The Whoopdi Begins With Ninja Spins!

Robbie Raisin is here with great news. We have gotten a ton of views. Whoopdi Friggin Doo is going into syndication. So we need more shows to up the elation. Now you all will get your say. I pity the viewers with some of the stuff you say. But every season has some crap. We need to fill the gap. Don't blame me. It was said by thee.

Alex J. Cavanaugh's
Whoopdi Friggin Doo

For our first episode what will you start our viewers off with today? Ninja tactics? Karate lessons? A Ninja star display?

The dog I had ate everything - records, shoes, coffee table legs, walls... I can see them eating her out of house and home.

This isn't the Dr. Phil show. Viewers aren't interested in knowing about your deep seeded life blow for blow.

A while back I had a giveaway during the A to Z Challenge and entries were whoever could comment first and one hundred. I had several who aimed specifically for number one hundred every day.

Now you're self promoting? Are you expecting Whoopdi Friggin Doo viewers to start voting?

I had to think about it. I say they.
Now if I go to my YouTube channel and watch the guitar solo, I can say me!

Well it is good you thought about it at least. Can we stop self promoting and get to the nature of the beast?

Most of those were forgettable. I do still enjoy Willis and the Die Hard movies though. However, Indy in a fridge? He shouldn't have crawled out, he should have oozed out.

So you have forgettable skills and have fridges? What next, are you building bridges?

Farming? Only if people want to eat grass. And the occasional dandelion.

Who is talking about farming? This show is going to be rather alarming.

I think you call that the difference between cats and dogs.

Are you back on that again? Maybe we should call Dr. Phil to our den.

One more wife? One is enough!

Or Jerry Springer could do the trick. Any other words of wisdom to add to this flick?

If I pay for something, I'm going to use it. Like my gym membership. It always puzzles me why someone would pay several hundred dollars and then only go a couple times.

Good you use things at least. Can we please get back to the nature of the beast?

I stumbled into that today.
Crave less with lasers? What do those lasers do?

A ninja that uses lasers, you say? Now that would make good TV and bring a replay.

Just hand over the Mini-Alex buried in the litter box and no one gets hurt...

And threats too. Now this is something to view. Damn it. We are out of time. Just when it was getting good and we could have hit prime. If only ninjas didn't have such a checkered past. Tune in next time when we have a new cast.


Look at the ninja go. He was first on the Whoopdi Friggin Doo show. Robbie Raisin better give the cat a kick back when syndication comes due. Did you know the ninja wannabe was so threatening at his zoo? I better bury a little deeper with the help of Cass. No one's getting in the litter box of my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Replies
    1. That's 7 in a row
      Still kind of slow


    2. Good Morning Hank
      Seven in a row
      a starlit glow

    3. As long as extended sleep
      Keep others off their feet


    4. Up you go
      Soon double digits shall show
      If the sleep
      Stays others so deep

  2. Haha that was amusing! I actually remember some of Alex’s comments.

    You have to be careful what you say at the cats bay, it could be misconstrued or reused.

    Hey, you forgot to say the ninja ‘rocks’ I saw his solo guitar display... I enjoyed it and many times I hit replay.

    1. haha that you surely do
      Can be used against you
      As many will be by month's end
      Hitting replay many a time is a fine trend

    2. That Ninja rocks
      Wearing them ninja socks!

    3. Socks you say
      Who knew at his bay

  3. That was too funny! Out of context some of those make no sense whatsoever. I am still waiting for the Mini-Alex in the litter box though.
    Thanks, Pat! I'm honored.

    1. haha yep, when just randomly thrown in
      They sure given confusion a spin
      He may stink now
      If he gets out somehow

  4. This was fun to read especially when the responses sound way off into Netherland since they a4evtaken out of context. Very fun! Time to play some catch up...again!

    1. Out of context they sure are
      Round about at our sand bar

  5. the ninja is sly, funny, outrageous, and crazy.

  6. Replies
    1. I guess he has his hobbies and such
      Just can't grow much

  7. Those were good! Hey, I though Whoopdi was an actress and talk show host.

    1. Take away the D
      But as for the talk show, we'll flee

  8. I enjoyed the Whoopdi Friggin Doo show featuring our Ninja Captain:) Good to know the gym membership isn't wasted:)They serve pizza once a month where my son goes:)

    1. I suppose that keeps them in business too
      Fatten them up and keep the gym crew

  9. Once again you’ve made me laugh out loud
    Boy, can’t wait to see next what makes you proud!

  10. lol. Alex really is a ninja. :)

    1. A ninja wannabe
      We'll stick to it at our sea

  11. Great stuff! And is this the start of a series?

    1. A month long one
      Even a Fox may be given a run

    2. If the Fox gets his very own fun day,
      I only hope that it's not on a Sunday!

      Hey, Blue!
      How do you do?

    3. haha nope, not a Sunday
      Told you the date last year at play

  12. LOL at using Alex' comments this way
    I wonder if it brightened his day.


  13. Those were fun to read. There are people who do eat grass, not for me though. Yuck.

  14. Ha! That was funny.
    Worth lots of money.
    Two wives, though,
    would give too much blow
    by - um - blow.

    1. It would stay shrunk
      Then 2 to zero as they find another hunk

  15. orlin N cassie......better N any thing we haz ever seen on de tee N vee ~~~~~~~ ☺☺♥♥

  16. Almost Friday, folks! Cheers from @mail4rosey and me!

  17. That Ninja is number one
    Always quick to check the fun
    At my spot, too, it's as true
    As a missing magical blue suede shoe!
    Way to go, Ninja,
    At the Kitty Cat Show.

    Grrrrrrreat post
    From coast to coast!
    (Don't mean to boast
    Have some toast)

  18. Thank you for giving me a laugh today.
    Looking forward to tomorrow to see what you say.

    1. Much more will be done
      You may even be spun

  19. Funny...though I only know Alex from here. Have a good day!

  20. Sometimes I forget our words can come back to butt us in the butt here.

  21. Just been catching up on a few posts. A little deju vu I believe. Funny to read these, Pat.

  22. I've always enjoyed Alex's comments.


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