A Winter Look With A Whoopdi Hook!

Why do we have to go to snow? Oh, some viewers have such a show. Well that is okay. Robbie Raisin will let it play. Just don't go showing too much cold. Our advertisers may no longer stand bold.

Whoopdi Friggin Doo

I'm not sure most viewers will like snow but we may get the Eskimo demo.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
I think I might be as sick as lard
If I wasn't laughing so hard

Eskimo's may not take to kindly to that. Was that sarcasm where you are at?

Just read the other day
Some people get their likes for pay
Instead of working hard
They become a tub of lard

Now you are fat shaming? We are going to get letters from all your naming.

Human fixing... now there's a thought
Maybe required for politicians we ought...

Really going for the gold. Would be good if politicians weren't so bold.

True human resources is a thing of the past
They have no clue how to pick employees who'll last

That they truly are. Those fat people grow wider at the bar.

I'm glad my corn is in a box
I wouldn't like to find a bear or a fox
Fun and helpful hints from the ninja farmer
Hopefully our days here won't get much warmer
Or the boxes may wilt and produce no veggies
I'll have buy all the food I please

Summer with snow? How is that so?

No snowflakes for me
For months times three
But I didn't disappear yet
On my record I would not bet 

So you are snow too? Damn, confusing are you.

I live to try things new
One of my very favorite things to do
But the old and proven stuff
Can sometimes be enough

That means you live as long as there is something new? May something old never greet you.

As my dad used to say
There will come a day
When the comments that stank
Will keep you laughing all the way to the bank

So you are a rich snowflake? How much dough did you make?

I signed up and paid
For a big ride unafraid
Got started training
But disc problems began raining
So this year a looky lou I get to be
Boohoohoohoohoo, no miles for me

Is that like a computer thing? Did you get it from an online fling?

Oh my heavens, how you've made me laugh
At search terms with meaningful gaffe
As many variations I think you get
As the Snowcatcher at her dot net

There you are everyone. You can go to that dot net for umm fun. I guess that is how she gets her dough. We here at Whoopdi Friggin Doo just don't know. Watch out for Eskimos though. She may have made a new foe.


Who knew Snowcatcher had such hate. She sure has many a head on a plate. Although the politicians may look better that way. Snip snip them and be on one's way. We must go see if we have any money to take to a banker. Nope. We don't have a tanker. Thought I'd say wanker? Beats being a planker. That snow makes us go off track with our sass. Just thinking about that white stuff sends shivers up my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. YES! Those politicians deserve that and more!

    1. Hate to be the one
      They'd have to snip snip a ton

  2. Ha ha ha ha ha!!!
    Snip, snip politicians
    And sew shut their jaw
    Could make it a new law!

  3. and another snappy response above. Always good stuff to read

  4. You've been doing a super job with these comments. (Just think what fun you could have with the POTUS's tweets!)

    1. lol might kill brain cells though
      If I gave them a go

    2. oh.my.word. You'd def. have material for days.

    3. Maybe weeks
      Then I might bring freaks

  5. No snowflakes for me either. We hardly ever get snow here.

    1. Can have all at our sea
      Sure not enjoyed by me

  6. I bet you find her dad's advice true
    about the comments that once stank
    I bet you do laugh a lot at some that we leave
    because some of them indeed can be rank


    1. Fun to see and read
      Stank and all at our feed

  7. I would love to see the orange thrown to the South Pole:) As for snow...I don't want that yet but would love some cooler temps for sure as I can't stand the heat and humidity

  8. Can we not talk about snow just yet? It will be here soon enough and I will bury myself under blankets and cry until spring comes to melt it all away.

    1. lmao poor poor you
      A crybaby through and through

    2. That she does
      Snow is blah just because

    3. That X-mas countdown's started
      rhyme rhyme something with um farted?

    4. Or dear departed
      Or Wal marted

    5. Ha ha ha ha!
      Never find a moment here blah!!!

    6. haha all snow can be yours
      I'd rather take sand tours

  9. the human resources comment is priceless...truth truth and nothing but truth !! we've had new hires not even bother to show up ~~~~~~~ ☺☺☺

  10. I'm normally not a big fan of snow.
    But after this summer of heat don't you know.
    I'll welcome the first flakes that fall.
    The big problem there you all.
    Is that the white stuff seldom makes it our way.
    We can always hope that it will one day.

    1. You can have it all
      But then you may hope for Fall

  11. I'm with you on thoughts of snow. Ick, ew, and yukky-oh! I much prefer warm weather, oh yes, I do!

    1. And you get no snow
      Hmph, we may crash your show

  12. I like snow- but I am not ready for it- not for months!

  13. Just fun I love snow, but we dont had snow this year:(

    1. You can have ours if you want?
      We don't want it to haunt

  14. A Winter Look With A Whoopdi Hook!
    Trust the politician's got a shook
    "Waiting for the snow
    So nothing to show"
    Political excuses nothing to be booked


  15. Fat people growing wider at the bar
    That line's one of your sillyest by far
    And corn in a box?
    Is that like a fox wearing socks?
    I can't imagine it, but it must be true
    I prefer my corn popped or mixed with stew.

    1. A pop and mix
      Can it do tricks?
      Didn't you notice the stools?
      Grew bigger for drunk fools


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