


  16. Oh boy, I think I'll never rhyme again.
    That was terrible, and I'm an English teacher, lol!

    I never did make through on my threats though, and look what it's led too. I have an idea though...done (rubs hands together and laughs like a wicked, old witch). :)

    1. haha oh the shame
      With the English teacher game
      hahaha the cat can take it
      At least it led to a whoopdi hit

  17. I find this really fun ! Love mail4rosey:)

    1. Rosey is fun
      Whoopdis have to be given a run

  18. Rosey, one of my favorite ladies! I love her giveaway threat. Since she didn’t follow through, I may have to ;)

    1. haha two against one
      Geez, now what can be done

  19. Skinny jeans seem to be the rage.
    But not so for me at my age.
    Imagine a granny walking down the street.
    No, no, just look at your feet.

    1. haha well you never know
      Could be a hip show

  20. A baby.... it's always the same
    Like that's how you ought to play the game...

    1. Yep, the same indeed
      Always want to plant some seed

  21. Rosie sounds like a pretty neat girl
    Take it slow rather than a speedy whirl

    1. A fun time at her sea
      As she goes on a giveaway spree

  22. "All that running just to end up here." Ha!


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