Pull A Card As Whoopdi Goes Hard!

Goes hardcore today. You may want to look away. Yeah, we really aren't going to. That is just a hook to fool you. Works for NCIS you know. Robbie Raisin doesn't mind stealing for his show.

Whoopdi Friggin Doo

Let's see how she begins our show today. Will she go creative with that she has to say?

One more cookie sounds divine
one more chocolate..I won't whine.
One more nookie before I go?
One is never enough at my show:)

Damn. Sure wants more and more. Score for those looking to umm explore.

So much can hide in corn stalks from snakes to nasty spiders. I have never been a farmer but often visited one in my youth and cats were always there. Now all we have is 5 at our bay...that's enough I have to say.

Is that some kind of double speak? Viewers, avoid cornstalks that leak.

Just like those nasty brats
whether they be young or old rug rats.
they need a spanking or two.
Yes, I believe in that, I do.

Wow. Watch out PTA. Birgit is coming to spank you today.

I thought Patrick Duffy would appear as the man from Atlantis! I think breathing under water would be fun...unless sharks and Orcas were around. Being peed on is not fun, nor is throwing up or eating those white grubs-yuck

Did you have to go all bodily stuff? Isn't playing with cornstalks enough?

This might make people cringe
which is aok by me especially if they binge.
why, would they binge, you say?
I would have National Bowel day!

Yep. She went there. Poop and pee. Brats better truly beware.

I have to admit I like the Old and true
but I do force myself to try some new.
How can one expand one's mind
unless we change things up, I find

Old and true with a spanking. Don't forget that cornstalk yanking.

I am guilty of paying for a swim class
Going often but later, sitting on my ass.
I love to swim but hate the heat
I'm sweaty, clammy & can't put my socks on my feet.
Now, I'm wanting to write a book about my mom
Procrastinating and fear it will be a bomb.
I know, I know sounds silly for sure
Actually, sounds like a bag of manure.

Back to farming and poop. My, she sure goes around in a loop.

These are such fun..fun?? adventures but not sure all humans should be fixed. Some should be for sure but not all.  

Told you so. Wouldn't be fun to be fixed, you know.

Do people know Mary Pickford?
Or Douglas Fairbanks? It sounds absurd
But nope, they don't. They were famous
In their day, no muss or fuss.
They created United Artists and more
Now they are nothing but folklore.
So many want fame right away.
They forget it is fleeting no matter what one has to say

So that is why you want to snip snip so many? So then there won't be any?

Thank you a bunch
I even read this before lunch!
I have had paper cuts and more!
I sneezed and created glitter galore.
Up the nose , all over the place
It was glitter in my hair and on my face.
Glad you like my Movie Picks
I am humbled that you wrote about me which gave me kicks:)
Ok..not a great poet..and you know it:)

Glitter up the nose and paper cuts galore. You may want to watch that for a nookie encore. She sure has umm fun farming in her place. To see who comes tomorrow, watch this space.


Birgit sure creates much. She even likes to touch. I guess if leaking cornstalks aren't near, power to her and her cheer. But if you make her mad, a spanking may be had. I suppose some like that too. Sigh to the old and true. All I can say is that I wouldn't want to trespass, she could spank my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Replies
    1. That's 4 in a row
      That' an even flow!


    2. G'morning Adam
      Still can be fun


    3. Good Morning Hank
      I was up early tried for one
      blogger error appeared
      so I disappeared....
      so no number one

      Slipping back into hiding

    4. G'morning True
      Nice seeing you


    5. Hank was in
      4 for a spin
      No error there
      4 to spare

    6. My error said

      Oops blogger try again later

    7. Screwing with you
      Never got that at our zoo

  2. 2

    wasn't trying today, just happened to be up this early

    1. Adam #2 is usually my place...
      and a darn good number

      Blogger didn’t like me today
      have a good day...

  3. Let me know when it's "Nationa; Bowel Day"

    Wonderful rhymes.

  4. Pull a Card ss Whoopdi goes Hard
    Sometimes find things far apart
    Not ever trying
    For a spanking
    But being creative and smart


  5. She's going to pee and poop all over those brats.

  6. Oh, I would be all in on the more therapy!

  7. she needs to write her book on her mom, no fear about it being a bomb. She needs to give it time, maybe go for rhyme

  8. Ha paying for swimming lessons and arriving late
    One might think swimming is not her fate..,

    I won’t even go there thinking of fish pee....

    She should write her book catch some readers with a hook...

    1. haha not going play with the fish
      Rather have them dead on a dish?

  9. National Bowel Day? I missed that comment the first time around.

    I really hope Birgit does write that book about her mom. What Birgit's revealed about her on her blog so far has been fascinating.

    I certainly know of Pickford and Fairbanks. I'm especially a big fan of Fairbanks. I even have a piece of sheet music showing him as he appeared in his 1922 version of Robin Hood, which I own on videotape. And his acrobatic stunts in 1920s The Mark of Zorro put Spider-Man to shame. No CGI back then, either!

    1. haha she let it flow
      Hmm that kinda sunk low

      Yeah, she'd do a great book
      Should do it at her nook

      No CGI but what about stunt doubles and such?
      Did they use them much?

  10. Therapy...maybe
    Nah....I like me.
    I will write that book
    Hoping some will have a look.
    Now, I must say
    Thanks for showcasing me today:)

    1. Way to be
      Stay the same at your sea
      And write away
      To get it on display

  11. She certainly takes the time
    To contribute a rhyme
    Perhaps the book about her mom
    Would be the bomb

  12. Birgit's Thursday movie posts are among my favorites.

    I think a good spanking now and then would be in order for some of us.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. Yeah, they are fun
      Depends on the spanker and the spanking being done lol

  13. Birgit sure is creative over at her blog
    with movies, cards, and all
    now I hope she does write about her mom
    that would be a good book to read in the fall.


  14. One more cookie sounds like a good plan right now.

  15. Yay for Birgit! She is a really good rhymer.

  16. National Colon Day is March 3, just letting you know.

    One can always have one more cookie.

    1. haha so now we know when to give a shit?
      Mar 3rd will forever be it

  17. I imagine those of us still hanging on to our bowels after suffering from either Chrone's or Colitis would gladly celebrate still having a bowel. Lord knows, I've been fighting like hell to keep mine in my body.

    1. Yeah, having it taken out or not working sucks indeed
      Hoping mine stays put at our feed

  18. You're a poet and you know it! Ha! I haven't heard that for a long time (even though she was saying the opposite, it reminded me of the old saying). Anyway... glitter sneezes are shiny breezes. ;) Have an awesome day!

    1. haha a shiny mess
      More not less
      Less is more
      Steps along the shore
      In and out
      Okay, done there about


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