A Whoopdi Row With Reap What You Stowe!

2 down and plenty to go. Syndication is looking grand with so many in tow. I guess we'll see what comes next up to the plate. Maybe this episode will even Nielsen rating rate.

Beverly Stowe McClure's
Whoopdi Friggin Doo

So how will we start off today. Do you have something grand to say?

My cat and son's dog are good friends.
Until time to eat when the friendship ends.

Are you trying to sell pet products here? Food to stop one from getting an evil peer?

We had corn in our garden this year,
Also cats in the barn that the rats do fear.

So corn is the key? Doesn't that come out the same for the cats, dogs, you and me?

A breakthrough can be good or bad.
It depends on the kind you had.

Ex-lax needs to get ads for today. We need to make sure that corn breaks away.

I'm clapping my hands for you.
An award for your rhyming is surely due.

Now you are sucking up to me? Robbie Raisin can't be bought, at least cheaply.

I remember those long ago dates
And am so happy I found my mate.

So you went on expensive dates? Tell our audience about such mates.

This is a story that truly disturbs me.
Who wants to see such a sight, not even thee.

Wow. We have to know now. We'll beat those soap operas and really, really wow.

One lie leads to another "they" say.
So speaking the truth is a better way.

So speak up, would you? Our viewers want to know what is true.

Ha, ha, kittie pee.
That got a laugh from me.
My kitties won't go in the water though,
So there's nothing to worry about at their show.

Cats? You're talking about cats? We want to hear about you dating rich dingbats.

When my cats look at me
I wonder what they see.
Do they understand the words that I say?
Or are they laughing at me just to pass the day?

Great. We got a crazy cat lady on the show. Is there anything else you think that we ought to know?

After reading this I think I need a little therapy.
Don't tell the cats, it's just between you and me.

Okay. We won't going telling any cats you went crazy. Their whole life might get hazy. There you have it for today all. A crazy cat lady was here having a ball. We'll see what tomorrow brings. Maybe a rat with wings.


Look at Beverly go. Putting on a cat show. That is fine by this feline. Robbie Raisin may not like that it did align. But bah, just get a cat to eat him. He is a raisin and rather dim. Although a raisin may give me bad gas. I'll have to think about eating him and letting him come out my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Replies
    1. That's perfect 10
      Not to unduly offend
      When 6 mins late
      Just about made it


    2. Made it in
      With a double digit spin

    3. Good morning Hank
      I sleep in on the weekend
      It’s hot here i’d walk the plank
      as long as no sharks the ocean sends

    4. Don't want to be shark bait
      Or a shark umm mate?

    5. Haha land sharks can be dangerous
      Some could even be traitorous
      chewed up might not be glamorous

    6. Let's see if he turn it all the way up to 11

    7. That he may
      At our bay

      Watch those too
      Land sharks after you

  2. Well, she couldn't put on a better cat show anywhere but here.

  3. Her cats don't get in water or they don't pee in water?

  4. Bravo, that was done well and was well done!

  5. Beverly sure has a lot to say
    here at the cats rhyming bay

  6. Cats and dogs getting together at her place
    doesn't seem possible and a cruel fate


  7. Oh no, those poor scared rats in the barn. Bring them here, I'll adopt them. lol

    1. haha give them all to you
      There at your zoo

  8. Whoopdi Friggin Do
    is a really fun name
    Pets not sharing at food time
    wonder who gets the fame?

  9. Hello from me and @mail4rosey!

  10. Meal time can break friendship lol :-)

  11. I never had cats, but my dogs don't get along with other animals at all. I think cats are better at faking affection lol

    1. Cats can sure fake it
      They get along here a bit

  12. Hee, hee, hee. Give me a minute to stop laughing and I'll reply.
    I'm sorry to disappoint you but I never dated any rich guy.
    Also, admit the truth. When your cats look at you don't you think they're reading your mind?
    And do you wonder what they find?
    Thank you for including me in your fun blog. You made my day.

    1. Yeah, they sure look to be reading our mind
      Not sure what they would find haha
      Glad it was fun
      As whoopdi went on a run

  13. I so agree that I am happy being out of the dating rat race


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