Another Whoopdi Is Startin With Martin!

That makes 3. This is like weeeee. I'm getting shows with ease. Some of them may even please. Robbie Raisin will be a household name. Each Whoopdi Friggin Doo will add to my fame.

Martin Kloess's
Whoopdi Friggin Doo

Today we'll put on a show. I just truly know. How could we not? We have some dude named Martin to give us a plot.

Her husband would lay it on thick
To prove to his wife he was sick
One day in this cause
He gained her applause
When funeral was his best trick

Que the funeral service commercials now. Do you have anything else that can wow?

Whenever I hear the word "we"
especially around family
I know that it means mostly me

Don't we all know that? Give us some juicy fat.

My son started talking with ease
My wife our young genius would please
But I grew concerned
With blah blah he churned
A breakthrough when I learned I’m Chinese

So you didn't know that? Maybe you can go to Asia and help our viewership which is flat.

(For) vacation I went somewhere new
To bid boring old world adieu
And how my brain shook
At world with strange look
From couch TV took on new view

Okay. Too lazy to go there. Anything you can do from your lair?

He took his dear wife by the hand
And shared with her evening so grand
And when he was through
When asked her review
Said next time let’s do as you planned

Planning things out is good for TV. But what plans came to be?

Oh what a tale
It made me wail
Logic set sail
Made me eat kale

That would be dull as can be. Don't you have anything juicer for me?

The family ran to the store
Convinced that they needed some more
When they had enough
And started to puff
They thought what’s this stuff really for

Are you trying to scare advertisers away? That kind of stuff you never say.

So weary of all of his blah blah
And how over breasts he’d go gaga
Though there was no lack
To wad that he’d pack
They gave the boy back to his mama

Breast feeding in public is a real hot issue. Better watch the crazies and I hope no one will miss you.

I woke up in a foreign shore
With so much I’d not known before
So much would I thwart
For safety I’d dart
From lady’s department at store

So you were there scoping them out? Ratings will go through the roof now that we have a peeper about.

That summer pool
may sound real cool
Till waters spool
of some fool's drool

They aren't great at that store? The pool isn't something to explore? Some women drool? That is just uncool. There you have it viewers everywhere. We got a peeper who watches women breast feed and drool without a care. Who will we have on tomorrow's show? I'm not sure I want to know.


That sure made it look like Martin has some issues at his sea. Hey, he said it, not me. Robbie Raisin twisted things about. Have to watch what you let out. It's like passing gas. Some never let that go when it comes out my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Someone plans out his comments very well. I'd spend all trying to come up with those.

    1. Some just flow
      Practice you'd have them in tow

  2. That was a darn good Whoopdi Friggin Doo that came due!

  3. Another Whoopdi Starting with Martin
    At the pool with a sly smile drooling
    Vacation well-planned
    Avoiding all the scams
    In for some grand time oh, so thrilling


    1. Thrilling and no scams
      Works and beats traffic jams

  4. Haha This really did amuse
    as Martin’s words you used
    I miss seeing him here
    he even like Shakespeare

    I hope he is well
    wherever he does dwell

  5. Since so many of your readers comment in rhyme, this could get really interesting!

  6. I'm not that clever to respond in rhyme
    however this post was worth the time
    chuckles galore
    you've got to give us more

    1. haha just don't drool on the cat
      We can't have that

  7. I am like Alex. My mind doesn't think in rhyme.

    1. Can take some doing to get done
      But it can be spun

  8. I don't mind the pool in the summer but I'm very likely to get burned. I like someone else's comment about some comments being in rhyme but my mind just doesn't work that way. lol

    1. Burned sure sucks
      Just pick a rhyme to work like ducks

  9. Love the plot!! Good escapism. Why not!

  10. His comments were good ones
    especially in rhyme
    it can be challenging to do so
    all the time


  11. Love how Martin plays along with the rhyming. I just come up with brain farts most days.

    1. Brain farts can work
      CAn be a weird rhyming perk

  12. He sounds like a breast man to me


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